Namaskara, I am Dr. A.G.Pandit Phd (Astrology). I hail from a traditional astrologers family in Kumta , Uttarakannada District, Karnataka, India. Basically I am a Science graduate and served in Indian Postal Service for 35 years. However, my passion has always been Astrology which, I learnt from my father and guru’s from a very young age. Our family has been editing Hindu Calendar (Panchangam), an essential part of Hindu religious life, from 1880.  Our Panchangam is known as “Baggone Panchangam” and very popular in north coastal regions of Karnataka, India. The astrological heritage of my family goes back to 800 years, pioneered by Shri Vidya Madhav Pandit, a scholar from around 12th century. His writings are still honored across Indian costal region from Kerala to Maharastra. My ancestors have pursued this knowledge with great dedication and devotion ever since.

It is my desire to spread this great ancient knowledge that I have been fortunate to acquire, through this blog. As Bhagavadgeeta states, “True Knowledge is the supreme in this world” (नहिज्ञानॆन सदृशम् पवित्र मिह विद्यतॆ). It is unfortunate to note that today, Astrology is being tarnished, because of our inadequate knowledge and improper use. Many of the verses from our Ancient saints are either misinterpreted or wrongly applied bringing bad name to this science. More than 40% of the verses given by our saints have been lost. So there are many missing links. It requires a thorough research to re-establish its glory. It is my small effort at the fag end of my life to spread the real meaning of verses as taught to me by my forefathers and gurus.  I hope that aspirants of Astrology will well receive it and use it for their research work.

In this blog, I intend to write on Vedic Astrology in-depth. I will also cover Vaasthushastra and Horary Astrology in good detail.  I have described the structure of articles under each topic in a separate post “Introduction” under each category. Reading articles in that order is essential to understand the subject well.

I also like to bring to the kind attention of my readers, I am not good in English Language, so there can be some gramatical or otherwise mistakes in my English writings. I will try my best to present it such that the core meaning is not lost. Readers are kindly requested to excuse me for this. I have thought of writing in English only because my writings may reach as many people as possible.

The “Astro Vaasthu Education and Charitable Trust” based in Bangalore is also working towards spreading the knowledge through astrology classes. Six faculty members including me teach Astrology here. I would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge my colleagues for their contribution in researching several books for preparing our class material that I have benefited from while writing these articles. My heartfelt thanks goes to 1. Prof. Dr. N.S.Murthy is our chairman and the key person, all in all for this trust  2. Dr. Kusuma Murthy 3. Dr. Savitha Hegde 4. Dr. B.D.Narayana 5. Dr. Shrikantachar.

I also thank 1. Shri Vishvas 2. Shri N.N.Murthy who have inspired me to view the Astrology in the modern perspective.


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