Houses part-2(karakatva)

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Published on: November 4, 2013

Bhava karaka’s and Bhava karakatva

(Portfolio holders and portfolio’s of Houses.)

We have learnt in previous writings what is Bhava or House and how to cast the Bhava or House chart. Now let us learn about who are the (planets) portfolio holders and portfolios of 12 houses.

The word Karaka means one who is responsible for some action. So Karakatva means portfolio, person, or thing which one Bhava or house represents, and action related to it. So let us learn what 12 houses represent and what action, we can expect from those houses. First let us know, according to parashara, who are the Karaka’s of these 12 houses. There is some addition to this by others. ( Suryoguruhu kujaha somo gurubhaumaha sitaashanihi gurushchandrasuto jivo mandashcha bhaava karakaha) . That means, see the table below.

Houses Karaka planet
1st house Sun
2nd house Jupiter
3rd house Mars
4th house Moon
5th house Jupiter
6th house Mars
7th house Venus
8th house Saturn
9th house Jupiter
10th house Mercury
11th house Jupiter
12th house Saturn

Other adds some more planets to some of the houses. But we can take these as Natural karakas, or fixed karaka’s. Let us discuss more about the karakatvas of these planets when we discuss about planets.

Now let us know the Karakatvas of 12 houses. I want to put it in two parts one as told by Parashara and second as told or expanded by Kalidasa. Here we must remember that Kalidasa not differs from Parashara but expands it applying Bhavat-bhava principal and adding karakatvas of karaka planets also. After studying these one may put into confusion how to apply it to natal horoscope. We must remember that some karakatvas are only applicable to horary charts and others are applicable when we consider the planets, stars, signs, and divisional charts along with bhava chart.

First house ( Ascendant Bhava)

Parashara: Body, beauty, Varna(colour, 4classes) Knowledge, strength, (constitution) nature, happiness, sorrow. ( tanum rupam cha jnaanam cha varnachaiva balaabalam prakratim sukham dukham cha tanubhaavt vichintayet) That means Body, beauty, Varna(colour, 4classes) Knowledge, strength, (constitution)nature, happiness, sorrow.etc should be ascertained by the stars in that bhava planets posited there, sign it involves and there malefic or benefic nature, strength etc.and applied to the native.

Kalidasa: Parts of body( head, hair, skin) birth place, fame, honour, dream, politics, longevity, peace, livelihood, to face trouble for others benefit, opprobrium (black mark), award, sleep, wisdom, wealth, revenge, comment, cure from disease, abandon, ability to execute work, indecent behavior,  defamation of relatives.

Here Kalidasa gives the portfolios or actions which 1st house can represent when 9 planets in this house using their karakatvas also. For e.g. when Jupiter or Sun is there we can think of Honour, fame political life etc. Similarly when Saturn is there we can think of Defame.  Like this it is applicable to other houses also .

Second house

Parashara: Family, Money, grains, death, metals, gems and stones, enemy, ( kutumbam cha dhanam dhanyam mratyujalamitrikam dhaatu ratnadikam sarvam dhanasthaanaannirikshayet)

Kalidasa: speech, wealth, belief in religious books, feed other keeping them in own house, nail, tongue, right eye, nose, enjoy the wealth, speaking truth and false, cloth, diamond, copper, gems, pearl, decision, un demonstrativeness, artificial things, sale and purchase, generosity, charity, accumulation of wealth, philanthropic, friends, spend thrift, stint, vocabulary, education, grains, humility, firmness, neighbor, partner, discipline of traveling, ably leading life, progress.

Third house

Parashara:  death, servants, elder-younger co-born. Good nature, preaching, education, ability, travel, death of mother and father. ( vikramam bhratyabhaatradichopadesha prayanakam pitrorvaimaram vidyaan dushrakyaachcha nirikshayet)

Kalidasa: war, right ear, foot, throat, middle area of thumb and index finger. body growth, road, earth( land) birth place, mental firmness, capability, constitution, gods place, make one suffer, dream, solder, near relative, friends, vagabond, clean food, position, division of property, ornaments, education, hobby, profit, progress, birth in a good family, female servants, small vehicle, travel, visiting holy places, quality trading, religious observance.

Fourth house

Parashara: Kinsfolk, vehicle, Comfort from mother, treasury, land, garden, teutomania, ( baandhavanathayaanaani mtrusaukhyadi kaanyaapi nidhikshetra grahakaamaadikam turyaad vichaarayet)

Kalidasa: Education, National. Govt. Work, House, Travels, Vehicles drawn by men, Oil bath, Mother, Relatives, Friends, Caste, Clothes, Small well, Drink, Milk, Spices or perfumes, Happiness, Good name, Miraculously efficient medicine, Faith or trust, False allegation, Mandapa, Victory, Works that give suffering, Agriculture, Land, Garden, Digging tank, Several sacred installations, Mother’s side relatives, Steady Intellect, Father, Wife, Securing one’s earnings, Palace, Sculpture, House warming, Character, Loss of house, Parental property,  Hidden stolen property, Ant hill, Spread of Vedic texts, Buffalos, cows, horses in toxic state, Abundance of crops in wet land, Wealth

Fifth House

Parashara: Yantra, Mantra, Education, Wisdom, Glory, Progeny, Rajyapabhramsha, imprisonment, writing books. ( yantra mantra tathaa vidyaam buddhekchaiva praba0dhakam putra raajyaapabramshaadin pashyat putraalayaad budhaha) ,

Kalidasa: Children, Virtuous deeds of Father, King, Minister, Good character, Sculpture, Mind, Education, Progeny, Discretion, Umbrella, Listening good stories, Auspicious documents, Clothes, Employing Mantras, Paternal property, Foresightedness, Wealth through wife side, Affair with loose woman, Seriousness, Firmness, Secrets, Humility, Good news reporter, Welfare, Friendship, Composition of poems, Undertaking good work, Stomach, Mantra, Worship, Splendor, pleasing, Discrimination of virtues, Performing Japa, Wisdom, Deep thought, Means of money, Instrumental Music, Scholarship, Hereditary post

Sixth House

Parashara : Disease, reason for death, co born of mother, Mother in law, enemy, Debt, ( Matulam mrutyu shankashcha shatrunshchaiva branadikaan sapatni maataram chaapi shatrusthaanannirikshayet

Kalidasa: Diseases, Obstacles, Fighting in war, Maternal Uncle, Phlegm, Tumor, Cruel Activities, Madness, Small pox, Foes and enemy, Miserliness, ill  Health, Venereal Boils, Boiled rice, Heavy Breathing, Debts, Slanders, Delight of foes, Tuberculosis, Healed Constitution, Wounds, Mental Agony, Many intense worries, Hated by many, Frequent disease of eye, Receiving alms, Untimely food, collateral foes destruction, Profits, Wearisomeness, Poison, Peptic ulcer, Fetters, Protection own fame, Urinary ailment, Dysentery, Shadrasa( 6 juices of taste), Reproach, Sorrow from servant-theft, Imprisonment, Quarrels with brother

Seventh House

Paraashara: Spouse, travel, acquiring the position, trade, own death,( jaayamadhvaprayaanam cha padapraptimcha vanik kriyaam maranam swadehasya jaayaabhaavaannirikshayet)

Kalidasa: Marriage, Loose sex life, Victory in love or Passion, Hatred of a loose woman, Deviation from right path, Having music, perfumes, flowers, Delicious food, drink, Chewing Betal(type of chewing leaf)) leaves, Break in travels, Curd, Loss of memory, Possessing cloth and like, Semen, Spouse purity, Pair of wives, Generative organ, Urinary Track, Anus, Commerce or Trade, Milk, Sweet or, Pleasant mansion, Food with cereals and ghee, Charities, Valor, Destruction of enemies, Victory, Acquisition of money kept far place, Arguments, Sexual Union, Adopted son, Preparations with Ghee, Own place, Foreign place, Spouse, All secret sex affairs, Theft.

Eighth House

Parashara: Longevity, Death, Medicine, Disease, Partner, Previous and next life’s happenings, ( aayumrutyum param chapi gude chaivam aharadikam purvapara janurvyuttam sarvarandrad vichintayet)

Kalidasa: Longevity, Happiness, Disgrace, defeat, Money from relative, insurance, Afflicted face, Worry about, or for death, Absence of quarrels, Sorrow from ailment of meha(diabetes), Worries from brother, enemy, spouse, The fortress of enemy, Misery or worry, Idleness, Fear of punishment from Govt, Loss of money, Debts, Receiving others money by ignorance, Long awaited money, Arrival of wicked person, Sin, Killing living being, Loss of limb, Capital punishment, Terrifying sorrow, Incidents to disturb mental peace, Series of afflictions, Do cruel acts, Battle, Utmost mental anguish.

Ninth House

Parashara: Religion, Fortune, Intent, Elder brother’s wife, visiting holy places. ( Dharmabhagya matho shaalyam bhraatrapatnaadikansthatha tirthayatra dikam sarva dharmasthanaannirikshayet

Kalidasa: Charity, Virtuous acts, Pilgrimage, Penance, Respectful devotion &service, Purity of mind, Worship of Gods, Effort to learn, Splendor, Travel or conveyance, Fortune or prosperity, Polity, Valor,  Listening, spreading good things, Travels, Worship Shiva ,Abhisheka(bathing), Nourishment, Influence of virtuous people, Auspiciousness, Paternal property, Sons,& daughters, Eight forms of wealth, Horse, elephant, buffaloes, Coronation, Temple, Establishing, concentration on god, Vedic rituals, Circulation of money.

Tenth House

Parashara: Sky, Circle, father, privilege, honored, debt, travel, music, job.( Rajyam chakaasha,vrattim cha gaanam cha pitaram tathaa runam chaapi pravaasamcha  vyomasthanaannirikshayet)

Kalidasa: Commerce, Honour from ruler, Riding on horse, Wrestling, Govt service, Service, Agriculture, Doctoring, Fame, Hidden treasure, Sacrifices, Pre eminence, best merchant, Teachers, Religious yantras,(divine graphics) Chanting of Mantras, Mother, Extensive religious merit, Medicine, Thighs, Gods, Acquire power of mantras, Prosperity, Adopted son, Lordship

Right path, Good living self respect, Honour, A Prince, Fame, Expert teaching ability, Authority using seal, Influence, self control, Orders to be obeyed.

Eleventh House

Parashara: many things, income, son, wife, gain, cattle, prosperity,( Nanavastu bhavasyaapi putrajaayadi kasyacha aayam sushusamruddhi cha bhavasthaanannirikshayet)

Kalidasa: Gains in all possible ways, Evil desire, All forms of income, Dependence on others, Elder Brother, Paternal Uncle, Worship of Gods, Worship of Satvic Deities, Education, Great skill in earning gold etc, Ancestral property, Knee, Special Position, Love of fondness for gems, Wealth, Lost wealth, Seeking to posses gold ornaments , Wisdom, Position of Minister, Brother of wife, Profits, Rise of fortune, Achieving the desired goal, Easy or Good returns, Cooking, Desires, Longevity of mother, Ears, Shanks, Painting skill.

Twelfth House

Parashara: expenditure, enemy, news, end, ( vyayancha vairi vrattantham rishkamanthyadhikam tatha vyayachchaiva hijaanaaditibuddhimaan)

Kalidasa: Soul, Power or strength, Greatest severity, Fortress, Good Strength, Heat, Influence, Fires, Worship of Shiva, Courage, Trees, Favour of king, Bitter taste, Old age, Cattle, Wickedness, Land, Father, Taste, Enlighten, Great ambition, Son of timid person, World mortals, Harmonious, square, Bones, Valour, Grass, Stomach, Enthusiasm, Forest, Half a year, Eye, Wandering over hills, Quadruped, King, Travelling, Personal or social dealings, Bile, Feverish, inflammatory complaint, Circular form, Diseases of the eye, Body, Timber, Mental purity, Sovereignty, over countries, Freedom from disease, Ruler ship , Ornaments, Diseases of head, Pearls, Control over air space, Short or dwarfish stature, Ruler ship over eastern part, Copper, Blood ,red gems, Kingdom, Red cloth, Stones, Open conduct, Shores of river, Strong room, Red coral, East, Face, Long anger, strong indigestion, Capturing foe, Satvic temper, Red sandal paste, Hostility, opposition, Coarse yarn.

Let us learn how to use the above karakatvas or portfolios while we consider Bhava or house results or phalas.

While studying the above karakatvas we are put into hurly-burly condition. Because we see some karakatvas get repeated.  It is because of Bhavat-Bhava consideration. What is this Bhavat Bhava ? It is ascertaining the happenings in your family, friends and relatives life. Let us discuss more about it in next writing.

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