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Published on: July 12, 2013


Ecliptic is divided into 12 divisions and named as Signs. They have been allotted shapes according to their natural characteristics based on the shape of the stars in it. Now let us study the signs individually according to their classification including the influence of stars within it.


  1. Shape of sign is Ram: Ram represents liking for grass fields, Hilly area, slope area, roof, broad forehead, small chin, rough skin, waver mind, male, Quadruped (Animal instinct)
  2. Fiery Tatva, Rajoguna, Dharma Sign, Kshatriya: Purity, activeness, courage, anger, ego, power, adventure, morality, rough voice, heat constitution, well built body. Dharma Sign represents Krutayuga, as such indicates long life.
  3. Moveable, Dhatu (solid), male: Wavery mind but firm decision, good sense, fortitude, It is a Dhatu sign and ruled by Mars and hence represents agricultural land
  4. Strength increases during Night (Day Sign-Neelakantha “peethodinampragvishadayo alpasangaha”): Thief, friendship with mean people, less friends, charmless
  5. Blood red, yellow color: Blood red – greedy, cruelty and Yellow – purity, divinity
  6. Rising from hind, short length sign: proportioned body, slow progress, delayed progress
  7. Bile (Pittha) nature: excess of bile, anxiety, anger
  8. Blind, barren sign: weak eye sight, less progeny (deficiency in respective parts of the body)
  9. Aries with Ashvini nakshatra: Doctor, running, travel, good nature, likes decoration, liked by people, able
  10. Aries with Bharani nakshatra: Creative, truthful, wise, firm mind

11. Aries with Kruttika nakshatra: Purity, truthful, knowledgeable, contemplative

These are the normal characteristics of the sign. The star lords, Sign lord are Descending node, Venus, Sun, and Mars. Their natural qualities, their position, relation (These will be explained while discussing Planets) alter the characteristics of the sign. Similarly planets posited in the sign get influenced by these characteristics and also contribute their characteristics to this sign.

If this sign is rising at the time of birth (Ascendant) more effect is on the body especially on head, If Moon is posited here effect will be on mind and nature of the person, If Sun is posited effect will be on intellect, or soul, or inherited nature. If none of above planet is related or posited here, then this sign tells about the family, socially related people, or social influence on the person. This is called as Bhava (house). We will discuss about the houses in detail in later chapters.


  1. Shape of sign is Oxen: Obedient, toiler, forest, streamlet, grassland, agriculture land, when angry bullish in nature, long neck, mild nature, beautiful face, strong shoulders, patience, egoistic, quadruped (animal instinct)
  2. Earthy tatva, Artha sign, Rajoguna, Vaishya: Lenient, womanly nature, greedy, expert in implementing selfish motto. Generous, lavish spending, wants to grab the power, position, clever in financial dealings, Artha sign related to Tretayuga, shows medium long life
  3. Fixed sign, Moola (plant), female: deliberate before taking firm decision, strong will power, tolerant, though female sign oxen is its symbol, so though mild can become rough and tough, music lovers
  4. Rises from hind, short length sign: balanced body, slow progress
  5. Strong in night: middle class friendship, mean mentality, beautiful body
  6. White colour: Purity, honesty
  7. Airy (Vatha) nature: Nervous constitution
  8. Blind sign, half barren: Weak eyesight, limited progeny.
  9. Taurus with Kruttika nakshatra: Purity, wise, contemplative
  10. Taurus with Rohini nakshatra: Beauty, self indulgence, philosophical progress, stubborn behavior, works for society
  11. Taurus with Mrugashira nakshatra: loves nature, licentious, strong body, simple living, never discriminates

As the lords of the above stars are Sun, Moon, Mars and Venus, their relation modifies the qualities of the sign and Moon here indicates influence on mind and nature, Ascendant on body and Sun on soul or inherited nature.


  1. Symbol of the sign male with mace in hand and female with Veena in the hand: Some call it eunuch sign. But it is not correct. First of all human sign so indicates wisdom, able to complete the work under taken satisfactorily. Interested in fine arts. Likes amusement places.
  2.  Tamo Guna, Vayu tatva, Kama sign, Shudra by varna:  Active, Tamo Guna also gives lethargy. It makes them over sensitive. Wavy mind, victim of all 6 fold enemies( kama, krodha, moha, mada, matsara and lobha). Adjust to all circumstances to get desire fulfilled. Follow all means to get the things done.  This sign indicated Dwapara Yuga. So Good medium  longevity is indicated.
  3. Dual sign, Jeeva Sign: In spite of wavy mind they work with all firmness to get their desire fulfilled. Rational, talkative.
  4. Strong in Night, Male sign: Loud speech, more than morality gives importance to selfish benefits.  Salacious.
  5. Biped sign, Rises from hind: contemplative, learned, logical mind, slow progress, like Travelling.
  6. Green colour, normal sign: like peace, nature, wealthy, normal body.
  7. Vata, Pitta, Kapha sign, Neck and shoulder:  Suffers from all three doshas, health wise weak, neck and shoulder problems.
  8.  Blind sign, Barren sign, South –East direction:  Weak eye sight, less progeny, South –East direction is beneficial.
  9. Gemini with Mragashira Star : Likes nature, salacious, simple living, no idea of discriminating.
  10. Gemini with Aridra  Star: Possibility of arrest, Heinous crime, theft, adultery, lair, cheating, black magic .
  11. Gemini with Punarvasu  Star: Truthfulness, Purity, generosity, wise, success, sculpture, trade, service.

Since it is a duel sign the planet posited here considerably change the qualities of the sign.


  1. Symbol of the Sign Crab: Brook, well, watery places , romantic places, marshy land.
  2. Satva guna, Jala Tatva, Moksha, Brahmin Varna: Sensitive,  active, Good worker, Adjustable nature, Intelligent, perseverance, though indicates kaliyuga being  chara rashi, good longevity is indicated.
  3. Moveable sign, Dhatu Sign: Wavy mind, can work with firm intension.
  4.  Strong in Night, Female Sign: Many friends, can compromise with injustice, likes Good company, momentary anger, mild natured.
  5.   Rises from Hind, Multiped:  Slow progress, selfish inclination. 
  6. Pink Colour,  Normal Sign: Purity, Divinity, normal body, likes light colours.
  7.  Cough, upper chest:  Suffer with cold and cough, and in upper chest like lungs. 
  8.   Blind Sign, Dumb sign, Fruitful sign, North Direction: weak eye sight, and hearing, many progeny. North directions favorable.
  9.  Cancer with Punarvasu Star:    Truthfulness, Purity, generosity, wise, success, sculpture, trade, service.
  10.    Cancer with Pushya Star:  Agricultural land, lively hood from trade of watery products, good people, monks, sacrificial alter.
  11.         Cancer With Ashlesha Star:  forest produces, roots etc, poisonous things, deceit, Doctor treating poison.


  1. Symbol of the Sign Leo: Forest, Hilly area, Caves, Palace, Majestic face, Rough skin, Cruelty, Strong body, Less friends, Loud speech.
  2. Firry Tatva, Satva Guna, Dharma , Kshatriya Varna: Purity, Active, Couragious, Anger, Arrogance, Power, Adventure, Morality, Hot constitution, Strong body, Dharma signs indicate Kruthayuga. Being fixed sign indicates medium longevity.
  3. Fixed sign, Moola (plant) sign: Contemplative, fair behavior, Firm decision, fortitude, forgiveness, Park, nature loving, Desert, deep thinking before decision.
  4. Day strong, Male : Honest, ably finish the work undertaken, cruelty, Courage, straight forward.
  5. Quadruped, Rising from head: Quick progress, Cruel behavior,
  6. Yellow Colour, Long Sign:  purity, divinity, long. stomach portion.
  7. Pitta ( bile) Lower Chest: Excess bile, problems in heart and related limbs.
  8. Blind sign, Barren sign, East direction:  weak eye sight, less progeny, East direction is good for progress.
  9. Leo with Magha Star:  wealth, Grains, Treasure, House, Hilly people, Devoted to father, Trades, Brave, Meat Eaters, Hating female.
  10. Leo with Purva Phalguni:  Actors, Young ladies, and gents, Beautiful males, Singers, Various scupltures, Shops, Cotton, Salt, Oil.
  11. Leo with Uttara Phalguni: Soft , purity, Modesty, atheist, generous, learned in rites, Good corn, Wealthy, Religious, Kings.


  1.   Symbol of the Sign Female in a boat:  Grassy land, Agriculture land, canal area, Library, Fruit garden, luxury places, sculptures.
  2.  Earthy sign, Rajo Guna, Artha( money) Vaishya sign: Tolerant, womanly character, desirous, ( greedy) expert in implementing his plans. Generous, spend thrift, expert in financial dealings,  Artha sign indicates treta yuga so medium longevity is indicated.
  3. Dual sign, Jeeva Sign: Wavery mind, wise, rational, beautiful, likes change, adjustable.
  4. Day strong, Female Sign:  Systematic work, behaves to the circustance, soft nature.
  5.  Biped, Rising from head:  Interest in arts and culture, rational thinking, quick progress.
  6. Multi coloured, Long sign: Wavy mind, long stomach, likes multi coloured clothing.
  7. Vata sign, Upper stomach: Nervous problem, windy problems, intestine, and stomach problems.
  8. Blind sign, Barren sign,  South-West direction:  weak eye sight, less progeny, south west is favourable.
  9. Virgo with Uttara Phalguni: Soft , purity, Modesty, atheist, generous, learned in rites, Good corn, Wealthy, Religious, Kings.
  10. Virgo with Hasta star: Thief, elephant, chariots, ministers, scupltures, shops, cold body, commerce, astrologers, Vedic scholars.
  11. Virgo With Chitra Star:  Various ornaments, writing materials, writings, fine arts, mathematicians, surgeons


  1. Symbol of the Sign man holding balance:  likes cities, forest areas, contemplative, minute observation, beautiful.
  2. Airy ( Vayu) tatva, Rajo Guna, Kama sign, Shudra varna: Sharp intellect, works selfishly, interest in arts and culture, violent nature, less friends, moving with mean people.  Kama signs indicate Dwapara yuga and being moveable  sign long life is indicated.
  3. Moveable sign, Dhatu sign: Wavery mind, can work with firmness, likes ornaments.
  4. Day strong, Male sign:  straight forward, courageous, competent.
  5. Biped, Rising from head: quick progress, wise.
  6. Bluish white colour, Long sign: selfish , honest, purity, long stomach, like light colours.
  7. Vata ( pitta, kapha) Lower abdomen:  May suffer from vata, pitta and cough, genitals and kidney problem.
  8. Deaf, Half barren, West direction:  weak in hearing , less progeny, west direction is favorable.
  9. Libra with Chitra star: Various ornaments, writing materials, writings, fine arts, mathamaticians, surgeons.
  10. Libra with Swathi star: Birds, animals,  Horses, traders, Grains, Airy places, change liking, friendly, fearsome, saints, experts in commerce.
  11. Libra with Vishakha: red flowers, fruity trees, grains, devotees of Agni and Indra.


  1. Symbol of the sign Scorpio: Holes, caves, like  places where reptiles live.
  2. Tamoguna, Jalatatva ( watery) Moksha sign, Bramhin varna: adjustable nature, for selfish motto work with aim and firmness.  Mild nature, delicate body, helping nature, philosophically bent, interest in secretive subjects.  Jala tatva indicate Kaaliyuga and being fixed sign lower midium longevity indicated.
  3. Fixed sign, Moola ( plant) sign:  think twice before start work, tolerance, fixed to their opinion, argumentative, speaks out his mind.
  4. Day strong, Female sign: soft nature, delicate body, straight forward.
  5. Multi ped, Rising from head:  Mean thinking, selfish, quick progress.
  6. Yellow colour,  long sign:  Purity, divinity, deep thinking, long body.
  7. Cough , Genitals:  troubled by cold and cough, problem with genitals or uterus. Licentious.
  8. Blind sign, Fruitful sign, North direction:  weak eye sight, many progeny, north directions favourable.
  9. Scorpio with Vishakha star: red flowers, fruity trees, grains, devotees of Agni and Indra.
  10. Scorpio with Anuradha Star: Brave, adventurous, group leaders, saints, presidents, travellers, Good people, winter grains.
  11. Scorpio with Jyestha star:  Courageous, from good family, wealthy, sucsess full, selfish, leaders.


  1. Symbol of the sign horse body with human face: Chariot, grassy lands, where horses normally gaze, and move on. Hilly area, wavy mind, smart, active.
  2. Agni Tatva( firy) Satva Guna, Dharma Sign, Kshatriya Varna: active person, independent nature, courageous, aggressive, domineering, ethical, law abiding, Dharma signs indicate Kruthayuga and being dual sign indicates long life.
  3. Dual Sign, Jeeva Sign:  adjustable nature, delicate mind, un predictable behaviour, disturbed mind, anger, wise .
  4. Strong in Night, Male sign: Courageous, steadfastness, cruelty, friendship with mean people, less friends.
  5. Rises from Hind, Quadruped: slow progress, cruel nature, anger.
  6. Yellow colour, medium sign:  purity, divinity, normal body.
  7. Pitta sign, Waist, thigh:  Troubled by pitta, ( anger, stressed, ) trouble with back pain, etc.
  8. Deafness, half barren East direction:  weak in hearing, less progeny, east directions favorable.
  9. Sagittarius with Moola Star: Medicine, Doctors, leaders, flowers, roots, wealthy.
  10. Sagittarius with Purvashada Star: soft things, Delicacy, travel  over water, truthful, clean, wealthy.
  11. Sagittarius with Uttarashada Star: Ministers, wrestlers, elephant, horse, Devotees, army man, famous, lucky.


  1. Symbol of the sign Crocodile body, face of deer: Like moving over River, wood, forest, soft nature, charmless.
  2. Pruthvi tatva( earthy) Rajoguna, Artha sign, Vaishya Varna:  tolerant, womanly nature, greedy, expert in implementing selfish motto, generous, spendthrift, good in commerce, Artha signs indicate Tretayuga and being moveable sign indicates good longevity.
  3. Moveable sign Dhathu sign: like change, success in trade, and political field, good grasping power, independent thinking.
  4. Night Strong, Female sign: Friendship with mean people, less friends, no firmness in work, adjust to the circumstances.
  5. Rises from Hind, Biped:  Slow progress, Cruel nature, selfish inclination.
  6. Multi colour, medium sign:  Interest in art and culture, like multi colours, medium, normal body.
  7. Deafness, Half barren, West direction: Hearing problem, less progeny, west directions favorable.
  8. Vata, knee:  nervous problem, problem in knees.
  9. Capricorn with Uttarashada Star: Ministers, wrestlers, elephant, horse, Devotees, army man, famous, lucky.
  10.          Capricorn with Shravana Star:  Magician, daily working, able in work, persevering, religiously bent, devotees, truthful
  11.         Capricorn with Dhanistha Star: Defamed, unstable friends, hates woman, charitable, wealthy, peace loving.



  1.  Symbol of the sign female with pot on the shoulders: Mild nature, secretive, gambling place, middle class people, forest area, soft spoken.  
  2. Vayu tatva( airy ),  Tamoguna, Kama , Shudra varna: enthusiastic, sympathatic, wise, selfish, lustful, loves family, uncultured own styled behavior. Vayu tatva indicates Dwapara yuga being fixed sign medium longevity is indicated.
  3. Fixed, Moola( plant) sign: Slow work, research oriented, delicate mind.
  4. Day strong, Male sign:   wise, not affected by flattery, straight forward, humanitarian, refuted thinking.
  5. Biped, Rising from head: Intelligent, ups and down in life, quick progress, conteplative.
  6. Brown colour, Short sign: affected by mean mentality, for selfish motto even not hesitate grab others property, likes dark colours, short body.
  7. Vata sign, ankle: troubled by vata, nervous related issues, low back pain, joint pain etc.
  8. Limp, half barren, South direction:  Problem in legs, less progeny, south direction is favorable.
  9. 12.           Aquarius with Dhanistha star: Defamed, unstable friends, hates woman, charitable, wealthy, peace loving. 
  10. Aquarius with Shatabhisha star: Hunts man, fisher man, animal liking, liquor manufacturing, omen tellers.
  11. Aquarius with Purvabhadra star: Thieves, animal keepers, torturing , mean people, agriculturists, cheats, non followers of religion, war experts.


  1. Symbol of the sign two fishes facing opposite direction: Pilgrim places, Watery places, many friends, mild nature.
  2. Jala tatva( watery) Satva Guna, Moksha , Brahmin Varna: Adjustable nature, helping nature, weak constitution, contemplative, delicate mind, philosophically bent, Deep thinking, not react immediately, like watery places. Jala indicates Kaliyuga and being dual sign indicates medium longevity.
  3. Dual sign, Jeeva Sign: Generous, wavy mind, wise, contemplative.
  4. Day strong, Female sign: Soft natured, straight forward, care full not to hurt others, slow work.
  5. Waterborne, ( legless)Rising from both: Quick progress, contemplative, philosophical, trouble in foot.
  6. Yellowish white, medium sign: Purity, divinity, pure mind, normal progress, medium body.
  7. Cough sign Legless: Troubled by cough, trouble in foot.
  8. Limp, Fruitful, North direction: Leg portion is weak, many progeny, North direction is favorable.
  9. Pisces with Purvabhadra star: Thieves, animal keepers, torturing , mean people, agriculturists, cheats, non followers of religion, war experts.
  10. Pisces with Utarabhadra star: Brahmins, Indulging in Homa, havana, penance, luxurious living, living in hermits, non believers of god, leaders, grains.
  11. Pisces with Reavathi star:  Water born things, fruits, flowers, gems, traders, sailors. 




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