Houses part-6(3rd house)

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Published on: May 30, 2014


In our previous articles we have learnt to judge the results of two houses.  Now let us first know what our saints have given regarding the Third house.

VARAHA (Bru.jaa)

Sun Posited: – Wise, brave, (sweat speech, have wealth and conveyance, beautiful ear, gossip loving, have servants.)

Moon posited:-  Tormentor of animals( Narayana Bhatta:- wealth due to self effort, beautiful, liked by fortunate and beautiful wife, conqueror of sense organs, sagely, religious, successful, happiness from brothers, artist, loves children and grand children. Dundiraja– Tormentor, egoistic, miserable, low witted, protects relatives, cruel, fearless, ) Here we must note, the good results for waxing Moon and bad results are for waning Moon.

Mars posited: – Wise, brave. ( Narayana Bhatta-( chamatkara chintamani)- potent, happiness from co-born, breach of penance, Dundiraja–  King, good house, and happiness, generous,  potent, wealthy, happiness from brothers.)

Mercury posited:- Villain.( Dundiraja-( jatakabharana) indulges in adventure with the help of own people, unhappy, ingenious, do any work with deliberateness, Narayana Bhatta– friend of traders, personally also a trader, humble, virtuous, independent, have co-born, happy with relatives, sage at the later age.)

Jupiter posited: – Hunk. ( Dundiraja- incautious, miserly, ungrateful, devoid of happiness of wife and children, suffers indigestion, Narayana Bhatta– unconventional, have happiness from brothers, ungrateful, being fortunate not uses it for earning due to mental laziness, liked by king, devotee of guests, honored by relatives. )

Venus Posited: – Hunk (Dundiraja- No strong body, miserly, sinful, wealth less, libidinous, opponent of virtuous, bad manners. Vasistha– dislike woman, happy with co-born, unhappy with virtuous son, soldier, charitable, fears war, Lustrous, kind, humble. )

Saturn posited: – If in Capricorn, Aquarius and Libra be a king, in other signs poor, diseased. (Narayana Bhatta– disgruntled regarding money, unhappy, insensitive receptor, victory over enemy, mentally disturbed, eye diseases, jealous, dull witted. Takes favor of base person, liar.)


(Results in bracket show when malefic influence)

In Ascendant: – Achiever of Purushartha. (Self earned lively hood), lives in others service, uneducated, but wise, likes expedition, (argumentative, in adultery, opponent of own people, bad friends, deceiver)  

In second House:- diseases of Anus( enjoys sex in unnatural ways and means) all kind of wealth, interest in others wife and money, likes base work, unhappy, fat body, devoid of bravery, ( poor, middle longevity, antipode of relatives.)

In Third House: – brave, have sons, happy with co-born, wealthy, delighted mind, very happy, (strong, good friends and relatives, devotee of god and preceptor, gain from king.)

In fourth house: – always happy, wealthy, wise cruel wife. (Enmity with mother, steels fathers money, happy with relatives.)

In fifth house: – Have Son, virtuous, if malefic cruel wife, (have support of son, relatives, and co-born, good longevity, brave)

In sixth house:-hates co-born, very rich, no happiness of maternal uncle, but wants his property, (opponent of relatives, eye disease, and gain of landed property, diseased.)   

In Seventh house: – Much trouble in young age, later happy life, serves the king. (Wife virtuous and handsome, but likes brother in law.)

In Eighth house: – Death due to king, service of others, dependant on others, (opponent of relatives, happy with co-born, fortunate)

In Ninth house: – fortune through woman (wife) No happiness to father, have son.

In Tenth house: – Earns well by own efforts, have enjoyment in many ways, protects wicked woman, (honored by king, loved by relatives, wise)

In Eleventh house: – Earns by own effort, uneducated, weak body, suffers TB, brave, lives in by serving others, ingenious, (favored by king, Serves own people, hedonist)

In Twelfth house: – Sinner, pitiless nature, prosperity through woman, cruel father, (opponent of friends, agony to relatives, lives in foreign land.)

PHALADEEPIKA( Mantreshvar)

Sun posited: – brave, strong, wealthy, generous, opponent of relatives.

Moon Posited: – Strong, Miserly, libidinous.

Mars Posited: – Virtuous, Rich, courageous, devoid of brothers, happy, unconquerable,  

Mercury Posited: – Brave, middle longevity, good co-born, easily gets tired, suffers depression.

Jupiter posited: – suffers dishonor, miserly, good prostitute house owner, sinful, wicked.

Venus posited: – Devoid of spouse, poor, sorrowful, and miserly, devoid of love from people.

Saturn Posited: – sharp witted, generous, satisfactory life with spouse, disinterested.

Rahu posited: – egomania, enmity with brothers, firm mind, and good longevity, wealthy.

Ketu posited: – Good longevity, strong, fame, and wealthy, happy life with spouse, good food, loose co-born.

PARIJATHA( Vaidyanatha dixith)

Sun Posited: – Brave, bad servants, the richest, Generous.

Moon Posited: – Wealthy, loves relatives, virtuous.  

Mars Posited: – Famous, potent, Good customs.

Mercury Posited: – Deceiver, travel liking, miserable, fickle mind.

Jupiter Posited: – Wrathful, henpecked, sinful.

Venus Posited: – tiff nature, addicted to vices, obedient to wife,

Saturn posited: – Limited food, wealthy, moral, royal race.  

Rahu posited: – Potent, wealthy.

Ketu posited: – Virtuous, wealthy.

SARAVALI( Kalyanavarma)

Sun posited: – Potent, loose co-born, liked by people, handsome, wins over enemy.

Moon Posited: – Protects co-born, happy, potent, learned, good food and attire and ornaments.

Mars Posited: – Courageous, unconquerable, devoid of co-born, happy, virtuous, and famous.

Mercury posited: – toiler, devoid of relatives, fickle mind, and cunning.

Jupiter posited: – dishonored, vile, unsuccessful, suffers digestive diseases, defeated by woman, sinful.

Venus posited: – Happy, wealthy, defeated by woman, wicked, little enthusiasm, unfortunate, luck and luxury less.

Saturn posited: – black colored, clean, base man, lazy servants, courageous, charitable, and wise.


(Dictums or Yoga’s related to third house)

  1. Co-Born:- Third lord and Mars posited in 8th house and in aspect to malefic, loose co-born.
  2. Third lord and Karaka Mars posited in debilitation navamsha, and with malefic, or in malefic shashtymsha, co-born short lived.
  3. Malefic in third house, in aspect to malefic, or third house hemmed between malefic, native loose co-born.
  4. Third house hemmed between malefic, conjoined or in aspect to malefic, on in debilitation house, and not in aspect to benefic, native looses co-born.
  5. Navamsha lord of the third lord, posited in 8th house, and is his debilitation house, or hemmed between malefic, native looses co-born.
  6. Lord of the third house conjoined with Saturn and Mandi and posited in debilitation house, or in aspect to malefic, native looses co-born.
  7. Third house hemmed between malefic and Mars and Third lord are also hemmed between malefic, native looses co-born.
  8.  Third house is in aspect to malefic, and Lord of the third house is posited in third house in a malefic shashtyamsha, native looses his co-born.
  9. Lord of the third house is combust, or in enemy house, or the sign where in navamsha lord of the third house is posited is his debilitation sign, native loose his co-born.
  10. 10. The lord of the third house is posited in 6-8- or 12th house, and Mars is also similarly posited, and in conjunction or in aspect to malefic, even though third lord is exalted, native looses his co-born.
  11. 11. Navamsha lord of the Sign lord where in lord of the third house is posited is debilitated, combust, or in enemy house, native looses his co-born.
  12. 12. Third house and Mars related to very cruel planet and lord of the third house is also conjoined with malefic, native looses co-born.
  13. 13. In the above yoga if the malefic effect is not strong native may loose the co-born after long time.
  14. 14. Benefic in third house, and third house as well as third lord are in aspect to benefic, native will have many co-born.
  15. 15. Lord of the third house and Mars in benefic relation and in aspect to benefic, and third house is strong, co-born will progress well.
  16. 16. Lord of the third house and Mars are posited in quadrant or trine, and that house is their exaltation or, friends, house and are in own house in division charts, there will be many co-born.
  17. 17. Lord of the third house and Mars conjoined with benefic and in benefic navamsha, co-born will progress well.
  18. 18. Lord of the third house in Gopuramsha, Mars in Simhasanamsha (house part-5) and third lord is a benefic planet, native will have many co-born.
  19. 19. Lord of the third house in quadrant, and in benefic navamsha, conjoined with benefic, and third lord is a benefic, native will have many co-born.
  20. 20. Lord of the third house in third house and that is his exaltation sign or Moola trikona, and is strong there will be many co-born.
  21. 21. Third house is in Mradu amsha and conjoined and in aspect to benefic, birth of co-born should be predicted.
  22. 22. Lord of the third house in vaisheshikamsha, in aspect to benefic, and in Mradu amsha progress of co-born should be predicted. ( Mradu amsha is taken as benefic navamsha by some, some take it as Mradu shastyamsha)
  23. 23. If Lord of ascendant and lord of third house are friends native will have friendship with co-born, if enemies there will be enmity. This principal is used to find friendship with other family members.
  24. 24. Lord of the third house and Mars are posited in odd navamsha in aspect to Jupiter or Sun native will have younger male co-born.
  25. 25. Lord of the third house and Mars are in even navamsha in aspect to female planets native will have female younger co-born, if it is Saturn and Mercury it will be eunuch.
  26. 26. If lord of the third house conjoined with Moon and Saturn and Mars  immediate elder to the native is female next younger co-born is male and next co-born after that will die.
  27. 27. Sign which becomes third house, Navamsha sign ( wherein cusp of third house falls,) and sign where in Lord of third house and Mars are posited and there Navamsha signs indicate number of co born and male and female among them.
  28. 28. Lord of the third house debilitated, conjoined with Rahu, native will not have younger co-born, If lord of the third house in Moon Hora, or conjoined with female planet younger co born is female.
  29. 29. Number of co born are decided by the navamsha of the planet in the third house or sign where in lord of the third house is posited on his navamsha sign. Or similar position of karaka Mars.
  30. 30. The planet in conjunction with third lord, his sign and navamsha will indicate number of co-born. Here benefic navamsha, strong planet or by number of rays (let us discuss it later in shadbala) should be considered. Similarly number of co –born lost will be decided by malefic planet and navamsha.
  31. 31. If in a chart many yoga’s apply and give different results, lord of the third house and karaka Mars should be considered and strongest among them.
  32. 32. Weak Mars in third house indicates long lived co-born, if Mars is strong and in ascendant native is king or equal, the planet with Mars is strong then native is virtuous and melodious singer.
  33. 33. If Venus and Jupiter in 3rd house native is melodious singer.
  34. 34. Bravery:- Lord of third house strong and exalted, posited in quadrant or trine, in aspect to benefic, or posited in Moola trikona sign, own house, or friends house in vaisheshikamsha, native is having patience, learned, and brave.
  35. 35. Lord of third house posited in benefic navansha, in conjunction with benefic, and karaka Mars is also similarly posited native is brave.
  36. 36. Sign lord of the navamsha lord of lord of third house, is conjoined with third lord, is in benefic division or in own house in division chart, native is brave, expert in war, and quarrel some.
  37. 37. Lord of third house is exalted, and posited in 8th house, and conjoined with malefic, posited in moveable sign and in moveable navamsha, native is brave before war( that is have fear for war)
  38. 38. Third house is a malefic sign, and malefic posited there, and lord of third house is also posited in malefic sign, native is brave before war (that is pretends to be brave.)
  39. 39. Lord of third house is posited in debilitation house, in malefic shashtyamsha, in aspect to malefic, native is not efficient in war.
  40. 40. Lord of third house is posited in exaltation house in 8th house, karaka Mars is weak, in malefic shashtyamsha, native faces defeat in war.
  41. 41. Lord of third house in Simhasnamsha, or in paravatamsha, or in Gopuramsha, or inMrudu amsha (house part-5) conjoined with benefic, or in aspect to benefic, native loves war.
  42. 42. Lord of third house conjoined with benefic, posited in exaltation house, in vaisheshikamsha, and strong, in mrudu amsha, native is expert in war and always ready for war. But if related to malefic or weak, fears war.
  43. 43. Lord of the third house conjoined with Sun, native is brave, if with Moon calm and have patience, if with Mars, black, and foolish, and angry. If with Mercury virtuous and wise.
  44. 44. Lord of the third house with Jupiter, native is brave, and learned in shastras, if with Venus libidinous, and enraged by sexual desire. If with Saturn, foolish, if with Rahu pretends to be brave, if with Ketu or Mandi, result is like Rahu only.
  45. 45.  Danger or Nature of death: – Jupiter in ascendant conjoined with lord of the third house brings danger from animals. If first house is watery sign and third lord posited there danger is from cow and from water.
  46. 46. Lord of the third house posited in ascendant with ascendant lord, conjoined with Rahu, danger is from Serpent, if it is Mercury native suffers from Goiter.
  47. 47. If the planet posited in third house is in debilitation house, or in enemy house, or combust, in aspect to malefic, danger is from consumption of poison, or during its use. If this yoga is not there, then there is no danger from poison.
  48. 48. Meals: – Moon and Venus posited in third house and strong, in aspect to benefic, or related to benefic, or in exaltation navamsha, or in friendly navamsha, or in own navamsha, native will enjoy meals in precious utensils.
  49. 49. Any other benefic in third house except Moon and Venus and in benefic navamsha native will always enjoy good meals.
  50. 50. Second lord in 8th house, Mars related to malefic and in 6th house, native will have co-born from step mother. Along with third lord if Moon is posited in 6-8-or 12th house, native is brought up by breast feeding of some one else other than mother.
  51. 51. Ears: – If Mandi is posited in third house or malefic in third house native suffers throat ailments. If Mars in yamamsha (8th navamsha from natal ascendant) suffers ear ailments.
  52. 52. Saturn in third house with Mandi without benefic aspect, native suffers from the nerve problem of ears. Similar effect can be seen if the sign lord where in third lord is posited and his navamsha lord is conjoined in quadrant.
  53. 53. Malefic in third house, in aspect to malefic, native suffers ailments of ear. If third lord is posited in malefic shashtyamsha native suffers similarly.
  54. 54. If benefic in third house, in aspect to benefic and lord of the third house is also conjoined with benefic, native wears ornaments in the ear.
  55. 55. If Venus is in third house the ornament of the ear contains Pearl. If Jupiter is there ornament is precious and best, if Sun is there, ornament contains precious Gems, If Mandi is there Gem will be of blue color.
  56. 56. If the planet posited is Moon native wears variety of ornaments, If Mercury is posited Gem is of green color, but if there is malefic relation or aspect native will not wear ornaments.
  57. 57. If the lord of the third house is a benefic planet native hears hymens, if the sign is owned by malefic planet, native hears the song or speech which is not suitable to here or such aloud sound which will spoil the ear.
  58. Service:- If karakamsha is in aspect to Sun and Venus native shall be in government service.
  59. If the 10th house from karakamsha is in aspect to Mercury, or Mercury is posited there, native shall be in government service.
  60. Sun, Mars, and Saturn posited in 10th house without benefic ascpect native shall be a paid servant.
  61. Venus is debilitated  and occupies the navamsha of Saturn, and 12th house is occupied by Sun, native is a paid servant.
  62. If Malefic occupy 10th house, without benefic aspect, native is paid servant.
  63. Lord of the 6th house posited in 10th house, and lord of 10th house is posited in quadrant, w2ith Saturn, native has servants.
  64. Navamsha lord of the 10th lord is Saturn and associated with 6th lord, many people work under the native.
  65. Sun posited in 5th house, in aspect to lord of 9th and 10th house, native enjoys the services of many people.
  66. If fourth house is in aspect to many benefic, native will have many servants.
  67. If Saturn is posited in karakamsha, native will have reputed business.
  68. If lord of the 6th occupy 3rd house, native will have business of stone, or poison, or fuel.
  69. Moon in Aries in aspect to Mars, native is a beggar. (ii) Moon without benefic aspect, native is servant, or beggar. (iii) If planets are debilitated, in 10th or 12th house, or eclipsed and occupy debilitation navamsha, native is beggar.
  70. Jupiter in 12th house, Saturnin quadrant, and Moon in ascendant, native is a beggar.
  71. Jupiter is in 2nd or 5th house from Moon, and malefic in 8th or 9th house, native lives by hateful jobs.  (ii) In this dictum any one planet is in friends house, native lives depending on others.
  72. If ascendant lord isin 4th, Saturn in trine, or lord of second house and malefic in 8th, native lives by indulging in sinful deeds, or by killing, or wicked jobs.  
  73.     Natives lively hood, or profession should be predicted by the planet owning the navamsha, occupied by the lord of the 10th house, counted from ascendant or Moon, or Sun.
  74. Now let us collate the karakatva of the third house (House part -2) and try to apply above results to a horoscope.
  • (Third house)
  • Parashara:  death, servants, elder-younger co-born. Good nature, preaching, education, ability, travel, death of mother and father. (Vikramam bhratyabhaatradichopadesha prayanakam pitrorvaimaram vidyaan dushrakyaachcha nirikshayet)

Kalidas: war, right ear, foot, throat, middle area of thumb and index finger. body growth, road, earth( land) birth place, mental firmness, capability, constitution, gods place, make one suffer, dream, solder, near relative, friends, vagabond, clean food, position, division of property, ornaments, education, hobby, profit, progress, birth in a good family, female servants, small vehicle, travel, visiting holy places, quality trading, religious observance. )

Now let us consider the horoscope of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar . Date of Birth -14-4-1891. Time of Birth-05-00 AM. Place of Birth-Mhow (Madhyapradesha India) ( 75E46/ 22N 33)

Ambedkar is the 14th and last son of Ramji maloji sakpal. Originally from ambewadi , Ratnagiri,maharastra. Since father is serving in military in Mhow , he is born there. He belongs to a mahar a caste considered as untouchable in those days. So he has to study in government school, dejected by the teachers and other students. In 1894 father retired and came back to native place ambewdi. Paternal aunt brought him up. In 1906 married. 1907 passed S.S.L.C. (Middle school.) In 1912 completed degree.


Shadbala Ambedkar

In the above horoscope, Yogi- Moon. Avayogi- Mercury. Combust signs- Aries and Leo.  Pushkara navamsha- Mercury; Rahu.

Ascendant: – Ascendant is Pisces, in Uattarabhadra star, no body is posited here, (sookshmadhipati (lord of cusp point) is Saturn,). Ascendant lord Jupiter is in 12th house in Aquarius in Shatabhisha, Rahu’s star. Posited along with enemy, 3-8th lord Venus. Jupiter is No. 6 /7 in shadbala, in Parijatamsha. Ascendant is in aspect to Saturn by 82% in aspect to Ketu by 53%. Lord of the cusp point Saturn is posited in 6th house. That shows native is devoid of bodily comfort, waste his life without any aim, troubled by enemies. (House part-4). Here we know from biography that native suffered due to enemies but there is nothing told about his bad health. This is because of Saturn’s aspect, and 6th Lord Sun is exalted and in Devalokamsha. Rahu’s period is running during child hood. This is also not good.

Second house: – Second house is Aries, (Sign part-4) 6th lord Sun is posted here with 4th and 7th lord Mercury. They are in Ashvini and Bharani star respectively. Mercury is Maraka and Badhaka for this ascendant. Second lord Mars is posited in third house, in Kruttika the star of 6th lord Sun. They are in aspect to Jupiter 55%, Venus 45%, Saturn 75% and Ketu 60%. (Sign part- 9,10,11,13). Mars is no.1 in shadbala, but his istaphala is 22.58 and kasta phala -37.42.  Aries is Dharma sign, Kshatriya, Rajo guna, moveable sign, shows family is virtuous, active, hard working; struggle much, Conjoining of Sun and Mercury shows wise. Sun in the second house, Mercury in enemy house shows native suffers financially in the child hood. Saturn and Ketu aspect adds to it. But Sun’s strong position aspect of Jupiter and Venus native progress well, become sufficiently wealthy, due to favor of king. Note ruling periods also support this.

Third House: – Now let us go in detail about the karakatvas of the third house. Third house is Taurus. (Sign part-4) Planets posited here are Mars in Kruttika and Rahu in Rohini star. This house is in aspect to ascendant lord Jupiter 65%, Third lord Venus 55%, and of Saturn 85%, of Ketu 82%. Lord of third house is posited in Aquarius, 12th house in Jupiter’s Purvabhadra star along with Jupiter. Jupiter is in aspect to Moon 46%, Saturn 90%, and Ketu 70%. Lord of third house Venus is in aspect to Moon 38%, Saturn 96%, and Ketu 80%. In shadbala Venus is no.5 and Jupiter no.6. Jupiter is in Parijatamsha.  In shatyamsha Jupiter in Kalamsha and Venus in Utpata. ( malefic)-Sign part-8)

Bravery-soldier, Ability: – Mars and Rahu posited here in earthly sign shows native is brave, ability to struggle hard, duty bound. The results of third lord in 12th above not well applicable to the native because conjoined with ascendant lord Jupiter, and aspect of waxing Moon. (Sign part-9) But aspect of Saturn and Ketu make him stubborn and acrimonious.

Servants: – Third house is female sign, Third lord is female planet, but he is conjoined with benefic male planet and malefic Mars and Rahu posited here. But Mars is karaka for this house. So native will enjoy the help of good female servants, and good but stubborn, brave, dutiful male servants.

Co-Born:- Position of Mars and Rahu in third house says there is no younger co-born to the native. Karaka Mars in the third says happiness from co-born. Karaka is strong in shadbala (no.1) but placed in malefic navansha (Aquarius) but with ascendant lord Jupiter. This shows native have many brothers according to above yoga’s. Karaka in second navamsha in a female sign says native may have two sisters. Aquarius navamsha says 11 brothers. All elder to him. Third lord in Aquarius in male sign, Karaka in male sign navamsha (Aquarius) says 11 brothers not sisters. Third lord is enemy to ascendant lord, but aspect of benefic Venus to third house, and aspect of waxing Moon says native is not inimical to co-born but not too attached to them and no much help from them.

Initiation, Education:- 2nd and 9th lord Mars and exalted Rahu in third house, along with Strong Sun and Mercury in 2nd house indicate high intellect, Mars the karaka in third house indicate good perseverance, ability to reach the goal. More over lord of 5th in 4th that to in Mercury’s sign Gemini, also indicate capability of achieving high education.  In navamsha chart second lord is in 5th house, with Jupiter, 9th lord Mercury in ascendant, Ascendant lord Venus with exalted Sun. All these combination indicate native will achieve high education. Lord of third house Venus in 12th house (house of salvation) with Jupiter indicates native will get initiation from good Preceptor.

Right ear, Foot, Throat, Middle area of Index and thumb: – Mars and Rahu in the third house, and Third lord in 12th house indicate there is some trouble in the right ear. Rahu in Moon’s Rohini star, Moon in third house of Kalapurusha in aspect to third lord indicate problem in the throat due to cough and cold. It also shows native’s right ear has reduced hearing ability and may suffer with other problems. Ascendant Pisces which indicates the foot off kalapurusha is afflicted by Saturn and Ketu aspect. Natal chart 12th house Aquarius indicates the foot. Here two benefic are posited but ascendant lord is in Rahu star, they are in aspect to Saturn and Ketu, this shows there can be problems in foot in appropriate ruling periods. The karaka for health Sun exalted and strong, Planet in the third and karaka Mars is also strong, strong Saturn influencing these houses shows native will have well built body.

Lands-Birth place, Travel, pilgrimage:- Lord of third house in 12th house shows native will live away from relatives, Rahu in the 3rd and aspect of 12th lord Saturn on ascendant and 3rd lord show that native will live away from birth place, in foreign land, for education, job, and for travel etc. Second lord in 3rd, ascendant lord in 12th shows he will live away from family. Mars is also the 9th lord in 3rd house; Mars in aspect to Jupiter, the ascendant lord in 12th house also indicate native goes on pilgrimage or travel for religious matter.

Death, Death of Father and Mother: – Fourth lord Mercury in 2nd house, Karaka for mother  Moon in 4th house in Rahu star, in aspect to Saturn and Ketu. Posited in enemy house. Though benefic also aspect Moon Venus is 3rd and 8th lord. Jupiter in 12th house with affliction of owning the quadrants. These show native may loose the mother early. Lord 9th house Mars owner of house for father, in 3rd house with Rahu and affliction to him by aspect of Saturn 12th lord and Ketu, Karaka for father Sun even though strong posited in Ketu’s star, show native will not enjoy fathers company for long. This also indicate natives father die due to the problems related to blood. Ascendant lord Jupiter in 12th with 3rd and 8th lord Venus in aspect to Saturn karaka for longevity shows native may die due to Diabetes related issues.

Clean Food: – Third house is benefic house; Lord of the third house is also a benefic Venus conjoined with benefic ascendant lord Jupiter in friend’s house. But Mars and Rahu in 3rd house, with affliction from Saturn, and Ketu, So native will have to take coarse grain and low quality food according to the ruling periods. Since birth time ruling period is that of Rahu this applies more to childhood. Next Since Jupiter Dasha (ruling period) operates native will get good and clean food.

We are considering the House, Sign, Star, aspect and Yoga for deciding the result. But the yoga or dictums we consider is those which relate to that house. There are many other yoga’s related all houses. Let us study them later. We have to study the karakatvas of planets also in detail. When we are able to apply more and more parameters in judging, more accurate will be our prediction.

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