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Published on: January 3, 2014


The division of signs, classification, and karakatva’s has been discussed in previous writings. Now let us consider the result given by the planets when posited in a particular sign. Here we must remember the results given by our saints are general results, without taking into account the influence of Division charts, stars, aspect, bhava results fully. Mainly they are given considering the kalapurusha chart that is considering the Aries as Ascendant.  Now let us see what ancient saints have told about this.

Varaha ( Bruhat jataka)


Sun posited: – Famous, person with subtle wit, likes travelling, less wealth, person possessing arms. (If advances further to his exaltation degree,) if within his exaltation degree – wealthy, served by armed people, famous and wise. ( Dundiraja says- equal to king, adventurer, wise, suffers from blood and bile related ailments.)

Moon Posited:–  Big red eyes, likes hot stuff, vegetarian, eats limited food, passionate, travel liking, lady’s man, weak knee, wealth less for long period, war liking, liked by ladies, knows well the significance of service. Small nails, wounds in the head, elder among the brothers, scars in palm called shaktirekha, fickle mood, and fear of water.

Mars posited: – Honored by king, travel liking, wounds on body, sensualist, thief, earns through trade, adventurist, respects others.

Mercury posited: – likes gambling, borrower, additive, additive, infidel, thief, poor, dishonest, wicked wit, fickle minded, glutton, cruel, helpless and quarrelsome.

Jupiter posited: – Army commander, much wealth, good spouse and children, charitable, served by many, charming, famous, wins over enemies and wise.

Venus posited :- lady’s man, looses wealth due to ladies, hated by family members, possesses home and conveyance, tempted towards someone else’s wife, officer, no enemies, Travel liking.

Saturn posited :– foolish, having job with much travel, Deceiver, without friends, poor, weak body, animosity with all, disappointed due to failure, agitated mind.

Ascendant placed: – Sun and Jupiter are beneficial, Jupiter is not fully benefic, Venus is neither death lnflicting nor benefic, Saturn, Mercury are death inflicting.

Parashara and others have given Raahu, Ketu and Gulika and sub planets results. But we are not using other sub planets much.

Rahu ( ascending node) posited:- foolish, obstinate, believe what is herd without thinking, lacks courage.

Ketu ( descending node) Posited:- self respect, angry, selfish, ups and downs in life, agitated mind.

Gulika posited:- Weak body, Wicked, Miserly, obstinate, sensuous.


Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

(Results given in bracket are of Shri R.santhanam)

Sun posited: – learned in shastras, expert in art, likes war, capable, strong bones, virtuous, charming, doctor of poisons. (Taurus ascendant– virtuous, spendtrift. Gemini ascendant– wealthy. Cancer asc. – Good politician, officer. Leo asc.- wealth, officer, conveyance, Virgo asc.– if not related to Mars and Saturn spends for good work, if related spends for bad work. Libra asc. – Virtuous wife, wealth through partners. Scorpio asc. – Looses ancestral property, faces calamities, looses children. Sagittarius asc.– gets much ancestral property, good powerful position, conveyance. Capricorn asc. – No happiness from mother, good longevity, heart trouble. Aquarius asc.- lady’s man, virtuous lucky wife. Pisces asc. – looses all money earned, suffers due to diseases and defects in the limb.)

Moon Posited:– golden color body, permanent wealth, no co born, brave, prestigious, progressive, virtuous, fickle mind, friendly, fear of water. ( Aries asc.– weak Moon – limited speech, earning through immoral ways. Taurus asc. – Waxing Moon- spends all money in charity, sexual diseases, and immoral person. Gemini asc.-waxing- good wealth, more daughters, waning- financial troubles. Cancer asc– waxing- good position, conveyance, waning- looses father and mother early. Leo asc. – Waxing- fortunate, gets ancestral property, help from co born, waning- keeps relation with motherly woman. Virgo asc. Waxing- Moon dasha in child hood inflict death. Waning- death inflicting in its dasha. Libra asc.– waxing- gets maternal property, virtuous wife. Health problem. Waning Moon- no marital bliss. Scorpio asc– waxing- no debts, free from enemies, and diseases. Waning- suffers due to debts, diseases, and enemies. Sagittarius asc- waxing- one child and he is famous. Waning- progeny with much difficulty. Capricorn asc-waxing- owner of many lands, educated, wealthy, comfort from mother. Waning- protects mother of spouse, limited education, conveyance, and motherly comfort. Aquarius asc- waxing- many sisters, good results. Waning- good results but sisters in trouble. Pisces asc- waxing- good results, more female children, waxing- looses female children.)

Mars Posited: –  Charming, truthful, brave, war liking, officer, happy, charitable, cruel. ( Aries asc. – fatigue, normally good. Taurus asc– debts, wasteful expenditure, loss of property. Gemini asc– acquires land, home etc, help from co-born, if afflicted bad children. Cancer asc– acquires moveable and immoveable property, officer in military or police, earns through cattle, and animals trade. Leo asc- difference with father, wealthy, misfortune. Virgo asc– many debacles, economic progress impossible, if Venus is benefic marital bliss. Libra asc– Wealthy, marital problems. Scorpio asc– Trouble from enemies, debts, health problem. Sagittarius asc- good progress, unhappy in respect of children and land. Capricorn asc– away from mother, mother lives long, wealthy, hurdles in education. Aquarius asc- grabs the property of co-born, or loose them, brave. Pisces asc– good results, troubles in family life. )

Mercury posited: – War liking, educated, hypocrite, expert in arts, weak body, looses wealth, possibility of arrest, some time takes firm decisions. ( Aries asc– looses father and mother early, or stays away from them, many troubles in child hood, progresses well after wards. Devotee. Taurus asc– limited progeny, no much progress, and devotee. Gemini asc- abundant wealth, but much loss, elder brother in the family. Cancer asc- much benefic results. Leo asc- Many hurdles in progress, loss of ancestral property, litigations. Virgo asc– short lived, obstacles in work, loss of ancestral property. Libra asc– dishonest wife, he himself an immoral. Scorpio asc– good writer, good longevity, acquires much property and wealth. Sagittarius asc- happiness from mother, acquires much education, conveyance, money, early death of father possible. Capricorn asc– more bad results. Aquarius asc– coward, stage fright, respects elders and teachers, many sisters. Pisces asc– acquires wealth after marriage, fear of sudden loss.)

Jupiter posited: – acquires gems, argumentative, strong, good position, charming, many enemies, much expenditure, body wound, and possibility of harsh punishment. ( Aries asc– Beautiful, wealthy, famous, generous, diseased wife. Taurus asc– good longevity, healthy, wins over enemies, financially not sound, more expenditure. Gemini asc- success after marriage, elder brother in the family, if 4th pada of Ashvini star, many good results. Cancer asc- Gains wealth and position, but many ups and downs, many enemies in business filed. Leo asc- Very fortunate, fortunate children, good health and longevity, if first quarter of Bharani star, king. Virgo asc– unhappiness to self ,wife and mother, longevity gets reduced, financial problems, debts. Libra asc- enmity with brother, marital un happiness, fears of accident to wife. Scorpio asc- acute poverty, no progeny, if it is Sagittarius dwadashamsha many children. Mental disease (brain cancer) hurdles in business, enemies will win, if female sexual diseases. Sagittarius asc- considerable progress in philosophically, scar on the ear, except Venus Navamsha, learned, government officer, much ancestral property and he will add to it. Capricorn asc- always sorrowful, no comfort of mother and landed property, loss to co-born because of him. Aquarius asc– much progress to father and brother after his birth, happiness after marriage and gain. Pisces asc- ups and downs in health, good education and speaker, fortunate father, good position. )

Venus posited:- night blindness, liking in another’s wife, company of prostitute, blame, habit of roaming around in forest and hills, possibility of arrest, mean mentality, cruel nature, chief of army, able but not trustworthy.  ( Aries asc– beautiful, educated, happy, poet, expert in arts, popular, if related to Saturn can be death inflicting. Taurus asc- wealthy, good marital life, loans on account of ceremonies, relation with Mercucy indicates wealth and with Jupiter, expenditure due to charity. Gemini asc– Rich, loss now and then, diseased children, especially first child. Cancer asc– prestigious position, good profit in business, relation with debilitated Mars no comfort from mother. Leo asc- father has illicit relation, if Virgo navamsha ( 2nd quarter of Bharani) loss of children, native suffers from lung diseases. Virgo asc– Big family, financial troubles and losses, looses father early. Libra asc- If Mars is not strong; wife has short life, but happy marital relation. Scorpio asc– Suffer from sexual diseases, wife is also diseased, but lucky in other respects. Sagittarius asc– surgery to wife due to progeny, good children, wife may suffer from sexual diseases, libidinous. Scorpio asc- good education, business, conveyance and wealth. Aquarius asc– depends on sister, gets ancestral property. Pisces asc– good wealth, but may loose, peculiar voice.)

Saturn posited: – Sorrowful due to own bad character, hard working, cheat, hates relatives, right person to be blamed. Babbler, fit to be condemned, poor, ugly, bad mental stature, indulges in bad work, jealous, sinful. ( Aries asc– all bad results and diminished longevity. Even if lives like orphan. Taurus asc– deprived of  family, health, and wealth, but if Libra navamsha comes out of bad days. Gemini asc– Short lived, sorrow due to poverty, unhealthy, foolish, looses ancestral property. Cancer asc– worst for longevity, marital life will be in danger. Leo asc– no father or relatives, if female child widow. Virgo asc– all types of troubles, short longevity. Libra asc– Loss of wife and children. Scorpio asc– Looses mother early, all round troubles. Sagittarius asc– Medium business, wealth and progeny. Capricorn asc– body troubles, much expenditure. Aquarius asc– bad character, sorrow, diseases of lung, speech and writing is worst. Pisces asc– stammers, many diseases.)


Varaha ( Bru.jaa)

Sun posited:- lively hood through trade of cloth, scents etc. expert in music, musical instruments and art, fear of water, helps own people.

Moon posited:– Beautiful, luxurious, charitable, tolerant of sorrows, strong shoulder, more female progeny, troubled  by cough, no relatives and children, wealthy, forgiving nature, more hunger, likes female, happy after middle age, scar on face.

Mars posited: – limited wealth and happiness, more enemies, lives in others house, immoral, danger from fire, diseased, more female progeny.

Mercury posited: – generous, virtuous, charitable, expert in arts, libidinous, wealthy, and happy with relations and children.

Jupiter posited: – honors Brahmins and god, wealthy, wise, wins over enemies, acts in haste.

Venus posited: – self earned wealth, wise, honored by king, famous, fearless, many wives, energetic, landed property, and no enemies.

Saturn posited: – Little wealth, prostitute, foolish.

Ascendant in Taurus: – cough and windy body, female progeny, no love from parents, irreligionist, libidinous, opposes own people, death through arms, hanging, or water born diseases in a foreign country. Saturn and Sun are benefic, Jupiter, Moon, Venus are malefic.

Rahu ( ascending node) posited:- Not handsome, Fickle mind, tolerant, improves behavior with effort.

Ketu ( descending node) Posited:- sorrowful life, wasteful talk, greedy, philosophical.

Gulika posited:- deformed body, sorrowful, bad habits, shy less, penny less.

Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

Sun Posited in Taurus: – Diseases of face and eye, troubles, weak body, wise, likes articles of luxury, fear of water. ( Aries asc- No much earning, heavy expenditure. Taurus asc– Beautiful, virtuous, diseases of urinary organs. Gemini asc– Fear of enemies, litigations, debt, company of mean people. Cancer asc- Much wealth through wife. Leo asc– happiness from Wealth , position and conveyance. Virgo asc– Trouble and Sorrow from children. Libra asc– Financial difficulties. Scorpio asc– Diseased wife, troubles in marriage, but brings wealth. Sagittarius asc– Fear of debt and litigation. Capricorn asc- Children with good longevity, troubles due to children. Aquarius asc- learned, gain through marriage. Pisces asc– Diseases of ear, loss of co born, litigation due to ancestral property, with co-born.)

Moon posited: – generous, open hearted, famous, and excited by lust, intelligent, reflective man, strong waist, foot, and shoulder, beautiful walk, tolerant. ( Aries asc- much wealth, likely to be diseased, waning moon- limited wealth, diseased. Taurus asc- Kingly family, famous, waning Moon- rheumatic pains, short lived. Gemini asc– No much hurdles, waning Moon- series of hurdles. Cancer asc– Born in rich family enjoys all riches, waning Moon- many hurdles in progress.   Leo asc– Virtuous, wealthy, position. Waning Moon- troubles in business, more expenses. Virgo asc– enhances the ancestral property, all desires gets fulfilled. Waning Moon- financial difficulties. Libra asc– Medium longevity spends what he earns. Waning Moon- Troubles in business, short life. Scorpio asc– Beautiful, sexy wife, property from her, political wisdom, fame. Waning Moon- no marriage, if marries no marital bliss, if afflicted wife adulterer, may run away from home. Sagittarius asc– Medium longevity, debt, fear of health problem, waning Moon- short lived, heavy debt, diseased. Capricorn asc– Good marital life, early marriage, waning Moon- unhappy marital life, company of other woman. Aquarius asc– Famous, More debts, diseased, waning Moon- little education and wealth, no happiness from mother. Pisces asc– Famous children, wealthy; waning Moon- Diseases of throat, child less.)

Mars posited: – Glutton, little wealth, limited children, jealous, many servants, not believes any body, harsh speech, hates relatives; defame the family, expert in music, lustful man. ( Aries asc– loss of children, many defects in wife. Taurus asc– Troubled by fever, sorrowful, dual marriage. Gemini asc– trouble due to debts, enemies, sexual diseases, loss of wife and limbs, if afflicted fear of arrest. Cancer asc- Earns much wealth by illegal means. Leo asc– Position, happiness, luxury. Virgo asc– Medium wealth, father sorrowful because of him. Libra asc– Child less, Looses wife early, fear of accident. Scorpio asc– Good marital life, wife health may be of concern; if Venus is strong health of the wife are good but financial losses. Sagittarius asc– Dispute with children, debts, litigations, expenditure. Capricorn asc– many fold progress, wealth, diseases of stomach, if female abortions. Aquarius asc– dispute with mother much landed property, little education. Pisces asc– average life.)

Mercury posited:– skilful, generous, able, famous, learned in veda and shastras, likes ornaments, firm mind, honestly earned wealth, honest wife, soft, sweat speech, lustful. ( Aries asc– Trouble of eyes, if related to Saturn teeth problem, gains through brothers, much earning and expenditure. Taurus asc- Beautiful, healthy, religious, medium life and progeny. Gemini asc– Generous, virtuous. Cancer asc– Illegal earnings, losses. Leo asc- Religious teacher, astrologer, secretary, much earnings. Virgo asc– Fortunate in family, progress of father. Libra asc- father ill famed, poor, prostitute in young age. Scorpio asc– Marriage with much trouble, despair from elder brother. Sagittarius asc- Health of wise is not good, no happiness from job. Capricorn asc– Loss of children, diseased. Aquarius asc- mother may not be virtuous, troubles in education. Pisces asc– NO good relation with co born, may have step mother.

Jupiter posited:– wide and fatty body, respects god and Brahmins, Charming, fortunate, loves wife very much, good profession, good wealth, rare eloquent speaker, intelligent, learned, carrier in political and judicial, or medicine line, experimentative.  ( Aries asc- much wealth, spends for charity. Taurus asc– medium longevity and progeny, father in trouble. Gemini asc– Hurdles in profession, secret but honorably marriage takes place. Cancer asc- very happy, loss of children, fortune through marriage, diseases of the ear. Leo asc– Learned, good longevity, expert in art, at the end of Jupiter dasha sorrow, and troubles. Virgo asc– Marital dispute, loss of wife. Libra asc– Medium longevity, relation with Rahu, danger of accident. Scorpio asc- life threat at the age of 30, beautiful wife, happy marital life. Sagittarius asc– Learned, high position, fear of disease. Capricorn asc- problem with memory power, ups and downs in comfort with children, irresponsible father. Aquarius asc– good for education and wealth, long lived mother. Pisces asc- goof success in profession, death fear in child hood, co-born progress well.)

Venus posited: – Many wives, owner of gems and jewels, agriculturist, charitable, liked by relatives, likes animals, beautiful, learned, leader. ( Aries asc– enormous wealth, longevity of the couple affected, secret treasure. Taurus asc– Healthy, problem in urinary limbs, wound on face, all good results of Malavya yoga. Gemini asc– Good results after marriage, success in the business of  construction, motors, conveyances, beautifying materials, possibility of spending big share of income for charity. Hurdles regarding progeny. Cancer asc- mother’s happiness, financial benefits, and Venus dasha is not benefic. Leo asc– Mixed results. Virgo asc– Ancestral property goes to co-born, still he is suficiently rich, happy. Libra asc- Many benefic results, but health and longevity are not so.  Scorpio asc– Happy marital life but health of the wife is not so good. Sagittarius asc– Good health comes out of debts, still financial troubles now and then. If planets are weak health problems. Capricorn asc– much financial gains, good education, wise, more female Childs, hurdles in profession, good marital life. Aquarius asc- good parental bliss, conveyances, ceremonies. Pisces asc– Long lived, but no happiness from parents.)

Saturn posited: – Poor, Servant, Bad speech, untruthful, mean company, company of mean woman, foolish, engaged in many works. ( Aries asc– Little opportunities to earn, fear of death. Taurus asc– Enormous wealth, fame, un thinkable power and position, health ailments in child hood. Gemini asc– Indulges in extravagant expenditures and invites trouble himself, due to bad company may loose every thing, good longevity. Cancer asc– Earns through illegal means, fortune after marriage, beautiful wife, healthy. Leo asc– Many enemies make the life intolerable may go to hell, strong Saturn can give good profession progress in political, judicial, field. Virgo asc– No comfort from parents, progress by own effort, difficulty in progeny. Libra asc– Yogakaraka Saturn in bad position brings many troubles, problems in profession. Scorpio asc- marital dispute, company of bad woman, hurdles in progeny, sorrowful. Sagittarius asc- long lived, famous, financial problems now and then, healthy, earns by own efforts. Capricorn asc- weak Saturn gives no progeny but strong Saturn gives good progeny good earning and happy. Aquarius asc- Looses mother early, conjunction with Moon gives very good progress in family business.  Pisces asc- Good wealth, good longevity, if conjoined with Sun looses father in child hood. )


Varaha ( Bru.jaa)

Sun posited: – Expert in shastras and religion, Astrologer, wealthy, expert in mathematics, eloquent speaker, expert in political and moral science.

Moon posited:– lady’s man, expert in erotica, beautiful eyes, learned, curly hair, wise, humorist, glutton, expert in art, enjoys eunuch woman, diplomat.

Mars posited:- Bright person, male progeny but no comfort from them, no friends, favors in requital, expert in music, art, and warfare, miser, fearless, travel liking, beggar.

Mercury posited: – Expert in art and grammar. Intelligent, sweat speech, happy, dual mothers, likes beautification ornaments.

Jupiter posited: – Poet, sweat speech, virtuous, learned, having friends and children, discriminative, happy.

Venus posited: – Wealthy, kings servant, expert in Music and art, simple living, sweat speech, sweats liking.

Saturn posited: – Travels many countries, dirty, indulges in company of others wife, discomfort, untimely meals.

Ascendant in Gemini:– In first part of Gemini less or more limbs, speaks to the convenience of others, Vatha, Pitta, kapha body, dual mothers, respected by good people, wins over enemies, limited co born, brave, enjoys with many ladies, diseased, spoils own profit, danger of death due to poisonous reptiles. Mars, Jupiter, Sun are malefic, Venus, is benefic, Saturn neutral. Saturn with Jupiter spoils benefic Yogas.

Rahu ( ascending node) posited:- interest in yoga and musical instruments, good communicator.

Ketu ( descending node) Posited:- Good income, and respect, troubled by enemy, philosophical, intolerant.

Gulika posited:- Handsome, leader, company of good people, liked by king, virtuous.



Sun Posited: – Learned, sweat speech, good conduct, loves children much, good common trade knowledge, generous, orator, Astrologer, dual mother, fortunate, Modest. ( Aries asc– Valorous. Taurus asc- Eye diseases, loss of wealth. Gemini asc- Diseased, Fear of enemies, debt. Cancer asc- Loss of children, mean company. Leo asc- Fortunate father, Sun dasha gives good results. Virgo asc– Visits holy places. Libra asc– Fortunate. Scorpio asc– Short life. Sagittarius asc–   Virtuous wife, Sun dasha gives good results. Capricorn asc– Litigations, but final victory to the native. Aquarius asc- Only one son. Pisces asc– Limited landed property, medium education.

Moon posited :– high raised nose, black eyes, expert in art and poetry, libidinous, hedonist, wise, happy, orator, tall body, win over by ladies, bright body. ( Aries asc- extravagant spending, divorcee mother, waning Moon- bad effects get confirmed.  Taurus asc- Much accumulated wealth, Good longevity, Waning Moon- Troubles to co born, medium intellect, and harsh speech. Gemini asc– Healthy, Waning Moon- Diseased from child hood, checked progress. Leo asc- Honest earning, Waning Moon- Losses now and then, checked marital bliss. Virgo asc- .Position, earning through publication, speech, radio, etc. Moon dasha brings much good. Waning Moon- earns through bad means, mean mentality, addict, sorrowful. Libra asc- Visits holy places, gets ancestral property, Waning Moon- Dispute with father. Scorpio asc– Medium longevity, Waning Moon- short lived, checked progress. Sagittarius asc– wicked, quarrelsome, beautiful wife, Waning Moon- with Sun short lived wife. Capricorn asc– Diseased wife, (sexual diseases) waning Moon always diseased wife.  Aquarius asc- normal progress, Waning Moon- Progress becomes impossible. Pisces asc- Late progeny, first child is female, Waning Moon- childless.

Mars Posited:– bright body, comes out of sorrows, learned, political expert, expert in many art forms, skilful, likes foreign travel, virtuous, intelligent, Loves friends and children. Able. ( Aries asc- Mars dasha first gives good and then bad results. Taurus asc- loss of co born, diseased wife, and loss of landed property. Gemini asc- Cruel, always thinks to cheat, sorrow due to body pain. Cancer asc- Mean Company, thoughtless debts, Mars dasha loses eye, Saturn relation arrest. Leo asc- Unsuccessful in own business. Virgo asc– Changes the profession now and then, related to Mercury important person of the family. Libra asc- Diseased, short life, unfortunate, if female immoral. Sagittarius asc– extravagant expenditure, arrogant wife, sorrow in respect of children and wife. Capricorn asc– Rheumatic pain, litigations, final victory is of the native. Aquarius asc-  Loss of children, foolish. Pisces asc- Gets property from enemies and cousins, comfort from mother. )

Mercury posited: – bright and beautiful, sweat speech, eloquent speech, honorable, discards own happiness, dual marriage, still virtuous, argumentative, expert in Vedas and poetry. Independent nature, like by all, generous, skilful, many children and friends. ( Aries asc- more female children, extremely intelligent, father diseased. Taurus asc- Earns very much and saves also; Jupiter’s aspect from Sagittarius makes him poor. Conjunction with malefic is fatal. Gemini asc- Only Mercury is posited extremely beneficial, gives health, wealth, education, happiness, and makes him stubborn. Cancer asc– looses all that is earned, healthy. Leo asc- Honest earnings, always happy, more female children, famous. Virgo asc– Position with power, virtuous, astrology brings fortune. Many fold earning means. Libra asc– father unfortunate, progress in later part of the life. Scorpio asc– Good longevity, hurdles in education, slow progress. Sagattiarius asc– Virtuous wife, limited children, Mercury dasha gives progress and happiness. Capricorn asc– mixed results, hates religion. Aquarius asc- Wise, more female children, malefic elation mental disease. Pisces asc– Sorrow due to loss of father and wife.)

Jupiter asc- Rich, intelligent, expert, skilful, beautiful eyes, orator, poetic speech, helpful nature, kind, virtuous, honors elders and teachers. Poet. ( Aries asc– virtuous wife, major help from father, co born also help, Jupiter in Scorpio Navamsha is not benefic. Taurus asc- adds to ancestral property, benefic relation long lived, sexual diseases. Gemini asc– Jupiter dasha in child hood may be fatal, progress after marriage, if Jupiter is in ascendant blissful marital life. Cancer asc– Health, wealth and education are good. Saturn’s aspect gives much longevity to father, fear of enemies, debt, litigations, interest in religious organizations. Leo asc- Benefic Jupiter gives good longevity, fortunate children, coward, and health problem to wife. Virgo asc– Medium health, education and profession. Famous, Popular. Libra asc- Father may die early, 30th year may be death inflicting. Scorpio asc- checked Longevity, finacial problems, child less. Sagittarius asc–  20th year may be death inflicting; In Sun dasha Jupiter sub period may bring father’s death. Capricorn asc- Hurdles in profession, victory in litigations, firm financial position. Aquarius asc– late progeny. Pisces asc- Mother long lived, much landed property, success in business, 10th year may be death inflicting. )

Venus posited:- famous in shastras and science, beautiful, libidinous, intelligent poet, company of virtuous people, earns through music and dance, more number of permanent friends, devotee of god and teachers. ( Aries asc– less numbers of astakavarga points in Gemini shows death of sister, melodious voice, success in music and art, debacle now and then. Taurus asc– Venus alone cannot give much wealth, second part of Venus dasha is not good, debts, litigations, diseases. Gemini asc– Short stature, charming, scar on the face, intelligent, good longevity, enjoyment of riches. Cancer asc- Mother in trouble, native also faces many troubles, good progressive marital life. Leo asc– abundant wealth, high position in profession, happiness from children. Virgo asc– Continuous success in profession, much wealth but chances of loosing it, earning wife. Libra asc- Dual marriage, mixed results. Scorpio asc- Late marriage, sorrowful marital life, profession of prostitution, suffers from sexual diseases, savings impossible, and eye diseases. Sagittarius asc– wife indulges in extravagant expenditure and diseased, still marital life is peaceful. Capricorn asc– Litigation due to family property, debts, still good financial position. Aquarius asc– Fortunate, happy, learned happiness from children and father, mother. Pisces asc– Mother short lived, happy but faces troubles often, co- born is rich.)

Saturn posited:- Debts, chances of arrest, non virtuous, hard working, egoistic, spends life in singing devotional songs , likes live away from people. Libidinous, contemptible, likes travel and sports. ( Aries asc- During Saturn dasha faces many hardships, father involves in religious work and not helpful to the native, Taurus asc– good longevity, cannot save any thing, in debts, face humiliation. Gemini asc- Ugly, Mean company, hypocrite, defects in limbs, sorrowful. Cancer asc– No marital bliss, no comfort from father and mother, financial difficulties, mean company brings many troubles.  Leo asc- Saturn period brings enormous property and wealth, Bodily troubles. Virgo asc– often changes profession, gain and loss comes one after other. Sorrow due to wife. Libra asc- Rich by birth, fortunate. Scorpio asc- defective eye sight, limited children, no comfort from mother, ups and downs in education, If Jupiter in not benefic untruthful, hates sister, poor. Sagittarius asc– no marital bliss, looses wife early, wife suffers heart disease. Capricorn asc– Increase of disease, debts, and enemies. Aquarius asc– Saturn brings enormous wealth and fortune. Pisces asc– Highly learned, successful business man, faces trouble now and then, not brought up by mother.)

Now let us consider a horoscope , and try to understand how these results are applicable.

Tony Blair –Date of birth 6-5-1953, Time of Birth 6-10 Am. Place of Birth Edinburg, England.

Tony Blair

In this horoscope Sun and Mercury are in Aries, Jupiter and Mars are in Taurus and Ascendant is Taurus. Let us see what the results of these planets in respective signs and how much it is applicable to the native.

Sun posited: – Famous, person with subtle wit, likes travelling, less wealth, person possessing arms. (If advances further to his exaltation degree,) if within his exaltation degree – wealthy, served by armed people, famous and wise. ( Dundiraja says- equal to king, adventurer, wise, suffers from blood and bile related ailments. ) Sun posited: – learned in shastras, expert in art, likes war, capable, strong bones, virtuous, charming, doctor of poisons. ( Taurus ascendant- virtuous, spendthrift.)

Mercury posited:- likes gambling, borrower, additive, infidel, thief, poor, dishonest, wicked wit, fickle minded, glutton, cruel, helpless and quarrelsome. Mercury posited: – War liking, educated, hypocrite, expert in arts, weak body, looses wealth, possibility of arrest, some time takes firm decisions. (Taurus asc– limited progeny, no much progress, and devotee.)

Here we should note that the results given by Sun almost agree but nothing applies in respect of Mercury. Because here Sun is exalted and Mercury is very weak. More over we must remember above results are given without taking into consideration results of Stars, Houses, Divisional charts, Yogas etc and these will alter the result considerably.

Jupiter posited: – Honors Brahmins and god, wealthy, wise, wins over enemies, acts in haste.  Jupiter posited: – wide and fatty body, respects god and Brahmins, Charming, fortunate, loves wife very much, good profession, good wealth, rare eloquent speaker, intelligent, learned, carrier in political and judicial  or medicine line, experimentative. (Taurus asc– medium longevity and progeny, father in trouble.)

Mars posited:- limited wealth and happiness, more enemies, lives in others house, immoral, danger from fire, diseased, more female progeny.

Mars posited: – Glutton, little wealth, limited children, jealous, many servants, not believes any body, harsh speech, hates relatives; defame the family, expert in music, lustful man. (Taurus asc- Troubled by fever, sorrowful, dual marriage.)

Here both planets are equally strong and Mars is little stronger. Jupiter is not benefic to this Ascendant as well as Moon sign ascendant and in enemy sign.  So actually Mars should dominate and his results should be dominant in the native. But here it is not so. We see more of Jupiter’s results are seen in the native. It is because here instead of single planet’s result, combined results come into force and Jupiter especially gets more positional strength (in ascendant). So we have to apply Jupiter’s results and combined results. Let us learn more about this later. We must also bear in mind that here, we have not taken into account Star results and aspect, divisional chart  and Bhava results, yoga results into consideration which will change the results considerably.  But one should not think that these results are waste, these results will definitely give clue while judging the chart, and it is the responsibility of the Astrologer to know all results and judge logically and come to a conclusion.

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