Theory of Deeds (Karma Siddhantha) – Part 2

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Published on: July 18, 2013

Theory of Deeds (Karma Siddhaantha) – Further Deliberation

After reading the Karma siddhantha you may get a doubt, that whether it is possible make Planets and stars impose Karma phala on us? You will get some solace after reading about Five elements or Pancha bhootas. But you may not get fully satisfied. The reason is the effects of Planets and Stars are in Nano quantity. This Nano effect is not yet fully explained by our science and hence it is not well understood. Today we are heading towards understanding this nano effect which will help us in understanding this better. For example, we know that on a full and new Moon day we observe the major effect on the oceans and weak minded people. We also today understand that the Solar Winds (Currents) affects our nature. Our saints predicted that movement of planets have many effects on human beings and we are now able to recognize some of them. So I feel that even if one does not agree or believe that Planets are facets of Gods, one must agree that their combined effect on humans is observable.

Second doubt we get is if God alone is responsible for all deeds, why does he make us do bad things? The simple answer is that he only influences us to do the karma (both good and bad), however if we are bound by bad karma, we do bad deeds and as a result suffer more. The only solution our saints have given us for this is to completely surrender to God. They have taught us this lesson through many many stories of good and bad people.

We can easily understand that Mental and Spoken karmas, can be of three types, that is Satvik, Rajasik and Tamasik (read Karma Siddhantha Part 1). But the question is whether we can have a control over this? Philosophy says yes. They have indoctrinated this through many many stories and life histories of great people.

Now the question comes, if daily karmas of three categories, and many of them are not in our control, how do we get control on them? This is also possible by complete surrender to him. For eg:  when we walk many insects may come under our feet and die. If we are able to surrender to him completely, the ones that survive are the ones he decides to save. Hence we are absolved from the good or bad results.

We get more confused about physical work or Karma. For eg: if we are worshiping God, whether it is Satvik, Rajasik, or Tamasik? It can also be of three categories too. Because if we pray him for Wealth, progress etc. it becomes Rajasik. If we pray for property which was in dispute it becomes Tamasik, because it is your view that it belongs to you, it may not be true. Here we must notice that all physical karma inherits in it the karma of Mind and Speech. If they are Satvik, the physical karma may also become Satvik. It is the first step towards complete surrender of our karma’s to God. Like this we can classify all deeds or Karmas in three categories and by will power and practice learn to completely surrender it and its results to God. (Read Theory of Deeds part-3)

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