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Published on: September 30, 2013



Maharshi Parashara had described the ways of casting the 16 divisional charts and its use. Further Maharshi Jaimini added 4 more divisional charts to it. So now we are using 20 divisional charts for detailed analysis of the horoscope. There are varying opinions in casting and use of these divisional charts. But we must remember that originally the Maharshis might have been using the different divisional charts, cast in different ways, for different purposes, as different Dasha systems, they advised to use  for different purposes. But since we have missed some of the  original texts we are in confusion. So it needs research.


Hora means half sign or 15 deg. We call 1/24th part of the day also as Hora. One must remember that one is the division of Angle, another is the division of time. In odd signs first Hora (15 deg.)is ruled by Sun and second Hora ( 15-30 deg.)is ruled by Moon.  Or in male signs first Hora belongs male planet Sun and Second Hora belongs to female planet Moon. In Even signs it is reversed. That is first Hora is that of Moon’s and second Hora is that of Sun. That is in female sign First hora belongs to female planet Moon and second Hora belongs to male planet Sun. Here Sun hora is known as Deva Hora and Moon hora is known as Pitru (ancestors) Hora. Here we must also remember that a divisional chart means magnifying a part of the sign into 30 deg, for detailed analysis. Now let us understand the ways of casting the Hora Chart

Prashara’s 1st method.

In odd signs planets placed in, from 00-15 deg, are placed in sign Leo.  planets placed in, from 15-30 deg, are placed in sign Cancer. Because these signs are ruled by Sun and Moon respectively. Now let us see how the planets in our Natal chart prepared previously are placed in Hora Chart.

South Indian Chart    North Indian Chart


Hora Chart

According to this Malefic planets in Sun hora and benefic planets in Moon hora give good results

But Parashara’s another verse says “ Ajeshu Rave hora prathamajneya yugme shu cottarashesha indoho kramasho jneya janmani chestha swahora”  This system is also known as parivrittidwaya hora. Starting from Aries planets in Sun hora should be placed in male signs, and Moon hora planets should be placed in female signs. The system to be followed is for each sign you should go further in the same order for male signs or female signs as in the natal chart system. That is planets in 1. Aries should be placed in Aries and Taurus. 2. Planets in Taurus should be placed in Gemini and Cancer. 3. Planets in Gemini should be placed in Leo and Virgo. 4. Planets in Cancer is placed in Libra and Scorpio. 5.Planets Leo should be placed in Sagittarius and Capricorn. 6. Planets in Virgo should be placed in Aquarius and Pieces. For the next 6 signs it repeats from Aries to Pisces. In this method planets placed in their own sign give good results and female planets give good results in female sign and male planets in male sign give good results. Maharshi Styachaarya says first method should be used for Horary purpose and second method for natal chart delineation. In this method our hora chart comes like below.

Hora Chart -2

Another method of casting the Hora chart is known as Jagannatha Hora or one detailed by Kalyanavarma in  his book Saravali. ( dwadasha chakram bhagasyastasyaardhe simhato Ravi nathaha karkatakat pratolomam shashi tathyanepi tat sthanath.) That means planets in Sun hora should be placed in the half of the ecliptic from Leo to Capricorn ruled by Sun. Planets in the Moon hora should be placed from Cancer to Aquarius in reverse order, ruled by Moon.  For e.g. Two planets in Aries one in Sun hora and other in Moon hora are placed in Libra and Aries respectively. But one must remember that in this method also odd signs first hora belongs to Sun and second to Moon and in even sign first hora to Moon and second hora to Sun. Now let us see how our natal chart planets are placed in hora chart by this method. Here Klayana varma says that malefic or cruel planets in Sun hora give charm and adventure. Benefic or mild Planets in Moon hora give progress and wealth.


Let us discuss more about it when we discuss delineation of horoscopes.


When sign is divided into three parts, of each 10 deg. Each part is known as Drekkana. One way to place the planets in drekkana chart is “ swarkshasutanavamesha drekkanam” that is place planets within 10 deg in the same sign, planets posited in 10-20 deg, should be placed in the 5th sign from that sign. Planets in the 20-30 deg, should be placed in the 9th sign from that sign.   This is the opinion of Parashara. He further says that these drekkanas are ruled by saints Narada, Agastya, and Doorvasa. In other words they are satvik, Rajasik, and Tamasik respectively. But his description about these indicates drekkana placement in another way that we call it Jagannatha drekkana is correct. That is in moveable signs it is in the order Narada, Agastya, Doorvasa. In fixed signs it is Doorvasa, Narada Agastya. In dual signs it is Agastya, Doorvasa, and Narada respectively. Let us first know how planets in our natal chart are placed in drekkana chart in this method and next we can see the 2nd  method.

Drekkana Chart

In the second method as detailed by Vaidyanatha in Parijata also known as Jagannatha derakkana “ lagnaputra shubhapashchare grahe putradharmatanupa yugme grahe dharma,lagna sutapa sthire grahe khalu dragana uchyate”. That means In Moveable sign first drekkana (00-10 deg) is that sign itself and second drekkana (10-20 deg) is 5th sign from that sign and third drekkana is (20-30 deg) 9th sign from that sign. In Dual signs first drekana is 9th sign from that sign second drekkana is 5th sign from that sign and 3rd drekkana is same sign. In fixed signs First drekkana is  9th sign from that sign, second drekkana is same sign and 3rd drekkana is 5th sign from that sign. It agrees with the rulers as described above by Parashara. Here also saatyacharya says first method should be used for Horary and this second method should be used for Natal chart delination. Let us see how planets in the natal chart are placed in this method.

Drekkana -2

The third method, how drekkana chart is prepared is known as Pari vrattitraya drekkana. In this method 3 drekkanas are placed from Aries to Gemini respectively. 3 drekkanas of Taurus are placed from Cancer to Virgo. 3 drekkanas of Gemini are placed from Libra to Sagittarius and 3 drekkanas of Cancer are placed from Capricorn to Pisces. It again repeats for further 4 signs each. In this method planets in our natal  chart are placed like below.


Yet another way of preparing drekkana chart is for odd signs Parivrittitraya is followed in clock wise from Aries. For even signs Parivrittitraya is followed in anti clock wise direction from Pisces. It is also known as Somanatha drekkana. According to this method planets in our natal chart are placed as below in drekkana chart.


We use drekkana for knowing the nature of death. Let us discuss more about it while discussing longevity.


Saptamsha is dividing the sign into 7 parts. That is each part is of 4deg, 17 min, 8.5 sec. Here planets are placed in 7 signs from that sign respectively for odd signs. For even signs planets are placed in 7 signs, from the 7th sign from that sign respectively. Things ruled by saptamshas ( used for giving charity) are like this. 1. Salt, 2. Milk, 3. Curd, 4. Ghee 5. Cane juice( or camphor mixed milk) 6. Alcohol 7. Pure water. Here these things are taken into account in anticlockwise direction for even signs. To place the planets in saptamsha chart it is better to prepare table for placing the planets in saptamsha chart. Below table shows the detail. The figures show  are the sign numbers.




Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces
4-17-8.5 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6
8-34-17 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7
12-51-25.5 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8
17-8-34 4 11 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9
21-25-42.5 5 12 7 2 9 4 11 6 1 8 3 10
25-42-51 6 1 8 3 10 5 12 7 2 9 4 11
30-00-00 7 2 9 4 11 5 1 8 3 10 5 12

If we use the above table and prepare saptamsha chart,  planets in our natal chart are placed as below.

Saptamsha Chart

This chart is used for judging the possibility of progeny etc.

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