In previous part we have discussed the general rules, to jugde the omens. There we have dealt with the animals and birds normaly seen in those days( 5th centuary) their sounds movements etc. Now let us learn about the role of sounds and movements of pets, to be considered as omens and  deciding their results.

  • Dog:- If the dog comes in front of the traveller and urinates on humans, horse, saddle, elephant, ass, milk, anthill, umbrella, bed, seats, Darbe(kind of auspicious grass) , mat made of grass. Chamara (kind of hand fan made of animal hairs), flag, or flower, etc. it indicates the attainment of desired work. If dog urinates on wet cow dung, it indicates getting Cates. If dog urinates on dry cow dung, it indicates getting dry rice or stale meal. If the dog urinates on any of poisonous tree, thorny bush, dry wood, stone, rock, the bone of the burial ground, and kicks it out and go further, it indicates inauspicious results.
  • If the Dog urinates on bed, ax minster, new earthenware utensils, it indicates daughter of the traveller gets blot. If dog urinates on used brass utensils, or other utensils, it indicates traveller’s wife gets the blot. Similarly if dog urinates on new footwear, traveller’s daughter suffers physical troubles, if it is used footwear the wife suffers physical troubles. If dog urinates on cow, it shows that house gets relation from other religion. (That is person of that house gets married with other religion person.)
  • If the dog comes in front of the traveller holding footwear, it indicates attainment of the desired work. If comes with piece of meat, gain of money is indicated. If comes with bone clad with meat, indicates beneficial results.
  • If the Dog is sitting in front of the house, holding dry bone, burnt wood, dry meat, or comes in front with them, owner or travellers’ murder or death is indicated. If comes with iron chain, creeper, or rope, indicates arrest of the owner.               
  • If the Dog licks the foot , or beats the ears, and come in front of the traveller, or tries to climb on him, it indicates the obstacles in the travel. If it tries to stop him or scratch his body, it indicates opposition or obstruction in the travel.
  • If the dog moves lifting its legs, show its love by movements and at the same time obstruct travel, it is inauspicious. Many dogs combine together and cry at early morning facing the Sun; it indicates the change of the king of the country.
  • If the Dog posited at South East, facing the Sun, starts crying, it indicates the fear of fire, and theft. If it cries facing the Sun at mid-day, it indicates fear of fire and death.
  • If the dog cries at the evening facing the Sun, it indicates quarrel and bloodshed. If it is the time of down it indicates Calamity to the farmers. If it is Pradosha (an hour after down) and dog is situated at North West, it indicates storm, and fear of thieves.
  • If the Dog faces the North during fore night and cries it indicates hardship to Brahmins, and theft of cows. If the dog cries facing North East, after midnight before small hours, it indicates fear of fire, abortion to woman and blot to virgins.
  • During rainy season, Dog sitting in the huts, buildings, starts barking loudly, indicates heavy rain. In other seasons it indicates death, fear of fire and diseases.
  • During rainy season if there is scarcity of rain and Dog bathes in little water changing side and shakes the body to dewater it or drink water after hitting it, indication is that rain will be delayed by 12 more days. If the Dog puts it’s head on doorstep, keeping body outside and barks seeing the wife of the owner of the house, indication is that wife is barren or prostitute.
  • If the Dog scratches the plastering of the wall of the house, indicates there will be hostility among members. If the Dog scratches the wall of the cowshed, indication is there will be theft of cows. If it scratches the grain field, indicates gain of grains.
  • Dog’s one eye is wet with tear or suffers Amblyopia, eats very less, that indicates misery to that house. If the dog plays with cow, indicates plentiful, wellness, and health and happiness to that house.
  • If the Dog sniffs its left knee, gain of money is indicated. If it sniffs right knee quarrel with wife, if left thigh sensual happiness, if right thigh dispute with friends and relatives is indicated.
  • If the Dog sniffs both legs of the traveller, indicates travel should be ended. If the Dog going in front of the traveller stops, it indicates travels aim; work, gets fulfilled and also gain of money. If the Dog stands at one place and sniffs traveller’s foot wear, it says the person starts travel immediately.
  • If the Dog sniffs traveller’s both shoulders, indicates fear of enemy and theft. If the Dog is hiding meat, bone etc. in ash, it indicates fear of fire.
  • If the Dog starts barking in the village and goes to the burial ground and continues barking there also, it indicates the death of the village chief, or his destruction. If the Dog comes in front starts barking, it indicates travel should be stopped.
  •  If the Dog comes in left side of the traveller and starts crying with “Gnoo” sound, it indicates native gets desired financial achievement. If it cries like “Gnaum” it indicates sorrow and trouble. If it cries from behind, any type of sound indicates travel should be stopped.
  • If all or many Dogs cry as if somebody hits them with stick and start running, it indicates village or town getting vacated or fear of mass death.
  • If the Dog opens its mouth showing all teeth and licks its lip edge, it indicates gain of Cates. If it licks only center of the lip, it indicates the person or the owner who is ready to go for dinner faces impediments in getting the dinner.
  • If the Dogs gather at the center place of village or town and bark again and again, it indicates sorrow to the chief of the village or town. Omens of the Dogs staying in forests should be judged according to wild animals (120 of Omen part-1).
  • If the Dog is crying near a tree, it indicates rain. If the Dog cries near mountain, trouble to the minister is indicated. If Dog sounds at the center of the house, or at North West corner, obstacle to hoarding of grains.
  • If the Dog sounds standing at the entrance of the town, it indicates harassment in the town. If it sounds on the bed, indicates fear or danger to the person sleeping on that bed.
  • If the Dog sounds from behind during travel, danger in the travel is indicated. If it stands beside left and sounds, indicates fear of enemies.
  • Fox and Goat: – Omens of fox and goat are also decided similar to the Dogs. But Foxes during Shishira season (Feb-March) active in mating. So omens of that season should not be considered. Foxes “huhu” sound and later “TaTa” sound is considered as Poorna. All other types of sounds are considered as Deepta.
  • Goat is considered auspicious at East and North. Shantha omens of Goats are auspicious in all directions. If the Goat faces Dhoomita direction (5 of Omen part-1) and produce deepta omen persons prescribed for those directions suffer destruction and trouble. ( king, prince, commander, trader, servant, secret agent, Brahmin, treasurer are persons prescribed for 8 directions from East) In all directions deepta omens, especially during day, are inauspicious.
  • In the town or place where army is camping, if the fox is standing in the South direction facing Sun, it indicates hardships, and inauspicious results. If the fox sounds “Yahi” indicates fear of fire. If sounds “TaTa” indicates fear of death. If sounds “dhik-dhik” indicates extreme hardship. If the fox come out of forest fire, indicates destruction of the country.
  • Saint Kashyapa etc. say that if the mouth of the fox is red (as if fire is coming out) it not indicates bad results, because naturally its mouth is red.
  • If the fox is standing in South with other foxes and sounds, it indicates death by hanging or rope. If it is standing in the West and sounds, indicates death by water accidents.
  • If the fox cries ones and keeps quite, it has no results. If it cries twice one will hear good or desired news. If it cries thrice, indicates gain of money. If it cries four times, indicates arrival of loved ones. If it cries five times, indicates worry, and anxiety. If it cries six times, it indicates dispute and difference of opinion between leaders of the village. If it cries seven times, indicates gain of wealth.
  • If it cries eight times it should not be considered. Above results are for West. If it stands in South except results for 5th and 6th time crying, other results should be considered to have opposite results. For e.g. if cries twice hearing of bad news. If cries thrice loss of money etc.
  • If the cry of the fox creating horripilation, if the horse discrete urine and stool, or creates fear in humans, it is considered as inauspicious. If cry of the fox gets stopped by the sound of humans, elephants, and horse, that indicates auspiciousness to the army and town.
  • If the Fox sounds “bhebha” it indicates fear. If it sounds “bhobho” it indicates death or arrest. If it sounds “huhu” it is auspicious. If the fox in shantha direction sounds like “aaaa” or “TaTa” or “TeTe” and later “TheThe” these are auspicious since these sounds are made of joy.
  •      If the fox first sounds cruelly and later sounds calmly like sheep, it indicates wellness, gain of money, meeting with loved ones.
  • Wild Animals: – If the wild animals make sounds in deepta direction around village or town, and go away, it indicates past incidents. If they sound in deepta direction and towards village or town, it indicates future incidents. If the sound go around the village or town, it indicates village or town being vacated.
  • If the wild animal sounds in deepta direction and comes towards village then the pets of the village sound, it indicates fear. If instead of pets wild animals sound again, it indicates mourning in the village. If wild as well as pets sound simultaneously, it indicates abduction of village women.
  • If the wild animals stand at door of the village or town, it indicates trouble from the enemies. If it enters the house, destruction of the town, and arrest of house owner, if it delivers in the house, fear of death is indicated. If it resides in the house, indicates fear.
  • Cow: – If the Cow is weak it indicates misfortune to the king. If the Cow is scratching the land it indicates disease to the owner. If the Cow is weeping, it indicates death to the owner. If the Cow bleats with fear, it indicates fear of thieves.
  • If the Cow cries without reason, it indicates some danger. If it cries in the night it indicates fear. Instead if oxen cries it indicates some good thing happening. If the Cow is surrounded by flies, doggies, it indicates immediate rain.
  •   If the Cow comes inside the house, sounding nicely, it indicates increase of wealth in general, Cows number in particular. If the Cow comes in wet, or cow with horripilation, it also indicates increase of wealth. Same results holds good for buffaloes also.
  • Horse: – If there is inflammation, or itching in left or west side of the hip, it is inauspicious. Instead if it is in right side it is auspicious. Because of Portent Horse gets inflammation or itching all over the body, it indicates retardation of progress. If the Horse emanates heat for two years that also indicates retardation of progress.
  • If the penis of the horse stimulate, indicates destruction of the boudoir of the king. If the stomach of the horse gets stimulated (flicker) it indicates the destruction of the king’s treasury. If the tail or anus gets stimulated (flicker) it indicates defeat to the king.
  • If the face or head of the horse gets stimulated or flicker, it indicates victory to the king. If the shoulder or saddle gets stimulated or flicker also indicates victory. If the legs of the horse get stimulated or flicker it indicates the murder of the owner.
  • If the sizzle is in chest, forehead, eye, and shoulder of the horse, it indicates defeat to the owner. Instead these parts get stimulated or flicker, it indicates success. During night time at nostrils, center of the nose, head, edge of the eye where tears come out, and eye if any of these parts get stimulated or flicker, it indicates success.
  • Red as flame tree flowers (muttuga), black, gray like pigeon, or whitish black, or like parrot, or white horse gets sizzle, it is beneficial.
  • Horse if not takes water and grass, unreasonably felling down, sweating, shivering, blood coming out in mouth, not sleeping in the night, sleeping during day time, lethargy, getting worried, get tired, always looking downwards, or upwards, all these gestures are inauspicious.
  • Another horse climbing on the saddled horse, healthy riding horse, getting into danger, is inauspicious. If the horse cries like a heron, or crying rising its head, or crying loudly and making sweet sounds later often, even though eating grass making sweet sounds, indicates destruction of enemies.
  • Near the crying horse, if auspicious things, pot with holy stuff, Curd, Brahmin, Gods idol, scented things, fruits, flower, gold, etc. auspicious things come, it indicates success.
  • If the owner of the horse is carrying eatables, drinks, and holds bridle with joy, and horse is running according to the wish of the owner, and keeps its eye on right side, indicates fulfillment of desires. If the horse is scratching the land with left leg, indicates foreign tour to the owner.
  • If horse sounds facing deepta directions, it indicates defeat and arrest of the owner. If the horse yelps continuously and shakes the tail or lie down, it indicates pilgrimage or travel to the owner.
  • If the horse shed hairs, yelp like humble Ass, or eating soil, it indicates fear. If the horse lies down on right side where designed utensil is placed, or stands up on right leg, it indicates victory to the owner. It also applicable to other animals used as conveyance like elephant, camel etc.
  • King or the owner when rides the horse if it humbly goes in the direction desired by the owner, or when other horses sound it also sounds, or it turns its face right and lick the body, it indicates immediate financial progress to the owner.
  • If the horse excretes urine and stool, again and again, not obeys the owner even after beating, or gets feared without reason, eyes are filled with tear, it indicates inauspicious to the owner.
  • Elephant: – The bottom of the elephant’s fang should be measured in angulas. (Approximately inches) circumference of the fang should be subtracted in the above result. Final result is used in predicting omens with elephant. If the elephant is living in watery areas circumference value should be increased marginally. If it is living in forests, hilly areas circumference should be reduced marginally.
  • When the elephant is eating vardhamana (Castor leaf) leaf, wood apple leaf, umbrella of honor, the flag, fan made of bushy tails of yak, such designs appear on the fang, and it indicates monetary gain, health, and happiness. If design of arms appears it indicates victory. If the wave of river like design appears it indicates regaining the country or land once lost.
  • If the half circle design appears, additional country or land east of what is conquered will also come under control. If the design of woman appears, it indicates loss of money. If the design like purse (thaili) appears, it indicates birth of a child. If the design like pot appears indicates the gain of fund under earth, if design is that of rod, it indicates obstacles in the travel.
  • If kinds of lizard, monkey, or serpent like designs appear it indicates famine, disease, and fate of living under enemy. If eagle, owl, crow, hawk like designs appear, it indicates contagious diseases to the people.
  • Noose, trunk, like design if appears, it indicates death of the king. If the blood comes out when elephant bites the Fodder, it indicates troubles and danger to the people. If the fang turns black, yellow, or becomes dry, or gets foul smell, it is inauspicious.
  • The broken fang of the elephant is white, scented, and clean, or broken evenly, it indicates auspicious results. It also applies to unbroken dirty fang also.
  • It is said that at the bottom of the fang god, devils in the middle and at the end humans are posited. Accordingly full results for the bottom, medium results for the middle and least results for the end should be predicted. Similarly immediate result for the bottom, medium time lapse for the middle and late results for the end should be predicted.
  • If the right fang of the elephant gets broken at the bottom, it indicates king may run away. If it gets broken at the middle, people of that country may migrate. If the end of the fang gets broken, army of that country may run away. If the left fang of the elephant gets broken at the bottom, there is danger of death of the prince, and Brahmins. If it is broken in the middle there is danger of death of commander or army persons. If it is broken at the end, there is danger of death of wife or leader of the town.
  • If the both fang of the elephant gets broken, there is danger of destruction of royal race. If the elephant is born in auspicious ascendant, thithi,(lunar day) and star, auspicious results will increase in that country. But if in bad ascendant, tithi and star, inauspicious results will increase.
  • If the left fang gets broken in the middle while rubbing or crashing with tree which spill milky juice, or which yield sweet fruits, or tree with scented flowers, or river shore, it indicates destruction of enemies. Instead while rubbing or crashing bad trees, (thorny, poisonous etc.) left fang gets broken at the bottom or at the end, it indicates increase of enemies.
  • Elephant moving stands Suddenly, or stops waggling of ears, humbly puts down its spout, takes deep breath slowly, gets astonished, half opens eyes, or lies down for long, or suddenly starts moving backward, or eats uneatable thing, or shit is with blood, it all indicates fear.
  • If the elephant eats voluntarily wood apple, dry wood grass, etc. happily looks upwards moves fast in the direction of travel of the owner, or spits while tying howdah, or blare, or elephant is in rut, or encircles spout to right fang, it indicates victory.
  • If the elephant enters the water with chain, destruction of the king and comes out of water with chain progress of the king is indicated.
  • Crow: – For the Eastern countries Crow in the right side and egret at the left is auspicious. For other countries Crow in the left and egret in the right is auspicious. These are to be judged according to the practice in that country.
  • Crow during spring (Vaishakha) build nest on good type of tree, it indicates there will be period of plenty. If the crow builds the nest on thorny or bad trees or dry tree it indicates the period of famine.
  • Crow if build nest on east branch of the tree, it indicates rain in sharat season (October-November) If it build nest on west branch; it indicates rain during varsha season (August-September). If it build nest on north-south and soft (saumya) branches, it indicates rain during varsha-sharat seasons (September-October). Instead if it build nest on main branch, it indicates rain in all 4 months of the rainy season.
  • If the crow build nest on the South east branch of the tree, it indicates rain in some parts of the country. If it build nest on South west branch, it indicates crops grown during sharat (October-November) season will grow well. If it build nest on North West or North east branch it indicates the period of plenty. But nest in North West also indicates increase in rat population.
  • In any country if crow build nest in low-level places, on kusha grass (type of holy grass) arrow, (arms) grassy bush, bushy plant, creepers, in storage house, residential house, or bungalow, it indicates fear of thieves, diseases, draught, and deterioration of that country. It is also applicable to the travel. (Travelling in such country brings same effect).
  • From the eggs of Crow if 2, 3, 4 cubs safely come out, it indicates period of plenty.  If 5 cubs come out it indicates invasion by other king and loss of power. If the eggs of crow itself gets broken or spoilt, or it lays only one egg, or in no egg was laid, it is inauspicious.
  • If color of the crow cub is like Carambola (star fruit), it indicates increase of thief’s population. If it is of strange color, indicates death. If it is of white color, it indicates fire accidents, fear, if it has defective limbs, it indicates famine.
  • If the Crows gather at the middle of the village or town and uproar, it indicates period of famine. If they stand in circle, it indicates enemy invasion, if they stand in rows, it indicates persecution.
  • Crow without fear if attacks on humans with beak, wings, or legs, it indicates increase of enemies. If Crow is moving at night, it indicates destruction of people.
  • Crow if circles clockwise in the sky, it indicates fear from own people. If it circles in anticlockwise, it indicates fear from enemies. If it circles with dismay, it indicates bad flight to the viewer.
  • Crow looks upward and beats its wings; it indicates fear to the traveller in the middle of the journey. If it is picking grains, it indicates period of famine. If it sits on armies limbs, it indicates fear of war. If Crow’s wings become black as cuckoos’ it indicates fear of thieves.
  • Crow if puts ash, bone, hair or leaf on bed, it indicates the murder of person sleeping on that bed. If it puts flowers, fruits, it indicates birth of male child. If it puts dry grass, or wood, it indicates birth of female child.
  • Crow comes near humans holding sand, wet soil, grain, or fruit in its beak, it indicates gain of money. If it lifts away any utensils kept near water, it indicates fear.
  • Crow if hits travellers vehicle, weapon, footwear, or umbrella it indicates his death. Instead if it puts flower on them native gets honor. If it puts Ordure on it, native gains Cates.
  • Crow comes near from far holding anything in beak; it indicates gain of that thing. Similarly if it goes away holding anything, it indicates the loss of that thing. If it is yellow it indicates gain or loss of gold. If it is cotton like thing, gain or loss of cloths, if it is white gain or loss of silver should be predicted.
  • If Crow sits on tree secreting milky juice, or on black speck, or ashoka tree or on the bank of river and baths with dust it indicates period of famine and if baths in water, it indicates rain in rainy season. Crow sitting in the Vesicle of the tree and uproar, it indicates great fear. If it sounds after thunder seeing water it indicates rain shortly.
  • Crow posited in arbor facing the Sun slam own body or Flitter the wings or hold red thing or red fluid in beak, or bring dry grass or wood inside the house it indicates fear of fire accident.
  • Crow in the house facing East wise Deepta ( see 5-6 Omen part-1) direction and sound, it indicates Fear from king, fear from Thieves, fear of arrest, fear of quarrel respectively. If it faces deepta sub directions, it indicates danger to animals or pets of the house owner.
  • Crow if faces the shantha East direction and sounds, it indicates meeting with royal man or friend, gain of gold, gain good meal, (shalyaanna-Sweet). Crow if faces shantha Sub direction, South east and sounds, it indicates meeting with people working on fire (goldsmith, blacksmith etc.) meeting with woman, or gain of precious metal.
  • Crow faces shantha South direction and sounds, it indicates gain of sweets ( Cates) meeting with savant of music. Crow if faces shantha South West direction and sounds, indicates meeting meeting with herald, gain of horse equipments, gain of curd, seasame oil, and meat etc. eatable things. If Crow faces shantha West  direction and sounds, it indicates gain of meat, wine, grains, and sea products. If Crow faces shantha North West direction and sounds, it indicates gain of arms or weapons, metal, lotus, creapers, fruit, and good meal.
  • Crow sounds facing shantha North direction, it indicates gain of sweet rice emulsion (payasam), horse, and cloth. Crow sounds facing shantha North east direction, it indicates gain of ghee rice, and oxen. Results of omen similarly sitting behind the house should be applied to wife of the owner.
  • Crow flying near the ear during travel indicates auspicious results but it indicates non achievement of task. If the Crow comes in front of the traveller crying, it indicates facing obstacles in the travel.
  • Crow comes crying, first in the left side and next goes to the south (right side) it indicates theft of money. But it comes in the reverse that is first right and then left, it indicates gain of money.
  • Crow posited in the left side goes to the back side sounding again and again, it indicates gain of money. If the traveller is going towards East and crow posited in right side slowly goes to the back and sounds again and again, it also indicates gain of money.
  • Crow posited in the left side of the traveller moves backward and sounds, it indicates But purpose of the travel gets fulfilled in the house itself.
  • Crow if sounds on right side first and next moves to the left and sounds, it indicates desired gain of money. But if it later moves in front and goes away, it indicates much gain of money to the traveller.
  • Crow sounds from backside and goes away from right side; it indicates bleeding in the traveller’s body. Instead it stands on one leg, looks towards Sun, and cry, it indicates further on his way cause for bleeding will also come to his notice.
  • Crow standing on one leg seeing Sun and grubs its wing, it indicates in near future some leader will get murdered.
  • Crow posited in the field having crop, in shantha direction and cry, it indicates gain of land with crop. Crow posited at the border of the village cries with anxiety, it indicates the traveller facing the sorrow.
  • Crow sitting on tree having green leaves, shoots, flowers, fruits or scented tree having no holes and winsome, it indicates fulfillment of monetary desires. Ripened crop field, house with Durva grass, temple, house having greenery in the backyard, holy places, places of heights, Crow posited on such good places cries, it indicates gain of money.
  • Crying of the Crow posited on white ant hill, or on the tail of the cow, it indicates meeting with serpent. Crow cries sitting on the buffalo, it indicates attack of fever. Crow cries sitting on cart, chariot, it indicates little benefic or malefic results.
  • Crow posited on grass hut or on water at left side cries, it indicates destruction of undertakings. Crow sitting on burnt tree or burnt by lightening at height cries, it indicates murder.
  • Crow sitting on mild thorny and secreting milky juice tree cries; it indicates success in undertakings but quarrel. But if the tree is only thorny it indicates failure in undertakings. If the tree is surrounded by creepers, it indicates arrest.
  • Crow sitting on top of the tree of which top is chopped off and cries, it indicates cutting of limbs. Crow sitting on dry tree if cries it indicates quarrel. Crow sitting on garbage or manure in front or behind of the traveller, it indicates gain of money.
  • Crow sitting on the dead body cries and comes in front of the traveller, it indicates fear of death. Crow cries while grubbing the bones, it indicates fracture to the traveller. Crow holding rope, dry wood, Thorne, dry things, or hair, cries it indicates fear of serpent, disease, biting of animals, wound, weapons, or fire respectively.
  • Crow holding white flower, unholy things, meat, in the beak sounds, it indicates fulfillment of desires of the traveller. Crow seeing upward and beating the wings cries, it indicates hurdles in the travel.
  • Crow holding iron chain, leather rope, or creeper sounds, it indicates arrest. Crow sitting on the stone sounds it indicates meeting with unknown person.
  • Crows feeding each other are seen, it indicates desires of the traveller gets fulfilled and happiness. If these crows are male and female, it indicates getting pleasure with woman. Crow sitting on the pot carried by woman, same result should be predicted.
  • Crow sitting on the pot if grub the pot, it indicates death of the son. Crow if puts ordure on the pot, it indicates gain of good meal.
  • Halting place of kings who are in travel is known as skandavara (tenting place). At the time of building this skandavara if Crow sounds with flittering, it indicates to put the skandavara in different place. If it only sounds it indicates fear.
  • Crow with eagle and hawk without meat enters the town, village or army camp, it indicates friendship with enemy. If it enters quarrelling among and sometimes friendly, it indicates war.
  • Crow sitting on the pig etc. indicates arrest. If that pig is clad with mud it indicates gain of money. Crow sitting on camel, ass is auspicious. In some countries crow on ass is taken as indicating murder.
  • Crow sitting on horse indicates gain of vehicles. If Crow is following from behind, it indicates bloodshed. Birds other than crow if follow from behind same result should be predicted.
  • Above results should be considered applying 32 divisions of the direction like deepta, shantha etc. For e.g. shantha East directions benefic omen gives benefic results fully. Malefic results give medium results. Deepta East directions malefic omen gives fear from king etc.
  • Crow sitting in its nest if sounds a “kaa kaa” it should not be considered as omen. If it sounds “kavva kavva” it indicates happy movement and joy. If it sounds “ka ka” it indicates meeting with loved ones. If it sounds “ kra kra” it indicates quarrel. If it sounds “ kuru kuru” indicates joy. If it sounds “kata kata” it indicates gain of curd rice (good meal). If it sounds “k eke” or “ku ku” indicates gain of money to the traveller. If it sounds “khare kre” indicates arrival of some wayfarer. If it sounds “ka khaa khaa” indicates death of the traveller. If it sounds “aaa aaa” it indicates hurdles in the travel. If it sounds “ ka kha laa” indicates raining on that day.
  • Crow if sounds “kaa ka” indicate destruction. If it sounds “ka kaa ti” indicates poison in the food. If it sounds “kavvaa kavvaa” indicates achieving love of some one. If it sounds “ka gaa ku” indicates arrest. If it sounds “ka ra gau” indicates raining. If it sounds “gud gud” indicates fear. If it sounds “vad vad” indicates gain of cloths. If it sounds “ka la ya” indicates meeting of a Brahmin with Shudra(union)
  • Crow if sounds “ka da ka da” indicate fulfillment of desires and seeing of auspicious serpent. If it sounds “tad tad” indicates hurting by someone. If it sounds “stree stree” indicates union with a woman. If it sounds “gad gad” indicates gain of cow. If it sounds “fud fud” indicates gain of flowers.
  • Crow if sounds “taaku taaku” indicate war. If it sounds “guhu guhu” indicates fear of fire. If it sounds “Kate Kate” indicates quarrel. If it sounds “taakuli, chinchiti, kekekaa” etc. indicates stain.
  • The omen results detailed above are applicable irrespective of number of Crows. Similarly approximate sounds detailed above are applicable to other type of birds also. The omens relating to wild animals should be judged on par with dogs.
  • Terrestrial beings (goat etc.) start moving in water, or aquatic creatures (fish etc.)Start moving on earth; it indicates heavy rain during rainy season. In other seasons it indicates fear. If honey bees build nest in house, it indicates soon that house gets vacated. Similarly blue bee sitting on the head indicates death of that person.
  • Big black ant (godda) if carry their eggs and put them in water, it indicates scarcity of rain. Same ants if they carry their eggs to the hilly places, it indicates heavy rains.
  • Omens seen at the beginning of the ceremony or work are effective up to the end of that ceremony or work. Result of the omen seen in the middle of the travel, or any work is effective same day. This is applicable to all omens detailed above.
  • According to saint Kashyapa and others after one Kosala (two miles) distance Omens related to sound will become ineffective. During travel if the first omen is inauspicious, one should perform eleven Pranayama (breathing exercise). If second omen is also inauspicious, sixteen prayamas should be performed. But if third omen is also inauspicious he should cancel the travel.
  • Result of the Omen should be decided, along with Direction East onwards, and Angarita ( Omen part-1) etc. country, place, gesture, sound, day, star, Muhurtha, ( time of 48 minutes), Hora( hour) Karana(half day) ascendant, degree, (division of sign), and classification of sign( fixed, moveable etc.) strength of the Omen and sign should be decided. Total combined results of all of the above only can decide the result of the Omen.
  • Person posited in any country or place two types of work are prescribed. One is related to future and second is related to past and present. Along with it work related to king, envoy, secret agent and foreign country should be dealt with separately. Obstacles, arrival of friends and relatives etc. are considered as future works( karmas)
  • Omen from fixed position or non-moving , meeting, union, meals, theft, fire accident, rain, festival, related to son, murder, quarrel, fear all these are treated as fixed Omens. If these are seen by omen from fixed place then it is considered as moveable Omens. If these fixed Omens happen during morning ascendants, and Moon is also placed in fixed sign at that time, then the result of the omen happens on same day or it relates to past incidents.
  • If Moon is in moveable sign and omen is also from moveable place, results of the omen happen in future. Omen placed at fixed place, rock, house, temple, on earth, or near the water indicates the auspiciousness or not of the fixed work. If Omen is from moveable place it indicates the future work or happenings.
  • If ascendant is aquatic animal signs(Cancer, Capricorn, and Pisces) and star is also watery ( Purvashada, Shatabhisha) and Muhurtha is also watery( muhurtha named by above stars), West direction, wtaery body, Omen of these time or placed on such places,Full Moon day, New Moon day, Pradeepta Omen all these indicate rain. Similar Shantha Omens also indicate rain.
  • South East direction Cruel muhurtha Ascendants (Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius), firy stars( Kruttika) firy places, and Pradeepta directions to Sun, Omens posited at these sounds, it indicates fear of fire accident. Similalry Visti Karana, Signs of Saturn, is ascendant, thorney trees, and creeper without leaves, Omens posited on these sounds at pradeepta direction to Sun, it indicates stain or fault.
  • In village if omens sound is chesta and pradeepta, or at very high tone, or on thorney tree, ascendant is Mars sign, or posited in South West, or comes in front, or at left or right, it indicates quarrel or dispute.
  • If ascendant is Cancer, Navamsha belongs to Venus( nine dividion of sign) or at sub directions, if faces downwards, indicates the union with the woman prescribed for that direction in 32 division circle. In male sign ascendant, in odd thitis, in main direction like East, deepta Omen occurs which can be classified as male, it indicates meeting with male. That is thithi etc. are mixed meeting should be with male, female or eunuch.
  • Similalry Navamsha or ascendant belongs to Sun, or Sun is posited in ascendant, omen of that time indicates arrival of leader or chief. In all works at the begining of work(Muhurtha) counting should be made from the sign where Sun is posited to the ascendant, like counting for Tarabala( that is 1st Janma, 2nd Sampat, 3rd Vipat 4th, Kshema, 5th Pratyara, 6th sadhaka, 7th Vadha, 8th mitra, 9th atimitra). here 2,4,6,8,9 are auspicious and rest inauspicious.
  • Sun in the 12th house from ascendant, right eye blind, Moon in the 12th house right eye blind, Sun inthe ascendant in aspect to malefic, fully blind, if it is Leo sign foolish, deaf, dwarf and malefic posited in 6th house from ascendant, limbs related to that sign defective,  or wonded, such person will meet.
  • Now let us try to understand how to judge the name of the person who is responsible or meet as detailed by Narayana, Arka, Vasistha, and Prashara.
  • Sign in fourth house, 7th house, 10th house from ascendant, or Navamsha of these houses from these alphabets related to the sign and its lords should be considered as 1st alphabet. it is as below.
Planet Alphabets
Mars Ka,kha, ga, gha, Gna
Venus Ca, Cha, ja, jha, jna
Mercury Ta, Tha, Da, Dha, Na
Jupiter ta, tha, da, dha, na
Saturn Pa, pha, ba, bha, ma
Moon Ya,ra,la,va,sha, Sha, sa,ha
Sun a,aa,I,ee,u,oo,e,E, o,O,au,am,aha


  • Number of alphabets in the name should be decided from the Drekkana( three division of sign)
Drekkana description Number of alphabets
1st of odd sign Three
2nd of odd sign Five
3rd of odd sign Seven
1st of even sign Two
2nd of Even sign Four
3rd of Even sign Six
Aspect on planets in these drekkana shows the increase of alphabet. That is two planets aspect 1st odd sign drekkana five letter. Etc.
  • This is also done from Vargottama (same sign in natal and navamsha chart) Navamsha (nine divisions of sign.)
Vargottam Navamsha Number of alphabets
Even sign moveable sign vargottam Two
Even sign fixed sign vargottam Four.
Odd sign Moveable sign vargottam Three
Odd sign fixed sign vargottam Five
Dual sign odd sign vargottam Three or Seven
Dual sign even sign vargottam Four or six
Number of alphabet is also decided by some, as equal to number of navamsha in which ascendant is placed.


  • If the sign is dual or is in aspect to Mercury, person will be known by two names. In odd signs first letter is conjunct consonant, in even signs last alphabet is like that. E.g. Shridhar, Vatsa.
  • In odd sign if planet is in exaltation degree, first alphabet comes twice like Damodar. In even sign if planet is in exaltation degree second or even number of alphabet comes twice, like dharadhara. Similarly alphabet of the sign in which navamsha of the ascendant is posited is conjunct consonant. That is if it is odd sign odd numbered alphabet of the name is conjunct consonant and if even number even number of the alphabet in the name is conjunct consonant. E.g. Kapitha, Shuddhodhana.
  • If planets are in 5th or 9th house, first alphabet of the name is long vowel. Similarly according to drekkana (odd or even) alphabet is conjunct consonant. For odd drekkana like Sridhar and for even drekkana Ishvara etc.
  • Like this Varaha explained very complicated system for finding out the name of the person involved in Omen. But in present day society names were not according to the birth star. So even if we apply it is very difficult to match. (If anybody still wants to learn the system explained by Varaha they can read Shakunottaradhyaya of Bruhat samhita). But by using common rules explained above we can find out first alphabet, number of alphabets and conjunct consonant etc.
  • Timing of Omen results: – Omens related to Sun give results in fortnight. Omens related to Moon give results in one month. Omens related to Mars depend on its transit. That is if it transits in firry sign fire accidents etc. Omens related to Mercury give results in number of days he takes to become combust. Omens related to Jupiter give results in one year. Omens related to Venus give results in six months. Omens related to Saturn give results in one year.
  • In eclipse of the Moon result of the ascending node gives result in six months. In Sun’s eclipse in one year. Tamasa planets like Tvastra, Kilaka results will be seen immediately. Results of the comet in three months, results of the shvetaketu in seven days, Results of Parivesha for Sun and Moon, results of Indradhanush, results of the down, results of the Abrasuchi all these can be seen in seven days.
  • Heat in the winter, Cold in the summer, un seasoned fruits and flowers, stationary objects moving, animals becoming stationary, deformation during delivery, results of all these omens come to effect in six months.
  • Wrong behavior, or improper conduct, accidently dome wrong work, earth quake, stopping of regularly done festival or ceremony, accumulating unholy things or which should not be stored, drying of lake which never dried, changing of flow of the river to opposite side, all such happenings are bad omens and its result can be seen in six months.
  • Pole( dry wooden) hut built of mud, statues, if talk, ( sound coming out,) get sweated, or become wet,( if weeping) quarrel, Indradhanush ( rainbow) results of all these if not seen within one week, and accident its result can be seen in three months.
  • Fly, insects, rats, and serpents increase in their population, sound of birds and animals, floating of dry mud on water, results of all these can be seen in one month.
  • Dog laying cubs in forest, arrival of wild animals to village, honey bee nesting at the roof of the house, appearance of indradhanush (rainbow) results of all these can be seen within one year or within little more time.
  • Gathering of Fox and eagle’s result can be seen in ten days. Sound of bugle which was not blown can be seen immediately. Curse, anthill, earth cracking results of such incidents can be seen in fort night. Flame coming out without fire, Ghee, oil, meat, blood, rice, wine, flower, fruit, leaf, mud, stone, etc. is if raining, its result can be seen immediately. Result of the peoples blame, can be seen in six weeks.
  • Choultry, sacrificial alter, sacrificial pole, fire, seed, etc. contain deformity, etc. Results of such can be seen in seven fortnights. Some saints opinioned that it is four weeks.
  • Dire enemies become friends, sound of animals in the sky, union of Cat and mongoose, (friend ship) results of such can be seen in one month.
  • Fairy land, flavor or taste (sweet, astringent etc.) getting deformed, and deformation in gold, etc. results of such can be seen in one month. Breaking of flag, deformities in the house, dust from all sides surrounding etc. Results of such can be seen in one month.
  • Disaster in yoga stars of Ashvini to Pushya eight stars, result can be seen in 9, 1, 18, 1, 1,6,3,3 months respectively. Result of Ashlesha can be seen immediately.
  • Disaster in Yoga star from Magha to Moola ten stars, result in 1,6,6,3,1/2,8,3,6,1,1 months respectively. Disaster in yoga star Purvashada, and Uttarashada results can be seen in four months and Abhijit star result can be seen immediately.
  • Disaster in yoga star from Shravana to Revathi six stars, result can be seen in 7, 8, 11/2, 3, 5 months respectively.
  • If the result is not seen in above prescribes time, result is seen in twice the above time but with double severity. But it should be applicable if person concerned has not resorted to any charity, or remedies etc.
  • All the above details of Omen are given by Shri Varaha who believed to live in 5th century B.C. We can understand by studying these in those days people how deeply studied the nature around them. Now we do not know the most common bird Crows variety of sounds. So it is not easy to understand them and there is possibility of mistake in judging them. Still if we properly study the general principals thoroughly and apply them to the things, happenings, birds and animals around us it is possible to judge correct results.