History of Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is also an ancient treatise, but we have limited information about it. There is a saying “Chaturlakshanthu jyotisham”, which means Jyotisha contains 4 lakh (1 lakh is one tenth of a million) verses. Now we have access to less than 1 lakh verses. Our sages, by their super natural ability, noticed that when our mind gets disturbed due to problems, it effects the sub conscious mind. Sub conscious mind is directly linked to Ahankara (egotism), by that to Prakruthi (nature) and Mahat Tatva (divine energy) (Read Five elements). Prakruti answers the puzzle through dream, Omen, fluttering of body parts etc. What is needed is to decode it to interpret the meaning. Our sages preached us many ways and means to understand the natures law. One branch of Astrology, Samhitha  contains Dream, Sound, Omen, fluttering of body parts, and their results. Samhitha has been used to interpret and understand Horary Astrology. Hence we assume that Preceptors of Astrology are also preceptors for this branch.

Now the question arises as to why there is a necessity of separate branch for this knowledge. If any one asks, there is a theft in my house – Who might be the thief? What does the thief look like? Where has the thief kept the stolen things? Whether I will get them back? etc. If such questions are posed to an astrologer, he will not be able to reply to them based on the natal horoscope. Our sages preached that nature answers these questions though the happenings in the sub conscious mind – through omen, dream, etc.   This branch of knowledge preaches us how to decode the omens etc, through the horoscope cast at the time of inquiry.  Chandrika, Anustana paddhathi, Deepike, Ratna, Vallabha, Krushniya, Madhaviya etc are treatises that talk about this. Samhitha’s extensively describe different omens and dreams etc. and their results. But they are not available at single chapter. Today a treatise called “ Prashna Marga” from Kerala explains these in 32 chapters. Unfortunately we don’t know who has written it as the author is anonymous. However, we know he is from Kerala as the author has described his teacher in the same book. The book recommends us to use Horary chart along with omens and dreams. The practitioner should use intuition and common sense. By doing so, people have found amazing results.