We have discussed about Mras Sign, House, Aspect, Avastha results in Mars part-1. Now let us discuss about the results of Main and sub periods with Vimshottari as well as Kalachakra and Sudarshanachakra method.

Mars Dasha ( main period)Parashara:- Mars if strong, in exaltation sign, own sign, in quadrant, in Eleventh house, in second house, in benefic Navamsha and conjoined with benefic, gives gain of kingdom,power and position, Political status, Lands, Wealth, and popularity in politics. Mars gives Wealth from foreign land, vehicles, gain of ornaments, happy life and well being with coborns. Mars if strong in quadrent or third house gives earning through bravery, win over enemies and enjoyment with wife and children. But at the end of the main period there can be sorrow and troubles.

Mars posited in 6, 8,12th house, weak, in aspect to malefic, or conjoined with malefic, gives loss of wealth, and many troubles and sorrows.

Results of lords of Houses (Parashara):- Lords of quadrants and trines posited in benefic, friendly signs, in exaltation or own signs and strong give benefic results with respect to that house. Similarly if weak in 6, 8,12th houses, in debilitation or enemy signs, give bad results sorrow and trouble with respect to the house. That means Benefic as well as Malefic planets give good or bad results according to their position and relation with other planets.

Mars Main period –Mars Sub period:- Mars posited in quadrant, Trine, second, eleventh and third house or with lord of the ascendant gives wealth due to honor of king or government, gain of money, regain of lost kingdom, power, and birth of children. Mars strong, posited in exalted or Moola trikona sign, in own sign, or in own Navamsha, gives gain of house, wealth due to honor from king and gain of animals, (Cow). If Mars is the lord of second and seventh house, gives mental tension and pain in the body. Japa (muttering of prayers) of Rudra, giving in charity the red bull will bring you back the health.

Mars Main period –Rahu Sub period:- Rahu posited conjoined with benefic, in quadrant, trine, or in eleventh house, is exalted or in Moola trikona sign, gives honor from king, gain of landed property, house, happiness from children, gain in business, holy dip, foreign tour, etc. good results. Rahu conjoined with malefic or in aspect to malefic or posited in 8th, 12th, gives accidents, wounds, serpent bite and loss of animals. Rahu posited in second, gives loss of wealth, posited in 7th gives fear of death. Worshiping serpent god, giving meals to Brahmins, Japa of Mrutyunjaya are the remedies for this.

Mars Main period –Jupiter Sub period: – Jupiter posited in quadrant, trine, in exaltation sign, own Navamsha, in second house and in eleventh house, gives respect in society, honor from king, plentiful in grains and money, happiness, gain of landed property and enjoyment with wife and children. If Jupiter is in quadrant, trine, or in eleventh house from lord of the main period, or posited in ninth, tenth, fourth, and ascendant lords, or in benefic Navamsha, gives gain of landed property, house, good health, and fame. He gives animals, progress in business, profit, happiness from son, honor from king, and wealth.

Jupiter posited in debilitation sign, in 6, 8,12th house, conjoined with malefic, in aspect to malefic and weak, gives wrath of king, fear of thieves, and serpents, diseases of bile, trouble of ghost, loss of servants and co born. If Jupiter is lord of second house gives untimely death. Japa of Shivasahasranama, (Chanting in prayer of Shiva’s 1008 names) is remedy for this.

Mars Main period –Saturn Sub period:- Saturn posited in quadrant, trine, Moolatrikona, exaltation sign, own Navamsha, conjoined with lord of the ascendant, benefic, and in aspect to benefic gives, honor from king, fame, increase in wealth, plentiful grains, enjoyment with son and grandson and animal wealth. Saturn gives them mostly in Saturn’s months, and week days. Saturn posited in 8th, 12th in debilitation sign and in enemy sign, gives danger from foreign kings, loss of wealth, fear of arrest, suffering due to diseases and loss in agriculture. Saturn being the lord of 2nd and 7th, conjoined with malefic and in aspect to malefic, gives serious danger, fear of death, wrath of king, mental agony, fear of thieves, fear of fire, punishment from king, loss of relatives, difference in family, loss of animal wealth, fear of arrest, fear of death of wife and children. Saturn posited in quadrant, in eleventh, or in fifth house, from lord of the main period, gives foreign tour, loss of fame, indulgence in violence, loss in land dealings, loss of power, defeat, Urinary diseases and much suffering. Saturn posited in 8th 12th house, in relation to malefic, from lord of the main period gives, gives death, danger from king, fear of thieves, arthritis, danger from enemies and own people. Chanting of Mrutyunjya Japa is only remedy.

Mars Main period –Mercury Sub period:- Mercury in quadrant or trine gives the company of religious people, muttering of names or prayers of Ajapa( Hamsa), Charitable deeds, religious rituals, getting honored, negotiating abilities, sweets, conveyances, rich attires, animal wealth, position and power in kings court and gain in agriculture. Mercury posited in 6,8,12, debilitated, combust, gives loss of relatives, heart diseases, danger of arrest, trouble to wife and children, loss of wealth and animals. Mercury posited with lord of the Main period Mars, gives foreign tour, increase in enemies, many diseases, opposition of king and quarrel with relatives. Mercury posited in quadrant, trine, exaltation sign, from lord of the main period Mars, gives, fulfillment of ambitions, gain from multiple sources, honor from king, gain of kingdom, gain of ornaments, attires, Musical instruments, gain of higher position and power and debate on rituals. Gives gain of wealth to wife and children and grace of goddess Lakshmi. Mercury posited in 6,8,12th house from lord of the main period Mars, in aspect to malefic, or joined with malefic, gives insults, inclination to sinful acts, harsh speech, fear of thieves, fire accidents, fear of king, and unwanted quarrels. Mercury if the lord of 2nd or 7th gives intense diseases. Muttering the 1008 names of lord Vishnu and giving the horse in charity, is the remedy.

Mars Main period –Ketu Sub period :- Ketu posited in quadrant or trine, in third house or in eleventh, joined with benefic or in aspect to benefic, gives gain from king, gain of wealth, gain of land in the beginning of the period, and sufficient land gain after wards, gain of children, animal wealth, position and power.  Ketu joined with Yoga karaka and strong, gives children, fame, wealth, gain from servants, position of army chief, and friendship with king, religious work, gain of cloth and ornament. Ketu posited in 6,8,12th house from lord of the main period Mars, gives, quarrel, dental problems, sorrow from thieves, trouble from tiger, fever, diarrhea, leprosy, trouble to wife and children. Ketu posited in 2nd or 7th gives, loss of wealth, sorrow, insult, and disease. Remedy for this is not told. But depending on the sign in which Ketu is posited charity and muttering 1008 names of Ganapathi or Vishnu could be the remedy.

Mars Main period –Venus Sub period:- Venus posited in quadrant, trine, exaltation sign, own signs, be the lord of trine, be the lord of ascendant, or related to ascendant lord, gives kingdom, ceremonies, all round comforts and enjoyment. Venus gives vehicles, (elephant, Horse) attires, happiness to wife and children, glories of wealth and good fortune. Venus posited in 5,9,11,2 from Lord of the main period Mars, gives gain of land, wealth, House and by the favor of king leadership of the village. At the end of the Period, Venus gives enjoyment parties and holy dip. Venus related to tenth lord, gives building of tanks, religious activities and charitable deeds. Venus posited in 6,8,12 houses from lord of the main period, and related to malefic, gives agony, sorrow, loss of wealth, fear of thieves and arrest. Venus gives opposition from family, agony to wife and children, loss of animals, etc. bad results. Remedy for this ill effects is giving in charity cow or buffalo.

Mars Main period –Sun’s Sub period:-  Sun posited in quadrant, trine, exaltation sign, own sign, or related to the lords of tenth, eleventh house, gives gain of conveyance, honor, children, enhancement of wealth, good will prevailing in the family, good health, energy, honor by king, much gain in business and position in the kings court. Sun posited in 6,8,12 and related to malefic, gives extreme sorrow, suffering due to diseases, loss in the business, fever, headache, and diarrhea. Sun being the lord of 2nd or 7th, gives fever, fear of serpents, trouble due to poisons and bodily pain. Worshiping the Sun god is the remedy for this trouble.

Mars Main period –Moon’s Sub period: – Moon being waxing and posited in exaltation sign, own sign, quadrant, trine, or conjoined with the lords of these houses, gives, gain of kingdom, Promotion, attires and scents. Building of tanks, wells, shelter for cows, ceremonies, happiness to wife and children, good relation with parents and gain of landed property with the help from king. Moon posited in 6,8,12, debilitation sign, from lord of the main period Mars gives, extreme sorrow to wife and children, fear of death, fear of war, loss of property, wealth and animals. Moon being the lord of 2nd or 7th house gives untimely death, bodily pain and mental worry. Muttering the prayer or names of Durga or Lakshmi is the remedy for this.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Mars Sub-sub Period (Pratyantara dasha):- Danger from enemies, quarrel, Danger of death due to blood related diseases.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Rahu Sub-sub Period: – Destruction of kingdom and wealth, unworthy food, quarrel with enemies.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Jupiter Sub-sub Period: – Destruction of wisdom, agony, quarrel, failure in undertakings.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Saturn Sub-sub Period: – Destruction of master, agony, destruction of wealth, danger from enemies, anxiety, quarrel, sorrow.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Mercury Sub-sub Period: – destruction of wisdom and wealth, fever, loss of grains, ornaments, and friends.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Ketu Sub-sub Period: – agony due to diseases, laziness, untimely death, danger from king and arms.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Venus Sub-sub Period: – agony from mean people, sorrow, danger from king and arms, suffering due to diarrhea, vomiting, etc.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Sun Sub-sub Period: – Gain of property, increase in wealth, company of friends, contentment, all round happiness.

Mars Main period- Mars Sub period- Moon Sub-sub Period: – gain of ornaments of silver from south direction, all round happiness.

Mars Dasha (Main period) – Mars Antaradasha (Sub period) – Mars –Pratyantaradasha (Sub-sub Period)-Mars Sookshma dasha: – sorrow due to loss of property, danger of arrest, suffering due to leprosy, Sorrow.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Rahu Sookshma dasha: – Bodily pain, opposition from people due to disgrace, loss of wife and children, fear of fire accident.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Jupiter Sookshma dasha: – Devotion to god, mastery of a spell, affection of the people due to fame, happiness.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Saturn Sookshma dasha: – Release from arrest, gain of wealth, grains, attires and servants. Happy.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mercury- Sookshma dasha: – Honor from king through Chatra, Chamara, and breathing trouble.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Ketu Sookshma dasha: – indulge in sinful works, mean mindedness.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Venus-Sookshma dasha:-  company of loved woman, wealth, gain of food.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Ravi Sookshma dasha: – Opposition from king, agony due to Brahmins, defeat in undertakings, Blame from people.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Moon Sookshma dasha: – Mercy, kindness, gain of wealth, devotion in god and Brahmins, suffering due to diseases.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Mars Prana Dasha: – Fighting with enemies, danger of arrest, suffering due to blood and bile problems.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Rahu Prana Dasha:-  separation from wife and children, sorrow due to trouble from relatives, fear of death due to poisoning.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Jupiter Prana Dasha: – Devotion to god, gain of wealth, mastery of a spell.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Saturn Prana Dasha:- fear of fire accident and death, loss of wealth and position, love from relatives.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Mercury  Prana Dasha:-   glorious attires and ornaments, marriage.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Ketu Prana Dasha:-  danger of falling down, eye problems, fear of serpents, loss of honor.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Venus Prana Dasha:-  Increase in wealth, honor from people, many fold luxuries.

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Sun Prana Dasha: – suffering due to fever, insomnia, loss of wealth, opposition from king, poverty.  

Mars Dasha- Mars Antaradasha- Mars –Pratyantaradasha-Mars Sookshma dasha- Moon Prana Dasha:-  Good attires and food, suffering due to cold and heat.

In Moon part-3 I have explained the results of Kalachakradasha. Now let us study the results of Antaradasha ( Sub periods) of Kalachakradasha.

Aries Amasha Dahsa

Antharadasha of Mars signs:– Suffuring due to wounds and diseases.

Antharadasha of Jupiter, Venus, Mercury, and Moon signs:– all round happiness.

Antharadsha of Sun sign:- Fear of enemies.

Taurus Amsha

Antharadsha of Saturn signs:- Suffuring due to dieases and quarrel.

Antharadsha of Jupiter signs:- Progress in education, good health.

Antharadsha of Mars signs:-  Travel to far of place, fear of death, agony, suffuring due to fever.

Antharadsha of Venus, Mercury, and Moon signs:- Gain of ornaments, company of woman.

Antharadsha of Sun sign:-  fear of king and wild animal.

Gemini Amsha

Antharadasha of Venus:- Increase in wealth, gain of attires.

Antharadasha of Jupiter:- Progress in education, popularity, glory, very rich, loves people.

Antharadasha of Mars:-  Death of parents, danger, wounds, suffering due to fever, distant travel.

Antharadasha of Saturn:- Foreign travel, diseases, loss of relatives, loss of wealth.

Antharadasha of Mercury:- Success in education, gain of ornaments, happiness with wife and children, honor.

Cancer Amsha Dasha

Moon AntharaDasha: – Happiness from wife and children, increase in wealth, getting honored and popularity.

Sun’s Antharadasha: – Danger from king, enemies, and animals. Agony and fear of diseases.

Mercury and Venus Antharadasha: – Happiness from friends, wife and children, Increase in wealth, attaining fame, popularity and honor.

Jupiter Antharadasha: – Increase in wealth, bodily comfort, honor from king.

Saturn Antharadasha:- Sufferings due to windy problems, danger from poisonous creatures, all round agony.

Leo Amsha Dahsa

Mars Anthara Dasha: – diseases of the mouth, bile fever, danger from arms.

Mercury Anthara Dasha: – Gain of cloths, happiness from wife and children.

Moon Anthara Dasha: – Danger of falling down, little grains, travel to foreign land.

Sun Anthara Dasha: – Danger from enemies, Fever, Loss of wisdom, fear of death.

Jupiter Anthara Dasha; – Increase in grains and money, Philanthropy work by king and Brahmins. Increase in learning.

Virgo Amsha Dasha

Saturn Antharadasha:- Many fold troubles, distant travel, suffering due to fever, agony due to hunger.

Jupiter Antharadasha:- Gain due to philonthropic work of king, arrival of reltives and friends, success in education.

Mars Antharadasha:- Fever due to bile, fear of fire and arms.

Mercury-Venus-Moon Antharadasha:- Gain of wealth from children, and servants, Many fold happiness.

Sun Antharadasha: – Travel to far off country, fear of diseases, quarrel with relatives, and danger of getting hit by arms.

Libra Amsha Dasha

Venus Antharadasha:- increase in wisdom, comfortable life, happiness from wife and children, gain of wealth and ornament.

Mars Antharadasha:- Agony to father, quarrel with father, diseases of head, fever, fear of poison and arms.

Jupiter Antharadasha:- Gain of kingdom, increase of wealth, indulgence in religious works, honor from king, all round happiness.

Saturn Antharadasha:- Travel to far off country, chronic diseases, loss in agriculture, danger from enemies.

Mercury Antharadasha:- Gain of son and wealth, happiness from wife, all round happiness, fortune will come to door step.

Scorpio Amsha Dasha

Moon-Mercury-Venus Antharadasha:- Increase of grians and wealth in multiple ways, healing of diseases, many fold happiness.

Sun Antharadasha:- Fear of enemies, loss of wealth, agony to father, danger from wild animal.

Mars Antharadasha:- suffering due to bile and windy problems and wound, fear of fire and arms.

Jupiter Antharadasha:- Gain of grains, wealth, and gems, devotion to god and bramhins, gain from king.

Saturn Antharadasha:- Loss of wealth, seperation from relatives, mental scrimmage, fear of enemies, suffering due to diseases.

Sagittarius Amsha Dasha

Mars Antharadasha:- Diseases of heart, cold, fever, and mouth, many fold troubles.

Venus-Mercury-Moon Antharadasha:- Increase in property and wealth, fortune, progress in education, destruction of enemies, happiness from king.

Sun Antharadasha:- Loss of wife and wealth, quarrel, anger of king, distant travel.

Jupiter Antharadasha:- Religious and charitable works, honor from king, happiness from wife, increase in wealth, self control.

Capricorn Amsha Dasha

Saturn Antharadasha:- Anger of god, brahmins and king, loss of relatives, Leaving of own country.

Venus-Mercury- Moon-Jupiter Antharadasha:- Devotion of god, self restraint, honor from king.

Mars Antharadasha:- Head ache, accidents to hand and legs, diarreah, blood poisoning, excess of bile diseases.

Saturn Antharadasha:-Loss of father and relatives, Fever, danger from king and enemies.

Aquarius Amsha Dasha

Venus Antharadasha:- Achievements in many fields of education, gain of property, happiness from wife and children, good health, increase in wealth.

Mars Antharadasha:-  Suffering due to fever, fear of fire accident, danger from enemies, mental agony.

Saturn Antharadasha:- Suffering from bile, windy and plegum, quarrel, suffering due to tubercculosis, foreign travel.

Jupiter Antharadasha:- Good health, Happiness, honor from king.

Mercury antharadasha:- Happiness from wife and children, gain of wealth, happiness, and fortune.

Pisces Amsha Dasha

Moon antharadasha:- Educational achievements, increase in wisdom, happiness from wife, free from diseases, amusement parties with friends.

Sun Antharadasha:- Fear of thieves, opposition with relatives, mental agony, loss of position.

Mercury-venus Antharadasha:- Victory in war, gain of son, property, and animals, increase in wealth.

Mars Antharadasha:- Diseases of bile, oppostionfrom family, danger from enemies.

Jupiter Antharadasha:- Increase in grains and money, happiness from wife, honor from king, securement of fame and honor.

Saturn Antharadasha: – Loss of wealth, mental agony, leaving the own country due to companionship with prostitute.

These are the results given for Savya Chakra. For Apasavya Chakra also depending on dasha lord is benefic or malefic and strength good and bad results should be predicted. We will be able to understand if we closely study above results, they are predicted using the malefic or benefic nature of the planets and karakatvas of those planets.


(Bruhat Samhitha)

Hot faced: – If Mars becomes retrograde from the 7, 8,9th star from his rising star, he is considered Hot faced. This Mars brings trouble to the people whose lively hood is on firry work. ( black smith, Goldsmith etc.)

Ashru Mukha( Tears on face):- From the rising star in 10,11,12th star if Mars becomes retrograde, he is known as Ashru mukha. This Mars brings defective Rasa ( taste, circulation fluid, anything fluid in body), diseases, and draught.

Vyala Mukha ( wild animal Faced):- Mars from the setting star, in 13th or 14th star, becomes retrograde, known as vyala mukha. He brings trouble to the people from Dog, pig, like biting animals, poisonous creatures like serpant, and wild cruel animals. But brings plentifulness of grains.

Rudhira Mukha ( Red faced):- Mars from setting star, in 15th or 16th star becomes retrograde, is called Rudhira Mukha. He brings diseases of face and fear. But gives plentiful of grains.

Asimusala Mukha( long sword face):- Mars from setting star, in 17th or 18th star, becomes retrograde, known as Asikusala faced. He brings trouble from thieves, draught, danger from arms.

Results of Transit Mars in various Houses.

(Gochara Phaladeepika)

Mars in 1st house:-  Bodily troubles.

Mars in 2nd house:- Fear of king, Danger from enemies, disputes and litigations, excessive bile problem, fire accidents, theft, suffering due to diseases

Mars in 3rd house:-  Gain from thieves and children, position of power, wealth, wool clothes, gain in mines business.

Mars in fourth house:- Suffering due to fever, blood shed, danger from company of wicked.

Mars in Fifth house:- brings Enemity, anger, fear, sorrow from children and disease. severe weakness.

Mars in Sixth house:- Free from enemies, fearless, devoid of quarrels. gain of gold, corel, copper, etc, precious metals, lives with self respect.

Mars in seventh house:- Dispute with wife, quarrel, eye diseases, diseases of stomach.

Mars in eighth house:- Weakness due to flow of blood, loss of wealth, etc.

Mars in Ninth house:- due to Anemia loss of body strength, insult, loss of money.

Tenth House:- Gives good results regarding money, success etc.

Mars in Eleventh House:- Many fold wealth, success, position of power, happiness.

Mars in twelfth house:- Gives trouble due to many fold expenditure, accidents in many ways, oppostion of wife, excessive bile and eye problems.

Yavana Jataka

Mars in First house:- Danger from government, poisonous creatures and fire, wound from arms, loss of money, suffering from many diseases.

Mars in Second house:- Gives financial loss, loss of luxury.

Mars in Third house:- Gain of finance, Evolution of personality, happiness, good food, gain of gold.

Mars in fourth house:- Brings diseases of stomach, weakness, aging, mental agony.

Mars in Fifth house:-  Danger to the children, destruction of financial sources, trouble from enemy, severe chronic diseases.

 Mars in sixth house:-  Destruction of enemy, gain of dignity, and honor, gives good health, happiness, plentitude.

Mars in seventh house:-  Gives finacial weakness, seperation from friends, diseases of stomach, tuberculosis, sorrow.

 Mars in Eighth house:- Gives trouble from enemies, suffuring from poison, wound from arms, tuberculosis, many fold troubles, insult, mean living.

Mars in Ninth house:- Gives wound from arms, destruction of happiness, fidget, loss of wealth, endless mental agony.

Mars in Tenth house:- Many diseases, trouble from enemies, wound from arms, achievement at the end.

Mars in Eleventh house:- gives Fame and honor, Good period for sons, popularity, increase of copper and gold wealth.

Mars in Twelfth house:– dispute with enemies  and wife, anger, diseases of legs, bad dreams, insult, lobourious living.

Jyotisharnava Navaneetham

Mars in First house:- :- Gives suffering due to fever, wound through arms, enemity with wife and children, trouble from gost.

Mars in Second house:- Loss of enthusiasm, sorrow, loss in business, destruction, company of wicked  and fear.

Mars in Third house:- Gain of finance, bodily comfort, progress in business, gain of ornament and attire.  Increase in wealth.

Mars in fourth house:- Misfortune, fear, cruel behaviour, enemity with relatives, loss of finace, indulgence in sinful activity.

Mars in Fifth house:-  Suffuring from diseases, untimely meals, indulgence in sinful activity.

Mars in sixth house:-  Gain of attire, money and grains, happiness, indulgence in charity work.

Mars in seventh house:-  Deficiency of food and attire, insult by relatives, bad word, enmity with brother and children.

 Mars in Eighth house:- Backslash in distant travel and business, trouble in breathing, loss of position and place, brings suffering from debt. 

Mars in Ninth house:- wanting of attire, and good food, bodily pain, loss of position, opposition from people.

Mars in Tenth house:- Brings sorrow, suffering from diseases, scarcity of nutritious food, wondering from place to place due to work requirement.

 Mars in Eleventh house:- Good health, monetary gain, happiness, gain of ornaments, success in business, and courage.

Mars in Twelfth house:- Distant travel, suffering due to diseases, enmity with relatives, bodily trouble, aimless wondering.

Sundaranada Jyotisha Kavya

Mars in First house:- :- Waxing Moon( Natal) sorrow from co-born, increase in grains, success over enemies. Waning Moon- Failure in undertakings, trouble from enemies, depression, loss of finance and property, bile related diseases.

Mars in Second house:- Waxing Moon- Failure in undertakings, accidents, Waning Moon- Danger from animals, wild animals, gain of grains from enemies, fire accidents, suffering from diseases.

Mars in Third house:- Waxing Moon- availability of servants, enmity with relatives, gain of property with all sorts of hurdles, winning over enemies, Waning Moon- Monetary gain and gain of ornaments, happiness and comfort.

Mars in fourth house:- Waxing Moongain of property and vehicles, separation from mother, success in litigation, Waning Moon- Company of mean people, diseases of stomach, suffering due to fever, happiness and comfort.

Mars in Fifth house:-  Waxing Moon- Mental worry due to children, pilgrimage to place of Subramanya, visiting to southern holy places, Waning Moon- Fear of enemies, diseases, dispute with children, wasteful wondering.

Mars in sixth house:-  Waxing Moon- Honor, progress, success over enemies, surrendering of enemies, gain of ornaments. Waning Moon- Gives loss of honor, incidents of surrendering to enemies, pilgrimage, travel to south, and loss in grain trading.

Mars in seventh house:-  Waxing Moon- separation from wife, ill health of wife, trouble from enemies, incidents like leaving the home town. Waning Moon- Brings ill health to wife, expenditure in litigation, mental tension and fear of enemies.

Mars in Eighth house:- Waxing Moon- Gives purification of blood, trouble from enemies, mental tensions. Waning Moon- Gives Mental tension in spite of having all comforts of life, Disappointment and feeling of helplessness.

Mars in Ninth house:– Waxing Moon- Danger to life of father, loss of ancestral property, metal tension, wasteful wondering. Waning Moon- By the blessing of ancestors regain of property, monetary gain, tension due to children.

Mars in Tenth house:- Waxing Moon- Success in undertakings, gain of property and money, honor, pilgrimage to south. Waning Moon- Brings fear to speak out, and from enemies, sorrow from children, opposition from relatives.

Mars in Eleventh house:- Waxing MoonGain of finance from many sources, Good timely food, gain in agriculture, happiness, gain of milk products. Waning Moon- Gives decrease in energy and ability, suffering due to diseases, attack by arms, fire accidents.

Mars in Twelfth house:- Waxing Moon- Wasteful expenditure, diseases of eye, bile diseases, diseases due to excessive heat. Waning Moon- Mental agony due to children, loss in agriculture, travel to south.

Transit of Mars over other Natal Planets.

Sun:- This is not a good period. Gives fire accident, wound due to accident, fever, diseases and problem of heat body. If Mars is not combust gives honor and promotion in position. But life is full of conflicts, and without peace.

Moon: – Enmity with mother, indulging in cheating and lie, success in arms trade, company of others wife and gain from her.

Mars: – Full of enthusiasm and energy and supplementing it indulging in hard work. Success in sports. Do not join hands with rivals, start new business, but sufficient rivals come in your way.

Mercury: – Waverly mind, success in small business, gives job of cooking in others house. But Mercury in quadrant gives marriage, happiness and comfort. Gain in trade of medicines, and chemicals. Company of wicked may force you to indulge in cheating. Have to face trouble due difference of opinion. Keep tolerant which is helpful.

Jupiter:-  Positive change in behaviour, success over enemies, higher position and honor. earning through many sources, learning of astrology, incantation, wizardry. Government helps through agents when in trouble. Good health, all round progress.

Venus:- hastiness, emotional clash, increased sexual desire, using rough methods for this, trying emotional blackmailing, separation from wife, illegal relationship, cheating, unfounded blame.   

Saturn:- Necesity to use descretion with responsibility, and following it. Misunderstanding with brothers. Rising of new enemies. Gives troubles, diseases of wind and bile. Death of relatives, theft, robbery, loss of ornaments, and money. Do not give surety to anybody. You must be very careful and tolerant.

Rahu:- Indulgence in the business of your liking. interest in sports, incresed sexual desire, help from brothers. improvemnt in living.

Ketu:- Desire to gain the position of power by hook or crook. Loss of honor because of this. loss of job. deficincy of followers in politics. It is the time to be very careful and tolerent. ( ingathered by Dr.pulippani)

Sudarshana Chakra Dasha(Parashara)

Form three circles around a center point. Using twelve lines form 12 compartments in each circle as follows.



Here signs are represented in anticlock wise. ( Like North indian style charts) In the inner most circle note ascendant as done in north indian style charts. In the next outer circle, Place the Moon sign in ascendant place and other signs and planets from that sign like north indian style. In the next outer circle, Place the Sun sign in ascendant place and other signs and planets in north indian style accordingly. For example the chart on 25-4-2017 at 8 AM. Bangalore is represented as below.

Here ascendant, Moon, and Sun signs are considered as ascendant. Other houses are counted anticlockwise from that sign as in North Indian charts. Here same subject is considered from all these three ascendants. Here Sun is considered benefic in Ascendant and malefic in other houses. Other malefic planets are considered benefic in own house and exaltation signs. Other astrological considerations like aspect, conjunction, etc. are considered as per astrological principals. Result of any sign without planet is considered from the lord of that sign and his strength etc. as per normal astrological rules.  Benefic planet when placed in more malefic (enemy, debilitation etc. signs) signs in divisional charts its benefic nature gets reduced. Similarly malefic planet if placed in benefic signs or exaltation signs in divisional charts its malefic nature gets reduced. Here all the twelve signs are considered in total and results should be predicted finally.    In the above chart Longitude of the planets, the sign in which they are posited are as follows with respect to Ascendant. .

Plnt Asc Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Sgn Taurus Aries Pisces Taurus Aries Virgo Pisces Sagittarius Leo Aquarius
Deg 11 10 21 8 2 22 4 3 7 7
Min 20 59 28 26 57 01 32 24 15 15


In the above chart position of the planets in Houses with longitude is as follows with respect to Ascendant.  

Plnt Asc Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
House Taurus 1 12 11 1 12 6 11 8 4 10
Deg 11 10 21 8 2 22 4 3 7 7
Min 20 59 28 26 57 01 32 24 15 15

Lords of the signs where in planet is posited in the Seven divisional charts, is as follows.

Division    Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Sign Mars Venus Venus Mars Mercury Jupiter Jupiter Sun Saturn
Hora Moon Sun Moon Sun Sun Moon Sun Sun Sun
Drekkan Sun Mars Venus Mars Venus Jupiter Jupiter Sun Saturn
Saptamsh Mercury Saturn Jupiter Mars Jupiter Venus Jupiter Mercury Jupiter
Navamsh Moon Saturn Jupiter Jupiter Moon Sun Venus Mercury Jupiter
Dwadashamsh Sun Mars Sun Sun Venus Mars Satrun Venus Mars
Trimshamsh Jupiter Saturn Mercury Mars Saturn Venus Mars Saturn Saturn

Lords of houses with respect to Seven Divisional Charts is as follows.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 House No


Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Sign
Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Hora


Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Drekkan
Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saptamsh
Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Navamsh
Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Dwadashams
Mercury Venus Mars Jupiter Saturn Saturn Jupiter Mars Venus Mercury Moon Sun Trimshamsh


If we go through above tables, we find that Sun is posited in friendly signs in more divisional charts. So he has become neutral. Moon posited in more enemy signs in divisional charts. So though he is benefic, he becomes neutral. Mars posited in more benefic signs in divisional charts. So though malefic, becomes benefic. Mercury even though benefic posited in more malefic signs in divisional charts. So becomes malefic. Jupiter posited in more malefic and enemy signs. So though benefic, becomes malefic. Venus posited in two own signs, and in enemy signs in other divisional charts. So though benefic becomes neutral. Saturn posited in more enemy or malefic signs. So he becomes more malefic. Like this we have to decide the nature of all the nine planets

When ascendant sign, Moon sign and Sun signs are one and the same; prediction should be on the basis of Natal chart. When all three are different signs, then only prediction should be according to the Sudarshana Chakra.

First all the twelve houses should be judged properly. In above horoscope, in ascendant Mars, in Moon sign ascendant, Moon and Venus, in Sun sign ascendant Sun and retrograde Mercury are posited. That is five planets are in ascendant. So ascendant is strong. Out of these five planets three are neutral and one is benefic and one is malefic. So ascendant is sufficiently benefic. Second house contains Mars, Sun, and Mercury. Second house is also somewhat benefic. In third house Mars is posited hence benefic. In fourth house Rahu and Gulika are posited hence malefic. In fifth house Jupiter, Rahu and Gulika are posited hence malefic. In sixth house Rahu and Jupiter are posited hence malefic. In seventh house Jupiter is posited hence neutral. In eighth house Saturn is posited hence malefic. In ninth house Saturn is posited hence malefic. In tenth house Saturn is posited hence malefic. In eleventh house Moon, Venus and Ketu are posited hence benefic. In twelfth house Sun, Mercury and Moon are posited hence benefic. Like this all the twelve houses should be first judged. Next according to the karakatvas of the houses and planets posited in it results should be predicted.

Starting from ascendant sign 12 signs get one year main ruling period and one month sub period. That is in the span of twelve year all the sign lords become lords of the ruling period twice except Sun and Moon. In one year all the sign lords become lords of the sub period twice except Sun and Moon. First ruling period is that of the ascendant sign lord and his own sub period. Similarly at span of two and half days each sign lord becomes the lord of pratyanthara dasha.  Sookshma dasha is of two and half ghatis. That is in twelve years, in twelve months in thirty days, in one day, in thirty Ghatis, all twelve signs lords become lords of the ruling period, sub period or sookshma period. In any Ruling period 1, 4,7,10, 5, 9, 8 signs if contain benefic that year becomes prosperous to them. If these signs contain Rahu or Ketu only that year becomes troublesome to them. Benefic if posited in houses except 6, 12th give good results. That is benefic posited in any house except 6th and 12th from the desired house; good results with respect to that house can be expected that month or that year. From ascendant 3,6,11 houses contains malefic, that year good results regarding those houses can be experienced that year. Here Main period, sub period, and Sookshma periods are counted according to Savana month (Sun Month that is Aries, Taurus etc.)

Let us take the horoscope of Shri Tippu Sulthan to study it in detail. He dies on 4-5-1799 get defeated in Shrirangapattan war.

Yogi-Rahu; Avayogi-Venus; Combust signs-Cancer, Sagittarius; since the horoscope contains longitude of the planets I am not giving longitude table.

Sudarshana Chart of Comes like this.


TIPU SULTHAN Sudarshana Charta click here.

Dasha Visshottari click here

Dasha-2 Vimshottari and Sudarshana dasha. click here

In this Chart seven divisional charts planetary lords of the sign (Dispositor) is as follows.


Division     Sun Moon Mars Mercury Jupiter Venus Saturn Rahu Ketu
Sign-Natal Mars Moon Venus Venus Mars Venus Mars Mars Mars
Hora Mercury Mars Mars Venus Mars Venus Mercury Sun Sun
Drekkan Mars Jupiter Venus Saturn Mars Mercury Jupiter Jupiter Mercury
Saptamsh Mercury Moon Venus Saturn Venus Jupiter Sun Jupiter Mercury
Navamsh Mercury Jupiter Mars Jupiter Mercury Venus Mars Mars Venus
Dwadashamsh Saturn Mercury Mars Venus Mercury Moon Mars Saturn Moon
Trimshamsh Mercury Mars Mars Mercury Saturn Mercury Jupiter Mars Mars

Ascendant is sagittarius. Moon sign ascendant is Cancer. Sun sign ascendant is Scorpio. Rahu, Moon, Sun, Saturn are in ascendant. Ascendant and Moon sign ascendant are combust signs. Rahu eventhough Yogi headding towards debilitation sign. Venus is avayogi posited in eleventh house.

Moon who is benefic posited in own house is in two divisional charts poisted in malefic signs, in two divisional charts in own sign( Vargottam) In three divisional charts in benefic signs and in quadrant to Jupiter causing Gajakesari Yoga.

Lord of the ascendant Jupiter is retrograde, Maraka ( death inflicting). Jupiter is in aspect to Badhaka Mercury, 6th lord Venus, and 12th lord Mars. So Gajakesari Yoga has become non operative. Moon is in 8th House from natal ascendant. So though the Moon is benefic ascendant is neutral.

Second house is Capricorn, Leo and Sagittarius respectively. Here Rahu is posited. Jupiter is aspecting Leo and Sigattarius. Rahu being natural, is in three benefic Vargas and four malefic Vargas. So second house is afflicted.

Third house is Aquarius, Virgo and Capricorn respectively. No planet is posited here. Saturn and Moon are aspecting Capricorn. Aquarius and Virgo have no aspects. So Third house is weak and afflicted.

Fourth house is Pisces, Libra and Aquarius respectively. Mars, Mercury and Venus are posited here. Mars is in Simhasanamsha( in four swavargas) and in three benefic vargs. Since Mars is also the lord of 5th house, he is strong and benefic. Mars is in aspect to Jupiter and Ketu. Pisces and Aquarius have no planets and no relations like aspect. Mercury is in five benefic vargas and two malefic vargas. He is the lord of the 7th and 10th house. He is also Maraks and Bhadhaka. He is posited in friendly sign. So he is benefic. Venus is avayogi, posited in own house the11th house, 6th and 11th lord. he is posited in  Three own vargas, and four benefic vargas. So inspite of lord of malefic house he is benefic. So 4th house is strong and benefic.

Fifth house is Aries,Scorpio and Piseces. Retrograde Jupiter, Saturn, and Sun are posited here. Jupiter is in aspect to beneifc as well as malefic. He is in four malefic vargas and three benefic vargas. He is in friendly sign. He is lord of the ascendant. So neutral. Saturn is posited in enemy sign. He is in four malefic and three benefic vargas. He is posited in 12th house. So he is malefic.  Sun is lord of the 9th house posited in friendly sign in 12th house. He is in three malefic and four benefic vargas. So Sun is neutral. So fifth house is also neutral.

Sixth house is Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aries. Rahu and Jupiter are posited here. As detailed above Jupiter is Neutral and Rahu is malefic. Rahu is in aspect to Jupiter. So Rahu and sixth house can be treated as neutral.

Seventh house is Gemini, Capricorn, and Taurus. Ketu is posited  here. Ketu is in five benefic and Two malefic vargas. No other relation. So Ketu and seventh house is benefic.

Eighth house is cancer, Aquarius and Gemini. Moon and Ketu are posited here. As detailed above They are benefic. So Eighth house is strong and benefic.

Ninth house is Leo, Pisces and cancer. cancer is combust sign. Moon is posited here. So ninth house is benefic.

Tenth house is Virgo, Aries and Leo. Retrograde Jupiter is posited here. So Tenth house is neutral.

Eleventh house is Libra, Taurus and Virgo. Mars, Mercury and Venus are posited here. Since all the three are benefic eleventh house is benefic.

Twelfth house is Scorpio, Gemini and Libra. Sun, Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Ketu and Gulika are posited here. Mars, Mercury, venus and Ketu are benefic. Sun is neutral. saturn is melefic. So Twelfth house is strong and benefic.

On 4-5-1799 if we cast the Sudarshana Chakra, we can find that Sagittarius, Cancer, Scorpio Main period is running for Tipusultan. That is ascendant Dasha and Rahu, Moon, Saturn and Gulika posited there. ( 1-1-1) Virgo-Sagittarius-Pisces Sub period( 10-6-5 Houses) and Rahu posited there. Aries-Libra-Libra Pratyanthara dasha (Sub-Sub period) (5-4-12, Mars, Mercury, Venus posited there) Capricorn-Capricorn-Capricorn Sookshma dasha. (2-7-3-nil)Aquarius-Aquarius-Aquarius Prana dasha (3-7-4-nil) is running.

Here we should remember that though ascendant Dasha is running but, Jupiter and Rahu are not benefic to the native. Two ascendant signs are combust signs.  Sixth house Dasha is running from Moon and again Rahu is posited there, who is weak and malefic. Antharadasha is somewhat good. But no planet is posited in next two stages of dasha. More over lord of those Dasha is Saturn who is not benefic to the native and posited in 12th house. This brings him defeat and danger to the life. If we cast the transit Sudardhana Chakra for 4-5-1979 we get clearer picture.


Transit click here

Here Sagittarius Dasha is ascendant dasha. Rahu posited in Ascendant is transiting over trine position. Cancer Dasha is ascendant dasha from the Moon.  Lord Moon is along with Rahu and Death inflicting planet (2nd Lord) Sun. This induces more killing power to Rahu. Sun sign ascendant Scorpio is ascendant dasha from Sun. Sun, Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Gulika are posited in 6th house from here. Mercury is 8th lord for this ascendant and posited with Rahu who is in death inflicting.  He is transiting in 7th house from natal Mercury. Mercury is also transiting over 7th house from his natal position. So we can see that ascendant is open to more death inflicting influences. We can also notice that Sub and further periods up to Pranadasha are of the signs death inflicting, 8th or 12th signs. More over respective planets are transiting in trine, quadrant or in aspect positions.

Now according to Vimshottari Dasha Mars-Mercury-Mercury-Venus periods. Mars dasha Mercury Sub period results (see above) show it is hard time to the native. Mars is giving the results of 12th house. Next sub period lord Mercury is death inflicting and Badhaka for Mars. Sookshma period lord Venus is 8th lord from main period lord and posited with Dasha lords. So the native undergone much insult and finally died.