Mars Part-1

What is planet in Vedic astrology? I have explained the difference between planet and Graha in Sun part-1. So let us directly try to understand the astronomical details of Mars.

  • Mars is 141 million miles away from Sun. He is 48 million miles away from Earth.
  • Mars rotates round the Sun in 6971 days. He takes 24Hrs 39 Minutes 35 seconds to rotate in its own axis. That is Mars day. He takes average 2 years to complete one round (12 signs.)
  • Surface temperature of the Mars is 87 Deg. Celsius.
  • Mars is inclined to its axis 19 degree.
  • Mars Radius at center is 3,396.20 K.M. half of Earth.
  • Surface of the Mars is made of Brown dust ( ferric oxide.)
  • Mars has two small satellites namely Phoboes and Daimoes.
  • Mars’s average speed is 24.077 KM /sec.
  • Mars ecliptic is declined 850 degree to Earths ecliptic. He intersects Earths ecliptic at 49.55 degree at upper point.
  • Mars is the next smallest planet of the solar system after Mercury. His Polar suface is covered with ice. It it melts it can submerge whole Mars in 11 Meters of water.

Retro grade diagram of Mars from 2003 to 2018.

Mars when becomes retrograde he remains so till 72 days. He comes very near to Earth once in 60,000 years. He will come very near to earth in 2208. His precession is 1.52 Radian, Arc/sec.per year.

Symbol, of Mars. It represents Soul and Material ( Vastu)

Karaktvas of Mars and its lordship.

  • Incarnation- Narasimha.
  • Lordship over veda- Samaveda
  • Lordship over Stars-Mrugashira, Chitra, Dhanistha.
  • Karaka For – Vigor, strength, Consiouness.
  • Karaktva in Ruling- Commander in chief.
  • Colour- Blood red
  • Metal- Gold and brass.
  • Ruling Diety-Subramany.
  • Varna( Duty)- Kshatriya ( warrior)
  • Triguna- Rajo guna, Tamasa Guna- Cruel.
  • Body- Hot temered, red eyes, cruel mind, fickle, generous, bilious, large body, Medium body.
  • Body part- Bone marrow.
  • Mars uses- Punishment.
  • Abode- Agrahara (Place where Brahmins reside).
  • Boundary in India- From Krishna River to Shrilanka.
  • Lord ship over time- One day.
  • Lord ship Over Gems- Corel,
  • Taste- astringent, Bitter.
  • Period- Greeshma season, Dark Half of the month, Night.
  • Living area- Forest, Hill, Mountain.
  • Lordship over plants- Plants which give Astringent fruits.
  • Lordship over Elements- Fire. (Tejas).
  • Body Parts, Lordship- Eye, Foot, Vyanavayu( Blood circulation, Movement of energy, Heart) Manomaya( Anger, Courage, Jealousy, Revange) Thirst, sweat, lazyness, unconcious state, sleep, Charm,figure.
  • Cloth- Red, soil color.
  • Lordship Over living beings- Quadruped.
  • Lordship over Materials- Metal.
  • Rising Pattern- From hind.
  • Seeing Pattern- Seeing east.
  • Exaltation sign and degree- Capricorn, 28 degree.
  • Debilitation sign and degree- Cancer, 28 degree.
  • Moola trikona- Aries 0-12 degree.
  • Own house and degree- Aries 12 to 30 degree and Scorpio.
  • Natural friends- Sun, Moon, Jupiter.
  • Natural enemies- Mercury, Saturn.
  • Natural Neutrals- Venus.
  • Condition- Child.
  • Aspect- 4,7,8th house, and upside.
  • Results fructfing age- 28 to 32 years.
  • Diseases Given by Mars- All acute fevers, Brain fever, Puerperal fever (Fever occurs to mother within 42 days after delivering the child), Haemorrhage Typhoid, Malaria, Small-pox, Chicken-pox, Erysipelas (Contagious Skin Disease), Measles, Mumps, Inflammatory complaints, Burns – Sun burn & burn from the fire, Fistula, Wounds, Cuts, Ulcer in the intestines, Hernia, Plague, Ruptures of capillaries (blood vessels), Abortions, Bleeding, Boils, Carbuncles, Appendicitis, Muscular rheumatism, Tumour, Septic poisoning, Tetanus, Muscular & genital disorders, Cancer – Blood, Bone Marrow, Brain Tumour, Head injuries – Through accidents, Disease & Operations – Head, bladder, private parts, prostate glands, genitals, & rectum.

Mars in Mythology:- According to shivapurana, once Lord Shiva is peeking into deep penance, three drops of sweat falls on the earth from his fore head. One beutiful boy comes out from it. This boy has four arms and reddish in color. Lord Shiva then gives out this boy to mother eath to bring him up. So he was named Bhauma. When Bhauma grows up he goes to Kashi and indulges in penance. After deep penace Lord shiva gets pleased by his penance and offers him Mangala Loka. (World of Mars). Then the he becomes famous as Mars.

It is said Mars is born in Avanthi on Akshaya Samvatsara, Shravana, Shukla Truyodashi in Purvashada Star, in Bharadvaja Gotra, with four hands and Red colored. In Planetary diagram for worshiping he was given Southern direction. Kartikeya the son of Shiva is his genius loci (Adhidevate).

According to Ganesha Purana, Hiranyaksha once takes away the earth and hides it in deep sea. Then Lord Vishnu comes in Varaha (Pig) incarnation and brings out the Earth. Then Mother Earth wishes to marry him. The Lord Vishnu gets pleased and changes himself into a beautiful male, and lives with her for one year. The Mars is the son born to this couple.

Alternative names Given to Mars: – 1. Mangala 2. Aara 3. Vakra 4. Krura 5. Avineya 6. Kuja 7. Bauma  8. Lohitanga 9. Papi 10. Kshitija 11. Angaraka 12. Kruranetra 13. Ksharaksha 14. Kshitinadana 15. Dharaputra 16. Kusuta 17. Kuputra 18. Maheya 19. Gotraputra 20. Bhuputra 21. Kshmaputra 22. Medinija 23. Bhusuta 24. Avanisuta 25. Nandana 26. Mahija 27. Kshoniputra 28. Ashadabhava 29. Raktanga 30. Angirasa 31. Reta 32. Kona 34. Skanda 35. Kartikeya 36. ShaDanana 37.Subramanya.


Features of Mars:- Red color, four hands, Trident, Mace, Lotus, and Spear, are his weapons. His vehicle is red Goat.

His phylactery contains Lotus in a circle.

ವರ್ತುಲದಲ್ಲಿ ಕಮಲ. Phylactery

Numen of Mars: – Bhoodevi. His deity is Skanda. His Adhi devathe (deity) is Subramanya.

Results of Mars in various stars are given by modern astrologers. But they are not quoting any ancient saints from whom it was culled. So it may be the results of their experience. So may not be universal truth. So I am not giving them here. Results of Mars in various signs and houses are given before. I am just ingathering them for reader’s convenience.

Results of Mars in Varius Signs.

Aries Varaha ( Bruhat.Jataka)

Honored by king, travel liking, wounds on body, sensualist, thief, earns through trade, adventurist, respects others.

Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

Charming, truthful, brave, war liking, officer, happy, charitable, cruel. (Aries asc. – fatigue, normally good. Taurus asc- debts, wasteful expenditure, loss of property. Gemini asc- acquires land, home etc, help from co-born, if afflicted bad children. Cancer asc- acquires moveable and immoveable property, officer in military or police, earns through cattle, and animals trade. Leo asc- difference with father, wealthy, misfortune. Virgo asc- many debacles, economic progress impossible, if Venus is benefic marital bliss. Libra asc- Wealthy, marital problems. Scorpio asc- Trouble from enemies, debts, health problem. Sagittarius asc- good progress, unhappy in respect of children and land. Capricorn asc- away from mother, mother lives long, wealthy, hurdles in education. Aquarius asc- grabs the property of co-born, or lose them, brave. Pisces asc- good results, troubles in family life. )

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

In Ketu’s Stars:- Mental diseases, Qurrelsome, Blood pressure.

In Venus Star:- Diseases of secret parts.

In Sun’s Star: Anemia.

In Aries:- Insomnia, Brain fever, Inflamation in Brain, Congestion in the brain, Kidney failure.



Varaha ( Bruhat.Jataka)

Limited wealth and happiness, more enemies, lives in others house, immoral, danger from fire, diseased, more female progeny.

Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

Glutton, little wealth, limited children, jealous, many servants, not believes anybody, harsh speech, hates relatives; defame the family, expert in music, lustful man. (Aries asc- loss of children, many defects in wife. Taurus asc- Troubled by fever, sorrowful, dual marriage. Gemini asc- trouble due to debts, enemies, sexual diseases, loss of wife and limbs, if afflicted fear of arrest. Cancer asc- Earns much wealth by illegal means. Leo asc- Position, happiness, luxury. Virgo asc- Medium wealth, father sorrowful because of him. Libra asc- Child less, Looses wife early, fear of accident. Scorpio asc- Good marital life, wife health may be of concern; if Venus is strong health of the wife are good but financial losses. Sagittarius asc- Dispute with children, debts, litigations, expenditure. Capricorn asc- many fold progress, wealth, diseases of stomach, if female abortions. Aquarius asc- dispute with mother much landed property, little education. Pisces asc- average life.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

In Moon’s Star:- Skin diseases.

In Mrugashira:- Healthy.

In Taurus:- Diptheria, Thyroid problems, Thyroid inflamation, Contraction of Trachea, Measles, Pimples, puss in it, Breathlessness, Prostate gland problems, inflammation of secret parts, excessive mensuration, Pain in throat muscles, Inflammation of Throat and Esophagus.



Varaha ( Bru.jaa)

Bright person, male progeny but no comfort from them, no friends, favors in requital, expert in music, art, and warfare, miser, fearless, travel liking, beggar.

Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

Bright body, comes out of sorrows, educated, political expert, expert in many art forms, skillful, likes foreign travel, virtuous, intelligent, and Loves friends and children. Able. (Aries asc- Mars dasha first gives good and then bad results. Taurus asc- loss of co born, diseased wife, and loss of landed property. Gemini asc- Cruel, always thinks to cheat, sorrow due to body pain. Cancer asc- Mean Company, thoughtless debts, Mars dasha loses eye, Saturn relation arrest. Leo asc- Unsuccessful in own business. Virgo asc- Changes the profession now and then, related to Mercury important person of the family. Libra asc- Diseased, short life, unfortunate, if female immoral. Sagittarius asc- extravagant expenditure, arrogant wife, sorrow in respect of children and wife. Capricorn asc- Rheumatic pain, litigations, final victory is of the native. Aquarius asc- Loss of children, foolish. Pisces asc- Gets property from enemies and cousins, comfort from mother. )

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Mrugashira( 3rd and 4th Quarter):- Itching, Blood pressure, Heart diseases.

Rahu’s Star:- Suicidal tendency, Over libidinous, Diseases of bones, Diseases of brain.

Jupiter’s star:- Healthy.

IN Gemini:- Pneumonia skin diseases, Sun stroke, wound due to falling, Paralysis, Cough problems, Wounds, Fracture of hand and shoulder, Diarrhea due to bile, Inflamation of nerves, Inflammation of the lung tissue, (Bronchitis), Blood with cough, ( TB or cancer of Lungs) Lower back pain, Bone diseases.  

CANCER Varaha( Bru.jaa)

Wealthy, earning though travel on water, Knowledgeable, limbless, person with vices. (Dundiraja- stays in others house, miserable, goosey, dispute with females.)

Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

Stays in others house, defective limbs, Diseased, Earns through agriculture, enjoys good food and riches in child hood, success in job related to aqueous matters. Suffers sorrow and violence. (Aries ascendant– Looses mother early or stays away, little enjoyment. Taurus ascendant– Diseased wife loses co-born, courageous, litigation for property. Gemini ascendant– poor, loss of wife, position and honor. Facial diseases. Cancer ascendant– Ugly, expert in sculpture, planetary positions bring bodily troubles, Brain tumor, foolish, mean companionship. Leo ascendant– Poor, but relation with Saturn give good wealth gives Raja yoga. Virgo ascendant– Small family, lives away from elder co-born due to money matters. Libra ascendant– Troubles in job front, no permanent job, and misuses ancestral property. Scorpio ascendant– Enjoys parental bliss, good fortune, no good relation with co-born, suffers from piles. Sagittarius ascendant– short life, childless, spends due to companionship of rogue and vagabond. Capricorn ascendant– wife had weak body, sexual diseases, suffers losses often, no good relation with anybody, Aquarius ascendant– scary cat, and hurdles in job front, irreligious. Pisces ascendant– worry about progeny, penurious behavior, if female abortions.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Jupiter’s Star:- Healthy.

Saturn’s star:- Suicidal tendency, wound to head, bone diseases.

Mercury star:- Mental diseases.

In Cancer:- Angina pectoris, enlargement of heart, irregular beating of heart, Cell inflammation of the heart, Muscle Cramps, chicken fox, hot blood, breaking of blood vessels.  



Varaha (Bru.Ja)

Poor, sorrowful, travels in forests, limited progeny. (Dundiraja- bliss from wife and children, wins over enemies, brave, immoral behavior, inconsistent in work.


patience less, valorous, eye on others property and children, likes forest living, cow meat, first wife will die, progeny affected due to killing of animals, and reptiles, charitable, efficient at work. (Aries ascendant– trouble for progeny, if any bliss from children. Taurus ascendant– Trouble in education, gains landed property, hard knocks. Gemini ascendant– Normal results, diseased father, native will not help father. Cancer ascendant– Wealthy, honorable, good job or business, family troubles, problem in getting progeny. Leo ascendant– Bodily trouble, Mars period gives good progress. Virgo ascendant– Mars period brings loss of limbs, malefic in Leo gives arrest, debts, dishonor from government insult, miserable end. Libra ascendant– fortune after marriage, no marital bliss. Scorpio ascendant– Medium body, financial ups and downs, heart problem, little progress in education. Mars period gives good progress. Sagittarius ascendant– no parental bliss, difference with relatives, ear problem. Capricorn ascendant– loses wife or no marital bliss, short lived, debts. Aquarius ascendant– rich wife, no marital bliss. Pisces ascendant– raja yoga gets nullified in Mars period, if related to Rahu defects in limb.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Ketu Star:- Mental diseaes, Qurrelsome, blood pressure.

Venus star:- Diseases of secret parts.

Sun’s star:- anemia, according to the position of the planet body part may get diseased.

Leo sign: – as Cancer sign.

Virgo Sign


Varaha (Bru.Ja)

Felicitated by people, renowned, expert in yajna and yagas, happiness from female and landed property, friend less, helping others.

Kalyana Varma ( Saravali)

Honorable, lustrous, not rich, Lech, likes music, soft and sweat speech, many expenditures, not much valorous, learned, fear of enemies, kenspeckle ribs, learned in Shastra’s, expert in arts, particular about attire, ornaments and bath. (Aries ascendant– Diseased, Diminished longevity, poor, in debts. Taurus ascendant– if female sexual diseases, abortions, delivery after surgery, if related to Mercury twins, dispute in marital life, quarrelsome. Gemini ascendant– may lose ancestral property, no higher education, fear of accidents. Cancer ascendant– much progress in trade, if Mars is weak no progeny. Leo ascendant– dual marriage, much ancestral property, if Mercury is debilitated loose it. Virgo ascendant– Diseased, many troubles. Libra ascendant– Loose wife, sexual diseases, financial loss. Scorpio ascendant– Eldest son earns much by bad means. Sagittarius ascendant– writer, relater, only one good child, and Mars period brings fame. Capricorn ascendant– no parental bliss, good education, much landed property, if Saturn and Venus are not well posited luck not help always. Aquarius ascendant– sorrowful diminished longevity. Pisces ascendant-Mars period will bring dispute in marital life, possibility of divorce or death.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Sun’s star:- anemia,

Moon’s Star:- Skin diseases.

Mars Star:- egoistic, wicked thoughts.

In Virgo:- diarrhea, inflammation in stomach, Typhoid, diseases of stomach, hernia, Cholera, appendicitis, worms, Diarrhea, inflammation of the intestine.



Varaha (Bru. Ja)

puppet in hands of female, have friends and relatives, cruel nature, libidinous, having the knowledge of magic, good actor, fearful, no friendly nature, ( Dundiraj- much expenditure, defective limbs , suffers due to friendship or from female or due to land dealings.)

Kalyana verma (Saravali)

likes wondering, indulge in bad business like liquor, prostitutes and incur loss, good speaker, fortunate, defects in limbs, few relatives, fond of wars, loose first wife. (Aries ascendant– imbalance in marital life may lose wife early. Taurus ascendant– disputes in marital life, chronic diseases, inimical to all, spend for immoral acts. Gemini ascendant– Delayed progeny, female suffers from menstrual disorder. Not chaste. Cancer ascendant– Rajayoga, good position, more female issues. Leo ascendant– No good results in Mars period, loss of co-born, litigations. Virgo ascendant– Poor, suffer adversities, no marital bliss. Loose wife, Libra ascendant– no physical comforts, urinary disorders, dispute with mother, hurdles in education. Scorpio ascendant- poverty, spend all that is earned, for evil purpose. Lack of understanding with co-born. No debts. Sagittarius ascendant– Gain through females, one male issue, rich, independent business. Secret relation with another lady. Capricorn ascendant– confers fortune, high position, wealthy, owns weapons, loss of progeny, angry and sometimes soft. Aquarius ascendant– father a bad mash tries for spiritual success and fail. Pisces ascendant– demotion, loss of honor, litigation, no much financial prosperity, but gets loan in need. )

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Chitta star:- Healthy

Rahu star:- Suicidal tendency, Over libidinous, Diseases of bones, Diseases of brain.

Jupiter’s star:- healthy.

Libra star:- Kidney stone, failure of kidney, inflamation of kidney glands, Typhoid, inflammation of bladder, Brain fever, Sunstroke, Headache.  



Varaha (bru.ja)

Honored by king, ambulatory, commander, wounded body, money through trade, libidinous, (Dundiraja– danger from fire, poison, weapons, happiness from wife and children, friend to king, wins over enemies.)

Kalyana Verma (Saravali)

Attached to trade, interest in Vedic knowledge, leader of thieves, skillful, interest in war, sinful, indulge in crime. Betray enemies, not hesitate to kill, unhelpful, have landed property, wife and children. Troubled by poison, fire, wounds. Gossipmonger. (Aries ascendant– faces ups and downs, financial emergencies, loses, no marital bliss, if Venus is not favorable loose wife. Taurus ascendant– Natives spouse may bring fortune, Gemini ascendant– difference with elder co-born, lucky to father, spends on vices. Cancer ascendant-Mars period is bestowing good results regarding land, position, real-estate, etc., but native suffers in the front of children, health, fiery person, if Mars in good navamsha native is an author on chemistry, surgery etc.  Leo ascendant– abundant landed property, if afflicted enmity with mother, hurdles in education, if Ketu joins very best result in professional front. Virgo ascendant– Native is wealthy, have landed property, one younger brother. Libra ascendant– reduced longevity if Jupiter aspects, Venus or Saturn can save, Scorpio ascendant– Wounded body, especially on head, two wives, good health, occasionally suffers, Sagittarius ascendant– Unhappy with children, miser, unhappy marriage, not loyal to marital life. Capricorn ascendant– high education, landed property, wealthy, wide fame, no enmity, famous children but short lived. Aquarius ascendant– High position, affluent, learned, famous. Pisces ascendant– no paternal bliss, earn well, and happy in life.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Jupiter’s Star:- Healthy.

Saturn’s star:- Suicidal tendency, wound to head, bone diseases.

Mercury star:- Mental diseases.

In Scorpio:-Fever with red blain, excessive menstruation, inflammation of vagina, inflammation of ureter, enlargement of prostate gland, Ovarian abscess, lumps in sperm filament, piles, rheumatism in ovum, Inflammation of the kidneys, inflammation of bladder, inflammation of Larynx, habit to diatribe.




Varaha (Bru.ja)

Many enemies may be a king or Minister, famous, fearless, limited progeny. (Dundiraja– owner many vehicles, enemies, diseased body, friend ship with virtuous woman, travel liking.)

Kalyana Verma( Saravali)

Many wounds, emaciated, harsh speech, artistic, warrior, have vehicles, disliked by relatives, happy with hard work, not honor elders, and loss of happiness due to anger. (Aries ascendant– Famous, enjoy position, unfortunate regarding mother and co-born. Mercury and Moon can guard off. Taurus ascendant– good longevity if Saturn and Jupiter are strong and benefic. Stout wife, life may be miserable. Gemini ascendant– miserable married life, should marry after 30 and after Mars period to guard off the evil. Short lived, brothers may betray. Cancer ascendant– achieve high position, fear of fall from it, many progeny if Mars aspect Jupiter or Moon, mental diseases, financial losses. Leo ascendant– Sons are brave, and honorable, bring name to him, posthumously famous, while living no much enjoyment, If Sun aspects may be in political filed, or high official with respect and enjoyment. Virgo ascendant– unusual sexual enjoyment, co-born attached to mother, mother short lived, or face marital discord. Libra ascendant– long lived, great help through in laws. Scorpio ascendant– wealthy, face affliction of sight, teeth etc., looks younger than what he is. Sagittarius ascendant– weak body with wounds, face accidents, fail in spiritual attempt, expense on litigations, no marital bliss. Capricorn ascendant– yoga’s become defunct, ever suffers miseries, if not helped by Venus. Aquarius ascendant– similar results as Capricorn, little better in later part of life. Pisces ascendant– lucky in all respects, rich, enjoys conveyances, landed properties, respectable.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Ketu Star:- Mental diseaes, Qurrelsome, blood pressure.

Venus star:- Diseases of secret parts.

Sun’s star:- anemia, according to the position of the planet body part may get diseased.

Sagittarius:- pain in waist, tearing pain in knees, fever of intestine, fracture in waiste, boils in thigh, Pneumonia, Bronchitis, cough problems.  




Abundant wealth, many children, king or king like, (Dundiraja- brave, enjoys sexual pleasure, hates relatives, have wealth and riches.)


Wealthy, happy, has excellent disposition, famous, Army chief or king, good wife, success in war, lives in own country, be independent, virtuous. Likes different procedures. (Aries ascendant– high professional success and fame, long life, huge paternal inheritance. Taurus ascendant– Curtailed longevity and sickness for father if Saturn not aspects, progress after marriage. Gemini ascendant– Mars period brings litigations, loss of money, displacement etc. sickly wife, strained marital relation, landed property by debts. Cancer ascendant– Good raja yoga but spouse will die early. Leo ascendant-Gains through cousins may have to face enemies, wounds to father, high education with hindrance, long living mother. Virgo ascendant– loss of children, gain through brothers and friends, live long if Mercury and Saturn are strong. Libra ascendant– Good financial condition, fortunate spouse, high learning, abundant landed property. Scorpio ascendant– Meager benefits, high physical stamina, suffer many diseases. Sagittarius ascendant– many female children, substantial monetary gain, Irascible, lack of happiness. Capricorn ascendant– wealthy but not happy, short tempered, not virtuous, after other woman. Aquarius ascendant– will have all paraphernalia but face occasional down fall, high expenditure. Pisces ascendant– fear of theft, loss of wife, huge gains.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Sun’s star:- Anemia.

Moon’s Star:- Skin diseases.

Dhanistha star:- Repeated ill health.

In Capricorn:- Rheumatic fever, boils on the body, pricking pain, wool-sorters disease, severe itching, Eczema, smallpox, Psoriasis, Measles, pimples, Scabies, wound with blood, stomach ulcer.


Faces sorrow always, bereft of money, vagabond, lair, cruel nature, (Dundiraja- impolite, always diseased, hates relatives, wicked, many children and sorrow from them.)


Devoid of affection and purity, look like old person, die bad death, jealous and vengeful person, un truthful, afflicted speech, loose wealth, ugly, much hair on the body, lose money in gambling, miserable profession, fond of liquor, unfortunate. (Aries ascendant– unending miseries, one elder brother. Taurus ascendant– hindered education, accidents by falling or by conveyances. Loss of children, gain through wife, for female- heavy expenditure, menopause at unusual age. Gemini ascendant– no good relation with brothers or elders. Unlucky and unhappy. Cancer ascendant– curtailed longevity, miseries, and limited children. Leo ascendant– Highly libidinous, spouse character suspect able, but fortunate. Virgo ascendant– Good longevity, healthy, win over enemies, dispute with co-born. Libra ascendant– Delayed marriage, lack of happiness and separation from wife. She may be sexually cold. Scorpio ascendant– abundant landed property, good learning, and high debts. Sagittarius ascendant– Miserly and cunning, grab wealth of co-born. Hearing defect. Capricorn ascendant– Good earning but financial loses, loss of children. Aquarius ascendant– Active, irascible, unhealthy, and profligate. Pisces ascendant– loss of paternal wealth, high expenditure.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Dhanista Star:- Healthy.

Rahu star:- Suicidal tendency, Over libidinous, Diseases of bones, Diseases of brain.

Jupiter star:- Healthy.

In Aquarius:- Posioning of blood, fracture of knee, vericose veins, unc, swoon, clotting in veins, hot blood, fainting, irregular heartbeat.



VARAHA (Bru.ja)

Addicted to vices, wicked, cruel, the affected, lives in foreign land, friend ship with wicked.


Diseased, indifferent children, live in foreign land, insulted by relatives, lose all wealth, by cunning and cheating disposition, depressed, miserable, disrespect elders and Brahmins, un kind, fond of praises, be famous. (Aries ascendant– all kinds of miseries, danger of drowning. Taurus ascendant– Dual marriage, gains by unfair means, Gemini ascendant– no good relation with employer, checkered carrier, Cancer ascendant– lack paternal bliss, earn through watery products. Leo ascendant– Inherit money through father, spend away the major, lack of maternal bliss, strained education. Many hurdles, Face many diseases. Virgo ascendant– Mars period is danger to wife, frequent miseries and misfortunes. Libra ascendant– diseases of digestive organs face penury in Mars period, If Mercury in Virgo raja yoga. Scorpio ascendant– may lose children, often unhappiness. Sagittarius ascendant– Mothers character questionable if Jupiter is not well placed, Short living mother. Capricorn ascendant– Brave, fraternal loss, face wrath, unhappy. Mother attached to co-born. Aquarius ascendant– May loose wife or children, Raja yoga but heavy expenditure. Pisces ascendant– Mars period in child hood inflicts death, later it is raja yoga, lack of physical comforts.)

Diseases Mars Can Give ( Collected)

Jupiter’s star:- Healthy.

Saturn’s star:- Suicidal tendency, wound to head, bone diseases.

Mercury star:- Mental diseases.

In Pisces:- fracture or wound in foot, inflamation in hallux, paining in foot , foot disorder, inflammation of intestine, Hernia.

Note:- Diseases given by Mars is based on Westrn astrology. Here Though Stars are named, it only condiders Star lords. Veda Jyotisha gives the diseases on the basis of Dahs-Bhukti and sub periods. There body parts prescribed to stars are also condidered. They are based on Ayurveda. More over instead of one planet combination of planets are considered. So it is very essential to take a through view, before applying  the diseases given above.


Ascendent Varaha(Bru.Ja)

Wounds on body, loss of wife and children, diseases of head and eye. Hurdles in work, sorrow, active, terrific to enemy.

Mantreshvara ( Phaladeepika)

Longevity gets diminished, defects in limbs, cruel, adventurous.

Vaidyanatha Dixitha( Jataka Parijata)

Vagabond, diseased, fickle mind.

Kalyanavarma (Saravali)

Honorable, courageous, charming body, danger from wood, fire, and weapon, interested in others spouse, company of mean people, sinful, diseases of blood. Punishment from king, opponency with father. Egoistic, expert in music. If female- many blood related diseases, divorced from spouse, unfortunate, egoistic.

SECOND HOUSE Varaha-(Bruhajjataka)

Lofty gains, inferior food, happy in accumulation of money rather using it. (Dundiraja- poor, base friends, infidel, heartless, hate every one.)


Ugly, devoid of education and money, company of wicked people.


Travels due to Agriculture and metal related business, angry.


No wealth, happiness of family, bad food, unkind, bitter attitude, base friend ship, poor, no chaste in work, truthful, unlearned.


Wise, brave. ( Narayana Bhatta-( chamatkara chintamani)- potent, happiness from co-born, breach of penance, Dundiraja–  King, good house, and happiness, generous,  potent, wealthy, happiness from brothers.)

PHALADEEPIKA( Mantreshvar)

Virtuous, Rich, courageous, devoid of brothers, happy, unconquerable.  

PARIJATHA( Vaidyanatha dixith)

Famous, potent, Good customs.

SARAVALI( Kalyanavarma)

Courageous, unconquerable, devoid of co-born, happy, virtuous, and famous.



Varaha (Bru.ja)

Have happiness, relatives, and house. ( Narayana bhatta– happiness from relatives and friends, enjoy with wife and children, placid mood, special officer of the king, very rich, Pretentious, quarrelsome, famous, loved by woman, devotee of preceptor and god, humble, healthy, without enemies, Dundiraja– gain from liquid trade and agriculture, have good wife, children, conveyance. Devotee of Brahmins and God.)

PHALADEEPIKA (Mantreshvar)

Devoid of friends, land, conveyance, mother and happiness.

JATAKA PARIJATA (Vaidyanatha Dixit)

No relatives, slave to wife, brave.

SARAVALI (Kalyanavarma)

Devoid of conveyance, riches and comforts of life, lives away from relatives, miserable, lives in others house, worried.


Childless, Money less, (Narayana Bhatta– Good digestive power, cannot tolerate hunger, sinful, ebullient mind, children will take birth and all die. Dundiraja– disquietness, troubled by vata and cough, no happiness of wife, friend, and children, disturbed mind, at the time of delivery of son many people are there)

MANTRESHVAR( Paladeepika)

Unhappy, childless, face misfortunes, weak minded.


Cruel, habit of wandering, restless, daring, unrighteous, wealthy, and voluptuous.


Unhappy, devoid of wealth, and sons, fickle minded, talebearer, sinful, wicked. Distressed, mean.


Strong wins over enemies. (Narayana Bhatta-fearful to enemies, king, or minister, ingenious, Son of maternal uncle unhappy, even if lose money, earn back. Famous among the race, handsome, respects noble people, humble, virtuous. Dundiraja– strong, strong digestive power, furious, likes relatives.)

PHALADEEPIKA( Mantreshvara)

Libidinous, Wealthy, Famous, King, wins over enemies.

JATAKA PARIJATHA( Vaidyanatha Dixit)

Have landed property, destroys enemies, good digestive power, strong, wealthy, fame, success, happiness. Glad.

SARAVALI (Kalyanavarma)

Oversexed, good digestive power, handsome, tall stature, powerful, paramount among race.


Ladies show indifference. (Narayana Bhatta– troubled by enemies, destruction of male/female. Obstruction in marriage, trouble in trade and travel. Lively hood in foreign country, brave, Philanthropist, wife, bad mannered and quarrelsome. Dundiraja– faces wrath in marital life, faces sorrow, bodily trouble, troubled by enemies in trade and business, worried.)


Diseased, Travel liking, Loss of wife.

JATAKA PARIJATHA (Vaidyanatha Dixit)

Quarrelsome, Warmonger.

SARAVALI (Kalyanaverma)

Loss of wife, Diseased, Company of base people, sorrowful, Lacks wealth, much bothered, pale face.


EIGHTH HOUSE Varaha (Bru.Ja)

Limited children, dim eyesight, (Narayana Bhatta-Spoils the benefic results of other planets, gives bad results, best friends become enemies, obstacles in the work. Dundiraja– Eye diseases, defective limbs, blood related diseases, sinful, brick bated by virtuous and learned. )

PHALADEEPIKA (Mantreshvar)

Defective limbs, poor, short lived, people brickbat the native.

JATAKA PARIJATHA (Vaidyanatha Dixit )

Simple attire, wealthy, officer.

SARAVALI (Kalyanavarma)

Diseased, short-lived, ugly, defective limbs, sinful acts, sorrowful.



VARAHA (Bruhajjataka)

Damned, results like Sun. (Narayana Bhatt:-Fortunate, wealthy, charming, cruel mind, no elder brother, small profit in work, buffoon. Dundiraja– likes Violence, gets honor in hobby, gains money, and little wealth, and lacks fortune.

PHALADEEPIKA( Mantreshvar)

Friend of king hated by people, His father a murderer.

JATAKA PARIJATHA( Vaidyanatha Dixith)

By following crooked ways hurts parents, but in other respect famous.

SARAVALI( Kalyana Verma)

Devoid of workability, hateful nature, cruel, vicious, sinful act, honored by king.



VARAHA (Bruhajjataka)

Happy and brave. (Narayanabhatt– celebrates many ceremonies, have many servants, achieves goal by self-effort, even if born in low race, becomes famous and brave. Dundiraja– Equal to the king in bravery and wealth, glad, adventurer, philanthropic, has good attire and gems.)

PHALADEEPIKA (Mantreshvara)

Cruel king, Generous, praised by paramount.

JATAKAPARIJATHA (Vaidhyanath Dixith)

Multi potent, wealthy, and famous. Multi potent, wealthy, and famous.

SARAVALI (Kalyana Verma)

Efficient, Brave, Undefeatable, service with leaders, have children, happy, courageous.

ELEVENTH HOUSE Varaha (Bruhajjataka)

Wealthy (as Sun) (Narayana Bhatt– fearful to enemies and children, cruel face, renowned in valor. Abundant animal wealth, gain in trade. Dundiraja– accumulates copper, silver, gold red clothes, beautiful conveyance. Due to favor of king enjoy lustful life.)

PHALADIPIKA (Mantreshvar)

Wealthy, happy, have life of comfort, virtuous, brave.

JATAKA PARIJATHA (Vaidyanath Dixit)

Intelligent speech, charming, Rich, valorous.

SARAVALI (Kalyana Verma)

Virtuous, Happy life, courageous, has grains, children, and wealth.

TWELFTH HOUSE Varaha (Bruhajjataka)

Same as Sun. ( Narayana Bhatta– expenditure, wound on the body, may get killed by enemy,  becomes victim of false blame, fear of theft, danger from Lion, Tiger and serpents, sorrow from servants. Dundiraja– enmity with friends, angry, defective limbs, more expenditure, diminished charisma)

Phaladeepika (Mantreshvar)

Eyesight problem, cruel, devoid of wife, mean person, sinner.

Jataka Parijatha (Vaidyanatha Dixit)

Revengeful attitude, devoid of wife and money.

Saravali (kalyanaverma)

Diseases of eye, fallen, kills wife, slanderer, cruel, gets insulted, and gets imprisoned.

Note:- Why there is difference between the results given by different stalwarts? I have disussed it while discussing the results of houses. I will not repeat them here again. But carefully watch the diseases given for malefic houses. Compare them with Karakatvas of signs. Similarly compare them with diseases given for Avasthas. You will find the relation between and the body parts asigned to them.

Results of aspect to Mars

Mars in Aries-Scorpio in aspect to Sun: – knowledgeable, soft speech, talks in accordance with grammar, classic. Devotee of father and mother, rich, minister, generous.

Mars in Aries-Scorpio in aspect to Moon: –   Addicted to woman, brave, unkind, destroys enemy.

Mars in Aries-Scorpio in aspect to Mercury: – Livelihood through prostitute, ingenious, steels other’s property.

Mars in Aries-Scorpio in aspect to Jupiter: – Royal race, wealthy, angry, enjoys kingly treatment, friendship of thieves.

Mars in Aries-Scorpio in aspect to Venus: – attracted to banquets, visits pilgrimage for woman, indulges in holy work.

Mars in Aries-Scorpio in aspect to Saturn: –   rejected by friends, loses mother, weak body, fakery in family, jealous.

Mars in Taurus-Libra in aspect to Sun: – weak longing for sex, likes to live on forest, hilltop. Angry.

Mars in Taurus-Libra in aspect to Moon: – dispute with mother, fear for war, and mate ship with many woman,

Mars in Taurus-Libra in aspect to Mercury: – Semanticist, quarrelsome, impertinent fellow, little money, charming.

Mars in Taurus-Libra in aspect to Jupiter: –   loves relatives, much wealth, fortune, likes music and dance.

Mars in Taurus-Libra in aspect to Venus: – Fit to be praised, minister, commander in chief, very happy.

Mars in Taurus-Libra in aspect to Saturn: –   famous, noble culture, wealthy, good friends, semantic, leader of village.

Mars in Gemini- Virgo in aspect to Sun: – learned wealthy, strong, likes to live in forest, hill, and fort.

Mars in Gemini- Virgo in aspect to Moon: – protected by king, likes woman, happy, virtuous.

Mars in Gemini- Virgo in aspect to Mercury: – lippy, scholar of mathematics, poetry, lair, speaks to the tune of the listener, herald.

Mars in Gemini- Virgo in aspect to Jupiter: –   travels in foreign land, faces trouble due to that.

Mars in Gemini- Virgo in aspect to Venus: – enjoys attire and food. Womanizer, Prosperity.

Mars in Gemini- Virgo in aspect to Saturn: – very brave, impure, lazy, pastime in fort, forest, hill.

Mars in Cancer in aspect to Sun: –   diseases of bile, courageous, position and power to punish, respects the virtues of life, (brilliance)

Mars in Cancer in aspect to Moon: – Diseased, mourns for the lost things, imposter, not virtuous.

Mars in Cancer in aspect to Mercury: – friend less, small family, sinful, evil mind, addict,

Mars in Cancer in aspect to Jupiter: – Minister, honorable, virtuous, generous, front liner among famous persons.

Mars in Cancer in aspect Venus: – continuous loss of money, unending troubles.

Mars in Cancer in aspect to Saturn: – endowed with grains and water, charming, money through the king.

Mars in Leo in aspect to Sun: – helps the loved one, troubles the enemies, pastime at forest, hill, and creeks.

Mars in Leo in aspect to Moon: – corpulent body, cruel, devotee of mother, skillful in own work, virtuous.

Mars in Leo in aspect to Mercury: – scholar in poetry, sculpture. Hunk, skillful worker, fickle mind,

Mars in Leo in aspect to Jupiter: – Virtuous, friend to king, commander in chief, respected by all, proficient in learning.

Mars in Leo in aspect to Venus: – egoistic, charming, wealth, attached to many woman.

Mars in Leo in aspect to Saturn: – servant, sorrowful, looks like over aged, poor.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Sun: – likes to live in forest, hill, and fort, cruel nature, respected by many.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Moon: – Savant, astrologer, hates the king, quarrelsome, hates everybody, wise.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Mercury: – knowledgeable, scholar in sculpture, virtuous, skill full in all arts, humble.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Jupiter: – worry about wife or woman; quarrel with enemies, loose position.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Venus:-Generous, womanizer, good attire, fortunate.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Saturn: – Lusterless, travel liking, sorrowful, busy in others work.

Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius. In aspect to Sun: – have wife, children, and money happiness. Black colored, cruel nature, great valiant,

Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius. In aspect to Moon: –   Good attire, no comfort from mother, loses position, lives in foreign country, fickle mind, have father, generous.

Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius. In aspect to Mercury: –   soft spoken, earns though wondering place to place, brilliant, fearless, wicked.

Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius. In aspect to Jupiter: – Good longevity, favored by king, virtuous, wealthy, likes relatives.

Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius. In aspect to Venus: – Fortunate, enjoys and riches, business minded.

Mars in Capricorn-Aquarius. In aspect to Saturn: –   money through kings favor, sorrow from woman, very clever, knows intricacy of religion, hard worker, likes war.

Results of Avasthas of Mars

Avastha Result
1.Shayana Diseased by wound, skin disease, itchiness.
2.Upavesha Strong, sinner, untruthful. Away from own religion, learned, wealthy.
3.Netrapani Posited in other than ascendant, leader of city, in ascendant poor.
4.Prakashana Virtuous, progressive, honored by king, along with Rahu accident, in 5th house, loss of wife and children.
5.Gamana Traveler, wound, lesion, feared, quarrel with wife, skin diseases, loss of wealth.
6.Agamana Virtuous, wear gems and sword kills elephant, loss to the relatives.
7.Sabhayamvasthi Exalted-war expert, religious, wealthy, in 9th devoid of education, in 12th devoid of wife and children, in other houses –savant in king’s court, very rich, respectable, charitable.
8. Agama Irreligious, diseases of ear, pain, cowardly, company of wicked.
9.Bhojana If strong, have Cates, Lewd deeds, lack of privilege.
10.Nrutyalipsa Money, house, gems from king, always ornate.
11.Kautuka Humorous, have children and friends, if exalted-honored by king and learned.
12.Nidra Angry, lack of wisdom and money, Rogue, diseased, irreligious.

Results of Mars in Conjuction with other planets in Various houses( Garga Hora)

First House

Mars+Mercury Easily cheats others, eloquent speaker, likes to live in foreign country, Evil thoughts.
Mars+Jupiter Hard hearted, less children, works in amusement field, likes bad deeds.
Mars+Venus Phlegmy constitution, indulged in wasteful work, Cheat, ungrateful, childrens are valorous, unsuccessful business men.
Mars+Saturn Indulges in sinfulwork, indocile, harsh speech, cruel.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter  Humility, profit from foreign land, famous, loves family.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Broad eyes and face, neatly arranged hair, soft speech, truthful, helps in need.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Pro unjustice, disobeys law, wicked wife, limited children, butcher.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Good natured, virtuous, have wealth and children, devotee of god and brahmins.
Mars+Jupiter+Saturn Phlegmatic nature, follows wicked woman, suffers hunger, slanderer.
Mars+Venus+Saturn Strange body, cruel, Seamless behavior, enemy to own people, confused person.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Have vehicles and children, interested in scripts, destroyes sinners, famous, pure hearted.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Foolish, have windy and phlegmatic constitution, loves preceptors, devoid of self respect.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Fierceful thinking, tall body, curly hair, saint, devoid of virtues, suffers skin diseases.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Bald head, fearless, educated, black coloured, unholy.
Mars+Merrcury+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Earning money is main motto, knowledgeable in scripts, self restraintful, kind.


Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Second House

Mars+Mercury Destruction of wife and money. Insult, diseases, devoid of virtues, Devoid of regards in relatives.
Mars+Jupiter Diseased, devoid of intelligence and virtues, limited children, quarrelsome.
Mars+Venus Good artist, Pro justice, fearless, beautiful.
Mars+Saturn Wealthy, have money, grains and Gems. Limited children, untruthful.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Devoid of wealth and morals, wicked, loves other’s wife, vagabond, sex-starved.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Agriculturist, Justice is the moral, drives bullock cart, much animal wealth, and many friends.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Very much angry, loves meat and arms, tormentor, wasteful expenditure, brings sorrow to own people.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Expert artist, just, performs sacrifices, fearless, beautiful.
Mars+Jupiter+Saturn Good attires and amusement parties, eloquent speaker, loves the company of ladies and scriptures, wealthy, beautiful.
Mars+Venus+Saturn Loves Brahmins, valorous, expert in politics and kings work, tolerant, all round happiness.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Business with foreign countries, honest earning, have tanks, and gardens, indulged in king’s work.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Virtuous wife, beautiful body, loves virtuous, have grains, money, and wealth.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Abundant grains, knowledge of scriptures, happy, leader of poets, righteous.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Little angry, interested in scriptures and friends, adventurous.


Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Third House

Mars+Mercury Philanthropic, attractive body, beautiful hair, capable, all kinds of wealth.
Mars+Jupiter Virtuous, fearless, kind, glorious life, truthful, pure heart.
Mars+Venus Expert artist, virtuous, loves visiting shrines, good behavior, righteous.
Mars+Saturn Devoid of diseases, equal to king, influential, officer in kings court, defeats enemies.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Strong body, lacks noble feeling, visits shrines, charitable, valorous, loves virtuous.
Mars+Mercury+Venus All round happiness, likes ladies, truthful, great person, kings servant, lacks greed.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Happy, progressive, wealthy, have vehicles, kind, firm decision.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Many children, pure heart, truthful, able speaker, fearless, popular.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Have gold and animal wealth, agriculturist, attractive personality, truthful.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Valorous, humble, honest, firm decisions, happy with children.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Happy, many children, truthful, abundant wealth, self restraint, devoid of virtues.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Earning money is all in life, virtuous, charitable, loves scriptures and people.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Truthful, religious, orthodox, famous, loves guest, honors relatives.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Beautiful body, wicked, calm, away from sins.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Beautiful but peculiar body, have ornaments, loves music, virtuous.

Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Fourth House

Mars+Mercury Wounded body, abducts woman, drunkard, gambler, lonely.
Mars+Jupiter Successful, poor, beautiful, indulges in sins, abandoned by relatives, loves art.
Mars+Venus Very sorrowful, Spends for bad deeds, devoid of friendship, mean behavior, wasteful talk.
Mars+Saturn Happiness from children, agriculturist, valorous, good reputation, loves Brahmins and guests.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Grows multiple crops, abundant animal wealth, many relatives.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Greedy, devoid of friends, loves others wife, hard heart, dirty.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Good indignity, visits shrines, has good reputation and valor, paramount among race, pure, strong body.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Good indignity, less earning and happiness, servant, well wisher of the king.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Wicked, oppose virtuous, hot headed, hard heart.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn very kind, devoid of libido, uninterrupted speech, just, honorable.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Honors preceptors, trustful expenditure, wealthy, honorable, officer.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Astrologer, interested in scriptures, wise, gets food of his desire.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Loves philosophy, devoid of sins, truthful, related to king.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn company of virtuous, courageous, poet, loves relatives.


Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Fifth House

Mars+Mercury Humble, loss in agriculture due to wrong procedure, cruel.
Mars+Jupiter Lives in foreign country, foster relatives and their children.
Mars+Venus Many enemies, get insulted by mean people, subject to illusion, honor in Brahmins.
Mars+Saturn Wounded body, be attracted to woman, wicked, ungrateful, intolerant, and not wealthy.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Charitable, truthful, very intelligent, shy like, courageous, enthusiastic.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Fortunate, devoid of mental peace, charitable, honor about virtuous, have gems, ornaments and attire.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Devoid of wife, kindness and virtues, lives with relatives.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Modest behavior, have attire and ornaments, honored by society, conquers enemies.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Wicked, shameless, expert in trade, knowledge of Vedas, friendly with virtuous, tolerant, devotee of preceptor, and god.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Wicked shameless, pro injustice, abandoned by wife, egoistic.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Knowledge of religion, contented mind, liked by king.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Beautiful body, desire less, have morals, leader in the race, wise, pure hearted.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Broad minded, virtuous, expert in family business, tolerant, popular.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Expert artist, knowledgeable in Vedas, have animal wealth, famous, pure hearted.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Eloquent speaker, humble, charitable, truthful.


Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Sixth House

Mars+Mercury Wounds of war on body, ill natured, cruel, quarrelsome, expert trader, much expenditure.
Mars+Jupiter Limited children, wicked, insulted, devoid of religious rituals, un charitable, hassle fetching mentality.
Mars+Venus Crush on woman, attracted by woman, sinful, wise, wicked, devoid of education and commonsense.
Mars+Saturn Firm decision, strong body, wins over enemies, pro justice and religion.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Courageous, wins over enemies, virtuous, devoid of sins, pro justice and manners.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Truthful, Good breeding, have gold, gems and lands, knowledgeable in scriptures.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Many fold amusements, self-restraint, Rich, beautiful, devoted to single wife, denunciative of others.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Good breeding, popular, knowledgeable of scriptures, righteous.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Diseased, devoid of father, cruel, indulges in sins, defective limbs.
Mars+Venus+ saturn Kind, attracted to woman, loves others work, follows virtuous, virtuous.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Inspirational deeds, attractive, liked by king, Self-esteemed.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Broad hearted, attractive, liked by king, self-respect, unkind, virtuous.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Devotee of fire god, likes sacrifices, follows rituals, visits shrines, great person.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Courageous, expert astrologer, expert in sacrifices.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Devoid knowledge of scriptures and children, abandoned by all.


Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Seventh House

Mars+Mercury Cheating mentality, Cheat, devoid of glory, defective limbs.
Mars+Jupiter Company of mean people, vagabond, wounded, or defective limbs.
Mars+Venus Abandoned by people, bleeding body, insulted, pro injustice.
Mars+Saturn Suffers many diseases, faded body,  hassle interfering nature, wicked, beutiful.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Great praiseworthy deeds, honored by even enemiess, jealous, loves virtuous.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Troubles, destruction of wealth, meat eater, worst condition, butcher, famous.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn hassle interfering nature, wicked wife, many children and wives, successful.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Broad eyes, shy like, famous, happy, loves Brahmins.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Very much angry, enmity, unfortunate, diseased, company of mean people.
Mars+Venus+ Saturn devoid of wisdom, pure, servaant of good king, devoid of enemies, rightous, honors relatives.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Fortunate, honorable, equal to king, truthful, pure.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Many wives, up holds religion, truthful, happy, kind, destroys others.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn tenacity to achieve something great, fortunate, Rich, humble, great among own people.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Valorous, famous, strong, beutiful body, devoid of sorrows.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Devoid of enemies, charitable, praises virtuous.


 Results of Mars in Conjunction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Eighth House

Mars+Mercury Body looking old, ungrateful, dangerous notions.
Mars+Jupiter Illegal earnings, poor, mean person, many enemies, defeated, miser.
Mars+Venus Indulges in bad deeds, makes loss due to curteousy, devoid of valor, dunce.
Mars+Saturn Ugly, devoid of children, wicked wife, devoid of intelligence and virtues, lives in foreign country.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Diseased due to sinful works.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Illegally or from thieves earns abondant wealth.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Suffers leprocy, heavily in trouble, utmost poverty.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus gets many diseasess from many people, poverty.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Destroys enemies.
Mars+Venus+ Saturn Exacerbation of diseases due to own mistakes.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Diseased, poor, suffers leprocy, joins enemies.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Many diseases, extreme poverty, sorrowful, Goes after sensual pleasures.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Intelligent, friendly, destroys enemies.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Glorious life, wealthy.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Intelligent, Rich, valorous in war.


Results of Mars in Conjuction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Ninth House

Mars+Mercury Many servants, co-ordeal marital life, have son, eloquent speaker, devoid of vices.
Mars+Jupiter Virtuous, takes bath in holy water, devotee of god and Brahmins, agriculturist, righteous.
Mars+Venus Beautiful body, honors guests, charming body, great among race, righteous.
Mars+Saturn Away from vices, righteous earning, courageous, loves relatives.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Earing is the motto, helps elders and preceptors, righteous, virtuous, vast knowledge of scriptures, devoid of relatives.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Intelligent, studies many scriptures, Rich, happy, tolerant, devoid of libido.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Merciful, visits shrines, have abundant food and drinking, wise, liked by virtuous.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Capable, egoistic, charitable, loves scriptures.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Devoid of diseases, Rich, virtuous, Merciful, fearless.
Mars+Venus+ Saturn Abundant wealth, vehicles like horse and elephant, self-restraint, valorous.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Reserved nature, truthful, kind, virtuous.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Have wealth, happiness and children, enjoys many type of amusement, beautiful body, predilection towards people.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Proud about success, good character, successful.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Indulges in sacrifices, officer, charitable, devoid of sins.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Honored by king, attracted to woman, fearless and sorrow less.


Results of Mars in Conjuction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Tenth House

Mars+Mercury Courageous, intelligent, virtuous, Rich, pure, knowledgeable in scripts, truthful, loves music, religious.
Mars+Jupiter Many servants, Good character, loves Veda’s and scriptures, religious, helps others.
Mars+Venus Good food, and drink, lives in shrines, Merciful, happy, humble.
Mars+Saturn Knowledge of Vedas, virtuous, devoid of wickedness, have animals and children, Plentiful, charming feature.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Truthful, humble, praise worthy work, charitable, great among race, charming personality.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Abundant wealth, valorous, wins over enemies, tolerant, visits shrines.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Famous, have wife, wise, loved by woman, leader of the race, virtuous.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Excellence in knowledge, capable, valorous, loves relatives.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Earns by threatening, famous, rich, capable Judge.
Mars+Venus+ Saturn Half completed works, rash decisions, painful living, rich, leader of the race.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Many friends, abundant wealth, silky attire, fortunate, devoid of well-wishing.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Brave, liked by king, war expert, very rich, loved by people.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Enthusiastic, righteous, continuous efforts, self-restraint, smiley face.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Firm decision, capable, skillful, have perseverance, rich, happy.

Jupiter +Saturn

Poet, knowledgeable in scriptures, enthusiastic, have good descreation.


Results of Mars in Conjuction with other planets in Various houses ( Garga Hora)

Eleventh House

Mars+Mercury Plentyful of grains, self restraint, proud about scriptures, great person, happy, compramising nature.
Mars+Jupiter Devoid of sins, Efficient in duty, humble, diligent, loves Brahmins.
Mars+Venus Great person due to observance of rituals and preaching, well learned, enthusiastic, high officer, tolerent, liked by king.
Mars+Saturn Famous for efficiency, self restraint, courageous, great person, have much ornaments and attires.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Libidinous, attractive body, especially hands and legs, vehicles like horse and elephants.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Always thinks about duty, grateful, Savant, righteous, tolerant, authoritative speech, honored by king.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Truthful, beutiful, intelligent, rightous, praise worthy role, gains grains and wealth in war.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Tolerant, indulge in sacrificies, honorable, devoid of enemies, have religious dictums, power of position, good education, and ornaments.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Learned, liberal speaker, fortunate, attractive feature, soft spot for horse, happy, prosperity.
Mars+Venus+ Saturn Beutiful, strong, firm friendship, good character, devoid of opposition.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus All round happiness, windy problem, special person, savant, officer.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Valorous, officer, destroys enemies, beutiful face, charitable.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Strong, obeys the order of the king, valorous, fearless, loves Brahmins.
Mars+Venus+Jupiter +Saturn Many children, abondant wealth, expert judge, officer, devoid of enemies.

Jupiter +Saturn

Faithful, abondant wealth, famous, many children, happiness about food.


Results of Mars in Conjuction with other planets in Various houses ( Garha Hora)

Twelfth House

Mars+Mercury Ugly, Devoid of residence, and percepts, many diseases, devoid of truthfulness, and purity.
Mars+Jupiter Infamous, sorrowful in respect of sexual affairs, troubled due to undue expenditures, dependent, troubled by relatives.
Mars+Venus Sorrow from children, devoid of wealth, uncharitable, diseased, mean person, ungrateful.
Mars+Saturn Devoid of religious rituals, wounded, have boils, eye diseases, unfortunate, sorrowful in respect to sexual matters.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter Sorrow due to intense fear, unquiet, egoist, loves true stories, respect in religious sacrifices, honors God and Brahmins.
Mars+Mercury+Venus Devoid of education, unfortunate, religious, merciful, devoid of affection.
Mars+Mercury+Saturn Devoid of wealth, education, and happiness, hard hearted, bad children.
Mars+Jupiter+Venus Wicked, vagabond, irreligious, glorious life, righteous.
Mars+Jupiter+ Saturn Slanderer, wounded, ungrateful, devoid of knowledge of scriptures and courage.
Mars+Venus+ Saturn Defective limbs, charmless, ugly, worthy of dispraise, devoid of friends.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Venus Sinful, defeated, trouble due to woman, little education, fear stricken, depressed.
Mars+Mercury+Jupiter +Saturn Mean company, follows other religion, and indulges in bad deeds, friendly with Brahmins.
Mars+Mercury+Venus +Saturn Devoid of wealth, cruel, quarrelsome, intelligent, wealthy.


I have not given the results of conjunction with Sun and Moon, since it has been dealt in previous writings about Sun and Moon. Now let us apply these results to some horoscope to understand them properly.

I have taken the Horoscope of Paramahamsa Yoganada which I have dealt in 9th house results. His life story in brief is given there.


Mars in Pisces: – ( Varaha Bru.ja)- Addicted to vices, wicked, cruel, the affected, lives in foreign land, friend ship with wicked.

KALYANAVARMA (SARAVALI):- Diseased, indifferent children, live in foreign land, insulted by relatives, lose all wealth, by cunning and cheating disposition, depressed, miserable, disrespect elders and Brahmins, un kind, fond of praises, be famous.

Fourth House:- Varaha (Bru.ja)- Have happiness, relatives, and house. ( Narayana bhatta– happiness from relatives and friends, enjoy with wife and children, placid mood, special officer of the king, very rich, Pretentious, quarrelsome, famous, loved by woman, devotee of preceptor and god, humble, healthy, without enemies, Dundiraja– gain from liquid trade and agriculture, have good wife, children, conveyance. Devotee of Brahmins and God.) PHALADEEPIKA (Mantreshvar) Devoid of friends, land, conveyance, mother and happiness. JATAKA PARIJATA  Vaidyanatha Dixit) No relatives, slave to wife, brave.  SARAVALI (Kalyanavarma) Devoid of conveyance, riches and comforts of life, lives away from relatives, miserable, lives in others house, worried.

Mars in Sagittarius-Pisces in aspect to Saturn: – Lusterless, travel liking, sorrowful, busy in others work.

Netrapani: – Posited in other than ascendant, leader of city, in ascendant poor.

Note: – If we consider the results of signs, except the foreign stay no result matches with native. It is because all this type of dictums are given for Kalapurusha chakra (Taking Aries as ascendant). Mars becomes the lord of ascendant and 8th house and posited in 12th house in Kalapurusha chakra. That is why “addicted to vices, wicked, cruel, troubled, friendship with mean people” such results were given. He aspects 3rd, 6th and 7th houses, so the karakatvas of these houses make us to feel these results are really applicable to one with Aries ascendant. Because lord of the ascendant in 12th house foreign stay is predicted. But if we consider the actual horoscope with Sagittarius ascendant, Mars is 5th and 12th lord posited in 4th house. Even in this case foreign stay is applicable. Now he aspects 7th, 10th and 11th house. He is in friendly sign conjoined with Jupiter the 1st and 4th lord. So the bad results predicted for Aries ascendant become inapplicable to this native.

Now coming to the results of the houses, then also all have predicted the result of lord of 1st and 8th in 12th house. Some have included the result of Mars posited in 5th house from his sign. Some have included the results of 2nd and 9th house, since they are his houses from his position. These results are applicable during the main and sub periods of the planet. Here the necessity is to change the results to 5th and 12th lord posited in 4th house. Here since 5th lord posited in 4th house becomes yogakaraka and that to with a benefic. Many of the bad results got nullified. But still we have to apply the bad results of the 12th house considering the strength of the planet. Now coming to the aspect of Saturn, though he is malefic, he is progressing towards his exaltation sign and posited in quadrant the 10th house, in friendly sign. Bad results get nullified. For this Jupiter’s aspect on Saturn is also one of the reasons. Now coming to the Avastha result because of the malefic relation of Saturn and 12th house Mars even though not given him the leadership of the town given him the leadership of his Organization. This is the importance of Avastha.

Now coming to the results of conjunction, bad results given are considering the 8th house lordship. So these results needed to be altered suitably. That means, normally dictums given are for Kalapurusha chakra and considering the sign, house, aspect, Avastha, conjunction etc. all type of relations with the strength of the planet; we have to alter the results according the principals of astrology. Then only we will be able to predict will minimum mistakes.