History of Vaasthu shastra

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Published on: June 19, 2013

History of Vaasthu Shastra

The Vaasthu shastra is in existence from Vedic time. It is said to be 8000 years old. It was known as Stapathya veda, Vaasthu shilpa etc. It preaches how to align our house or dwelling with the natures conductive energy. According to Indian mythology, once Lord Shiva’s sweat fell on the earth and by this a demon called Andhaka was born. He drunk the blood of all the demons but was not satisfied. So he started penance to please Shiva. Shiva pleased by his penance blessed him with a boon to eat out all three worlds. So Andhaka started eating eternal world. By this action all the 45 Gods became terrified and they surrendered to him and sat on his back. The demon could not tolerate the weight of the Gods. Then the demon prays to Brahma, who gave him a boon that he may be treated as God and let any one who builds a house or any structure offer him a pooja first.

The branch of Yajurveda called Sthapathya veda describes how a house, church, temple , locomotive or aeroplane should be built. The term Aeroplane or Vimana is used in scriptures to refer verandah (verandah of a temple). Since it is mentioned in some scriptures that Ravana traveled in Puspaka Vimana it can also be taken as Aeroplane. This shastra preaches about how five elements and eight directions should be aligned to establish the nature’s balance in a building. 1. Agni purana, 2. Matsya purana, 3. Vishnu purana. 4. Garuda Purana  contains information about it.   These  are mostly about architecture, and sculpture. Vaasthu shastra further developed by many preceptors and  treatises. The predominant names  among them are, 1. Ishana Gurudeva paddhathi    2. Kamikagama 3. Samarangana Sutradhara 4. Mayamatha 5. Manasara. It was developed on the basis of Astrology only. 18 saints are treated as preceptors  of this shastra.  1. Bragu 2. Atri 3. Vasistha 4. Vishvakarma 5.  Maya 6. Narada 7. Vishalaksha 8. Purandhara 9. Brahma 10. Kumaraswami 11. Nandeesha 12. Shaunaka 13. Bhargava 14. Vasudeva 15. Aniruddha 16. Shukra 17. Brahaspathi 18. Nagnajith.  It is the efforts of these saints  Vaastu shastra developed to agreat extent in India. Kashyapa also contributed much to sculpture.

We and our dwelling both are made of Five elements, (Read Five elements) our saints recognized an inter-relation among them. The flow of energy through 8 directions also has some relationship with five elements. So they thought designing our dwelling to maintain the smooth dynamics between the direction and five elements the peace and prosperity of the place increases. Because of this knowledge today Vaasthushatra has grown to a large extent.  If today’s Architects follow the principals of Vaasthu shatra there can be greater peace and progress.

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