Theory of Deeds (Karma Siddhantha) – Part 3

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Published on: July 17, 2013

Theory of Deeds (Karma Siddhantha) – The Philosophy

After reading Karma Siddhantha, one doubt that may persist is if God induces to do bad karma. No God cannot induce such a thing because he is absolute. Then, where do we get this inducement? Philosophy says it is your mind and intellect.  Your mind according your deeds gets undue desire or greed, your intellect due to ego allows it to happen. If you overcome the ego and surrender to God, same intellect cautions you it is wrong, and you will definitely not do that bad deed.

Second question you may get is, what can be done to make our daily duties (Karmas) Satvik? Or Whether the work I am doing is really Satvik? Yes, it is really a subject to be thought in depth. Philosophy says follow “Aparigraha” that means don’t take anything from any body, without his knowledge or when not in need. Oh! It is very simple. No but it is not that simple, as it appears to be. Great philosopher of the recent time Basavanna explains it in simple words” Kalabeda, kolabeda, husiya nudiyalubeda, anyarige asahyapadabeda, tanna bannisabeda, idira haliyalubeda”.  That means avoid theft, avoid murder, avoid falsehood, avoid feeling heinous about others, avoid prasing yourself, avoid decrying others. But it is not as simple as it appears. It has its own indepth meaning. For eg: What is theft. Normally it means, taking somebody’s things without their knowledge is theft. But Basavanna explains, eating food more than that is required to live, is also theft. Because God has created living beings and food sufficient for their lively hood.  If you eat more than what is required for you, it is equal to you are stealing some one elses food. You may argue that, It is my hard earned money with which I have purchased it and eating it, moreover desire or like for particular food is given by God himself.  But philosophy says it is not correct. This bad desire comes to you, because of your past deeds. That made you to like a particular food very much, your mind creates a desire, your intellect argues it is your right, and you eat more. Astrology says it is because of the position of the planetary combinations created that desire. That means we must remember that though we think that it is my hard earned money and food I have purchased, basically neither the food nor the money is ours, it is the boon from God given to us, because of the past good deeds. He is examining you by giving this boon. He says use only that much that is required and give the rest in charity. This knowledge comes to us when we completely surrender to God. You may think that I work hard, I am very well educated and intelligent, so I earn huge salary. So I have the complete authority to use it myself. Philosophy says that is wrong. This additional intellect you have is due to good karma of the past, because of that you get good health and a good job. But if you use all that is earned on yourself, naturally wealth gets denied to some people (of course to those with bad deeds). God wants you to set an example by giving some part which is actually not required by you, in charity, to those who are in need. In turn he gives you a boon of real Knowledge of Soul, and you will be able to surrender all your deeds to God and get salvation.  This is the main theme of Karma siddhantha.

Astrology says that, understand the bad deeds of the past by planetary positions and combinations, decide wether it is Druda (Fixed) karma, or Adruda (Changeable) karma, or Maanasika (Mental) karma, or Vachika (Spoke) karma, or Shareerika (Physical) karma according to dictums of Parashara and do the remedial measures, by that indulge in good deeds (Sadhana) to understand the soul, and get salvation. This is the main aim of our great saints who prescribed this theory.

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