Introduction to Horary Astrology

There are 2562 verses collected from various samhithas, and other Astrological treatises. They have been explained in 32 chapters in a treatise called “Prashna Marga”, Shri Kabaadi Shinivasacharya had translated it in kannada and called it Prashna Chandrike. It is my small effort is to make it available in electronic media. The article here is not a complete translation of the book, but only translates the essence. In today’s hurry bury life, many have no time to study and allot so much time to it. I felt many of the contents are not very relevant to the present day society. So I have tried to condense it as relevant to the present day society, without leaving out the main verses. But I would like to recognize that there may be inadvertent mistakes in my interpretation. Those who want to study it in detail are advised to study the original Treatise. But I hope I have included all important subjects relevant to the present day society.

I will try to publish it in following chapters

  1. Introduction and History.
  2.  Omens
  3. Casting of Horary Chart and usage
  4.  Ashtamangala prashna, related to god, curse etc.