Introduction to Vaasthu Shastra

Vaasthu shastra is an ancient Shastra related to Astrology. Today it has grown in all directions and has become a very big subject. As described in history of Vaastu shastra it is a shastra related to Five elements, 8 directions and positive energy flowing with it in nature. This shastra preaches us, how to build a dwelling place balancing the natures forces so as to bring peace, happiness, and progress. I will try to explain this, as I have learned it from my Gurus, keeping in mind the present day social and economic conditions.

I will publish them in the following chapters

  1.  Introduction, History,
  2. Selection of site ( Five elements.Directions, Places, site, soil testing)
  3. Construction ( various types of building, Interior)
  4. Lapses and Remedies.

If the readers are able get a small benefit out of it, I feel my effort is a small help to mankind.