Introduction to Veda Jyotisha

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Published on: July 21, 2013

Introduction to Vedic Astrology

Vedic astrology is a very exhaustive treatise. Stalwarts of Astrology like Varahamihira himself expressed that it cannot be completely learnt in one life time. Here it is my humble effort to make one understand and apply it as much as possible. So I will first explain it in various Categories. Then I will try to discuss it in more detail under the same heading. If I try to publish it, it may run in 1000 of pages. So I have opted this medium.

The categories are

  1. Introduction – in this category I will explain the theories on which astrology has been created – History of Astrology, Karma Siddhantha, Panchabhootas (Five elements)
  2. Signs (Rashis) – in this category I will explain Signs, the division, their classification, Karakatva (effects or qualities), Ruler ship etc.
  3. Planets (Grahas) – their nature, Lordhsip of Planets, their avasthas, their aspect, their strength, Education given by Planets, Profession given by planets, problems and happiness given by planets, Diseases given by planets
  4. Almanac (Panchanga) – planetary motion, Way decide their position, Relation to stars, casting of Charts, Division of time, their mundane results
  5. Stars (Nakshatras) – in this category effective stars, their influence and results
  6. Houses (Bhavas) – their importance, judging of houses, their karakatva
  7. Planetary combinations (Yogas) – their importance, and results
  8. Periods (Dasha) – their effects
  9. Delineation of Horoscope (Jatakas) – Method of analyzing horoscope

I will write on these headings under Vedic Astrology.  Readers are requested to read and give their opinion freely. They can also ask questions about their doubt. I will try to answer them as early as possible. My only aim is to spread this knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

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